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Movies that are similar to "Hey Julie"


This film was shot in 2010, directed by Rob Reiner. A dramatic Comedy about first love did not bring big money, after all, is not a blockbuster, but the film is very interesting. The movie is very heartwarming, and suitable for family viewing. The plot the story of two teenagers. Julie feels sympathy for Bryce, but he ignores her. The girl is trying to please him, that's just all her attempts unsuccessful. A few years later, Julie begins to doubt whether a neighbor boy her love. In turn, Bryce falls in love with a girl. Now he will have a hard time, he needs to rekindle the fires of a dying love Julie. This film not only for Teens, its love watching adults. Although, if you are reading this article probably already watched the film, were delighted and are looking for something similar. Below are the list of movies similar to "hi, Julie".

10. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Director Wes Anderson. "Moonrise Kingdom" was commercially more successful than "hi, Julie". Most likely, the fact that the plot is more dynamic. In the same way as in "Hey, Julie" the action takes place in America in the 60-ies. The plot the story of two teenagers, they love each other and decide to escape to where they will be happy. On the way they face many trials, but all ends well. This story with a good ending. The plot is simple, but bright and Sunny. It is a pleasure to look children, adults will be able to remember his childhood. Will enjoy the cast, and a soundtrack that help to dive into the wonderful world of two loving children.

9. Bridge to Terabithia (2006)

Director Gabor Chulo. A dramatic picture for the whole family. The film was a big success, a good box office, positive reviews from film critics. This is a touching story about the warm feelings between a boy and a girl. Jess wanted to win the race, but won the Leslie. It turned out that this girl will now learn in his class. Her family recently moved to the area. Jess and Leslie became friends. They had a favorite place. During another walk in the woods, they find an abandoned tree house. To get there we had to cross the river. When Jess went to town, Leslie misfortune. It dies. Will the boy to live without Jess? The film will teach you to appreciate every moment of my life, not only children but also adults.

8. Submarine (2010)

Debut Director Richard Ayoade. The box office was not as great as hoped by the creators of the film, but the critics gave him a thumbs up. The movie tells the story of teenager Oliver. He thinks a lot, we can say philosophizes. Teenager has two objectives: to prevent the divorce of his parents, and to lose their virginity. The film gets into the soul, perfect for family viewing. Those who decide to watch it, you will not be disappointed. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad it makes you think about life.

7. Little Manhattan (2005)

The Directors of the film, the couple – mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett. Fees are low, the ratings are average. The film is about the love Gabe and rosemary. The main character is only 10 years old, but he was lucky enough to fall in love. Still young lovers break up, they realize that they are too different. The film is light, relaxed, very cute. It awakens the best memories. When viewing is impossible not to smile. Naive, but touching. All once were kids, so these stories are always in demand. Children interested in the story of Gabe and rosemary, adults will plunge into the world of childhood.

6. Fall in love with me if you dare (2003)

The film is a joint production of France and Bulgaria, directed by Ian Samuel. Good box office, much more than "hi, Julie". A bit strange story of a relationship between two teenagers. Sophie and Julien meet and immediately begin to play the game "Weak, weak". They come up with for each other all new jobs. Time goes by, they get older, but also play the "Weak, weak". They ruin the lives of each other and others. At the end of Sophie and Julien decide to live together. This film is about true love, might not be entirely believable, but very romantic and easy.

5. This is what I am (2011)

Another creation by American Director Michael Pavone. The movie did not cash, which is understandable, another story about teenagers. Critics gave him high marks. In the story Andy Nichol, a teenager of 13 years, is no different from other children. Ordinary boy. But his life changed when the teacher, handing out a pair of job offers Andy to join Big Joe, the object of ridicule and bullying. Probably, in each class there is a child. The film will make you think about child abuse. But at the same time it shows how important it is to be yourself and to feel support. The movie is quite instructive and a must see for families with children.

4. Forward into the past (1994)

Film directed by Howard Ziff. The film is already 24 years old, but it addresses eternal problems, so it will always be relevant. This is the story of 13-year-old girl. Veide need to write an essay about my mom. But her mother died in childbirth. Dad Wade could not help the girl. Then she goes on a journey. Girl goes to Los Angeles to learn about her mother from her family. "Forward to the past" is the sequel of the movie "My girl". Reviews about it is different, but most people are of the opinion that the film is not very good. But it is clean, good, bright. It is possible to see the whole family.

3. Have dreams will travel (2007)

Romance directed by brad Isaacs. The story of teenager Ben. All is not well in the relationship between his parents, mom cheating on dad regularly. But everything changes when they decide to adopt Cassie. The girl's parents died in a car accident. Ben and Cassie decide to run away. After all, if they can get away, the girl will pick up grandma, and they will never meet again. About this movie few people know he is not promoted, is just not enough money. But it is touching and sincere. The film is about what happiness must create your own. Viewing it will give food for thought to everyone, indifferent like no one left.

2. Stand by me (1986)

And again, Rob Reiner. This drama he took on the book by Stephen king. In the small town of lost boy. Four teenagers decide to solve the mystery of the disappearance, and I hope to reward for the body of missing. On your way you will meet many obstacles. Box office the film is high enough, the good reviews, but very contradictory. Someone, like the movie, they remember themselves in adolescence. After all, we all once sought adventure. Someone was impressed by the behavior of adolescents who smoke, swear and behave childishly. However, this film has an age limit.

1. My girl (1991)

The backstory of "Forward into the past". But Howard Ziff had a much greater success than the sequel. The plot of the story Wade, it is 11 years old. She lives with her grandmother and father. Her mother died in childbirth, and girl blames herself for her death. For Wade the big blow is the death of a close friend. Still the girl manages to cope with his grief. Very emotional film, when you view most people have tears. The tragic story of a little girl forced to think about relationships between parents and children, and also about friendship. The film is quite old, but its worth it.

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