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Films about love is a must-see


Love is a unusual feeling. It pushes to incredible things and makes you do inexplicable things. Someone this chemical reaction cures from incurable diseases, and someone dies due to unrequited love. But if not this feeling, would not have written so much beautiful music, lyrics, poems, songs. We would have lost a dozen great films about love. About the best of them we will discuss in this top.

10. Sweet November2001

Nelson moss is nothing but constant work in my life seen. He's a workaholic with no family, children. And not trying to get out of their drab life. It suits all. But one day he meets an unusual girl Sarah. She loves to spiritually heal people, inspiring them, what real happiness is.
A girl needs a month to spend with a young man, but it does not afford him any intimacy, emotional attachment or feelings.

After some time, Nelson understands that he lived wrong. He begins to notice those things that previously wouldn't even look. His Outlook has changed, and life had real value.

The film is about love, which is worth at least because of the philosophical background!

9. Remember me2010

A young guy Tyler is in a depression from a misunderstanding of life and its cruelty. Relatives in the family don't notice or want to notice the son's condition, why his mood is only getting worse. The father finds the time to talk with my son, because after the suicide of the youngest son, he kept to himself. The only one who supports Tyler and does not allow him to fall out of life — best friend Aidan.
After some time, Tyler meets a beautiful girl and falls in love with her. The feeling is mutual. But for the sake of their love, the pair will have to make great sacrifices and pass through great difficulties, because the father of the beloved, the running COP, not like the newly-minted boyfriend.
If you want a film about true love, be sure to view this picture.

8. Dear John2010

This film is about love, which occupies the 8th place of our top, perfect for watching those who are separated from a loved one.
Officer John is on vacation met a beautiful girl Savannah. Two weeks of those meetings, the guy and girl became a couple and fell in love with each other. But the vacation comes to an end, and the officer should head the service. He planned to return to his beloved after some time, but September 11 has broken all plans. Now John is forced to stay at work for some time.
Letter from Savannah came every week, but over time, love notes from girls, John began to get less. And at one point he got the last one, a farewell letter...

7. Tihaya Gavan2013

A young girl tired of living with her husband, who in anything it puts. She moves to a small provincial town to start a new life. There she meets a guy who, at such a young age, became a widower. He was imbued with sympathy for the girl. But can she once again trust the man?
This film is about love, which occupies the 7th place of the top, to see every person who was disappointed in love. The romantic tale again will restore the faith in this beautiful and bright feeling.

6. The vow2012

The film, based on real events. The couple go on a honeymoon, but this wonderful holiday overshadows the accident, which a sweetheart of the groom loses his memory. Now Ian — husband, Paige, have to re-fall in love with a girl who once considered him the most dear to her man.
The painting, occupying the 6th place of the top movies about love to see, is one of the best in the genre "romance". A must see for every lover of good cinema.

5. City of angels1998

The film tells the incredible story of love between a girl and a former angel. The set is ready to abandon the wings and the gift of eternal life for the love of Maggie is a beautiful girl. Angel falls in love with her and wants to be with a beauty all his life, died in a single day. But such a life awaits him, what he had imagined?
The film, which occupies the middle of the top of paintings about love, which is a must see, shows the beauty, and at the same time, the hardness of this world.

4. One day2011

She is romantic and sensitive. He is ambitious and narcissistic. They met at prom, and spent only one day. But after, we decided to remain friends and see each other only once a year. The idea of lovers lasts a long time, but friends who love each other can't keep seeing each other so rarely.
This love story will not leave anyone indifferent spectator. It will change your mind and make you see the world in new ways.

3. The notebook2004

Noah and Allie are in love with each other. They come from different social strata, so the young man at first it was difficult to get the attention of the girl. Ellie's parents haven't supported the girl in her choice, but despite this, my beloved spent together the whole summer.
Then Noah had to go to the front. When he came home from war, he learns that Ellie was betrothed to a wealthy businessman. Realizing that this was bound to happen, Noah decides to repair his home and to forget about the beloved. But feelings make themselves known, so the love story of the main characters is not over yet...
Romantic with an incredible ending and unpredictable plot rightfully takes the bronze medal films about love, which is worth a look.

2. P. S. I love you2007

Holly and Gerry are a model happy couple. They are all excellent: full understanding and respect to each other. It would seem that they will live happily ever after. But Gerry dies and Holly is left alone. She falls into a depression, which continues until, until she finds a gift from late husband. Jeri made it before his death. Surprise your better half brings Holly a desire to live and work.
The film is about love, which occupies the second place of our top, it looks easy, "one breath". This is a melodrama with elements of Comedy.

1. Last love on Earth2011

An unusual virus has spread across the Land. The epidemic has affected the entire population of the planet. The disease robs people of sight, hearing, touch. Michael and Susan met, immediately fell in love with each other, but at first did not attach importance. But when the disease gets to them, the couple realizes that living is not for wealth, but for the sake of a loved one and feelings to him.
The film, which occupies the first place in our rating of a love of movies that is a must see, has a twisted plot, a strong script and good actors, experiencing emotions, and not playing them.

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