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Movies that make you think about the meaning of life


Cinema has a huge power of persuasion. Like read books, many movies make you think about how and whether we live? Drama, Comedy, parable, adventure, sports pictures – absolutely not the genre of films that help people to realize that it's time to change something in yourself.

Movies that make you think about the meaning of life – let's talk today about the most interesting films of this category of cinema.

11. Awakening

In this drama, 1990 narrated the actual events that occurred in the 1970-ies. Malcolm Sayer, a young doctor who has just started the duties of a doctor of a General hospital, is a group of patients who suffered from epidemic encephalitis. Due to the disease many years they are in a stupor – do not respond to treatment, not talking and not moving. Seller, decides to find the root cause of the disease. He succeeds, and he develops a drug that awakens patients. But each of them return to the world is a tragedy, because the best 30 years of their lives lost. But they still happy that I can once again feel and live. "Awakening" is a film that makes the viewer think about the meaning of life.

10. My life

A touching drama about a young man Bob, which was all given to work to provide for his family. Once he learns that he has cancer, and the doctors are powerless to help. Live character long, and he wants to see the birth of his child. What happened to him a tragedy makes you wonder about the meaning of life and understand that the most important thing is not a career, and family. Bob decides to use the camera itself to his son or daughter knew what it was.

9. A good year

The main role in this romantic Comedy about important life values played by Russell Crowe. Max Skinner, an energetic and successful trader, inherits a grape farm of his uncle in Provence. He arrives in France to engage in the sale of the estate. Due to an unfortunate misstep, he falls into the pool and late for the plane. Suspended for being late to an important meeting from work for a week, Max is delayed in Provence. He begins to meet with Fanny Chenal, a charming hostess of a local restaurant. But before the main character has a hard choice to stay in Provence with a Fanny or back to London, where it awaits a long-awaited promotion.

8. Moscow does not believe in tears

Good movies that make you wonder about the meaning of life, remain in the memory for a long time. "Moscow does not believe in tears" – a brilliant creation of the Director Menchov. Soviet film deservedly won an Oscar, tells the story of three friends who came from the provinces to conquer Moscow. Life picture, has not lost relevance in our days.

7. Rain man

What is more important for a human family ties or wealth? Charlie Babbitt, no doubt, would choose the latter. Left home at 16 and practically supportive relationships with his father, he is trying to promote a business selling luxury cars. Charlie learns that his father left his millions not to him but to brother Raymond that he never heard before. The incident enraged, he seeks the truth in father's lawyer – he has an older brother, who suffers from autism and is constantly in the hospital. For some reason, the father hid it from Charlie. Young man secretly takes Raymond out of the hospital to demand for the return of his half of the inheritance. But the more he communicates with a sick brother, the more often think about the meaning of life and begins to change his attitude towards his father.

6. October sky

"October sky" is one of the earliest role-a brilliant actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The story of the schoolboy who believed in his dream and pursued it, despite the obstacles. Beautiful film, makes you wonder not only about the meaning of life, but that does not always follow blindly the opinions of others. The film is based on the real life story of a NASA employee Homer Hickam the. He lived in a small mining town, and after the Soviet Union launched the first Earth satellite began to dream of space. The teenager decided to create his own rocket and launch it into the sky.

5. The Notebook

"The notebook" – a movie that makes you wonder about the meaning of life and the power of love.

An elderly man living in a nursing home, daily reads his interlocutor the story of Noah and Allie, young people belonging to different social strata. Noah, who wanted to renovate an old mansion where they and Ellie will live happily together, one learns that her family is moving. He does not have time to see the girl before her departure and each day, writes the beloved letter. But she is not getting the girl's mother takes Noah's message and hides.

4. Knockin ' on heaven

One of the cult films that makes you wonder about the meaning of life and its transience. Two young people who met at the hospital, connects one thing – they are seriously sick and the doctors give them no more than a week of life. One of them had never seen the sea. But to escape from life, never after admiring the waves and not feeling the salty sea smell – unforgivable mistake, and friends are going to fix it.

3. Highway 60

An original way to find the meaning of life and to understand yourself suggested the hero of this film, the stranger introduced himself as O. W. Grant. According to the agreement, Neil Oliver has to deliver to an unknown recipient the parcel, and arrive at the destination it needs a non-existent highway 60.

2. Schindler's List

Brilliant picture, makes one think about the meaning of life and his destiny. German industrialist Oskar Schindler for a long time was only concerned with making a profit. When in Krakow began the harassment of Jews, he has taken advantage of this, getting a plant. But soon the horrors of war forced him to completely revise their views. Schindler was a staunch humanist and during the war, using his connections with the authorities, rescued from the destruction of 1200 Polish Jews. The film received seven Oscars and one of the ten best films of world cinema.

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All the best movies that make you think about the meaning of life, based on real stories.

Aristocrat Philippe, paralyzed in the accident, you need an assistant who can care for him. Among the contenders, only Driss does not dream about this job. He is going to get a refusal for registration of unemployment benefits. But for some reason, his candidature chooses Philip. I can find common language tactless and boorish comes from the underbelly of society Driss and his employer with impeccable manners?

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