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Top 10 best movies about vampires


Horror movies are one of the favorite genres for the movie buff around the world. Zombies, aliens, vampires always scared and continue to scare us. About bloodthirsty creatures with sharp teeth today and we'll talk. Our next top, which presents movies about vampires. A list of the best, encompassed paintings, fully conveying the atmosphere of despair and hopelessness inherent in films such subjects.

10. The hunger1983

The debut picture of legendary Director Tony Scott. The film tells about a love triangle between two vampires and a normal girl. The painting is executed in Gothic style, loved the audience and the critics. But "Hunger" was blamed for a large duration. In the end, the film is not paid off at the box office. For a while I forgot about it...until the release of "Hunger" on VHS. He then gained a cult status. Lovers of blood and lesbian love picture, opening the top of the best movies about vampires, mandatory viewing.

9. Dracula: pages from a virgin's diary2002

Despite the unusual name of the picture, it seems that this is another fake cult film "Dracula." But no! The 2002 film is considered to be a worthy adaptation of the novel by Bram Stoker. Initially, the film was shot for canadian television. But she so liked the audience that it was decided to release it to the General American car.
Pattern can be described in one sentence: "Dracula with Asian roots dancing ballet in a silent movie". If such an annotation you are not interested, so you're not a fan of movies about vampires

8. Vampire hunter Di: bloodlust2000

The film, shot in the style of steampunk, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world. That's interesting! That's what I thought the audience of the USA, Japan and the Old world, making the picture a hit score.
The film, shot Yoshiaki, Kawajiri, will immerse the viewer in a great Noir atmosphere, will surprise spectacular battle scenes and tells a beautiful love story. The picture, which showed the world that vampires, too, can be elegant, ranks 8th list of the best films about blood-suckers.

7. The lost boys1987

In his film, Schumacher changed the image of vampires. Now they are not a mysterious loner, a rampaging bikers and rockers, stray into flocks, and pleasure in life.
The picture tells about two brothers, one of whom became a vampire. And the second hired two hunters bloodsuckers to kill his brother or save him.
The picture, which occupies the 7th place of the top best films about vampires, will delight the audience with his unpredictable plot.

6. The addiction1995

This movie about vampires is not for everyone. From Ferrara turned a dark film, saturated with the philosophy of Nietzsche. This, coupled with a hard to understand plot, closed the picture way to wide release. But the critics were delighted by "Dependencies". The film even received a nomination for the prize of the Berlin film festival.
In "Dependencies" vampirism is shown as a disease epidemic similar to AIDS. And the main culprit of the virus — the urban intelligentsia.
Fans of non-standard films "Addiction", which occupies the 6th place in our list of paintings about vampires, mandatory viewing.

5. From dusk till dawn1996

In the movie "Dracula" vampire presented in the form of a sort of philosopher-intellectual. But in the picture of Rodriguez, it's quite different. Vampires are dirty, scary creatures living in roadside bars. They only need to kill, to burn or strangle, or they will eat you.
In the film, Rodriguez occupying the middle of the ranking of the best paintings about the other bloodsucker, a lot of foul language, erotica, childish jokes. So he was given an adult rating. But even despite this, "From dusk till dawn" has gained cult status and cash collected at the box office.

4. Dracula1992

From Francis Ford Coppola was expecting a dark Gothic film, but not scary story about love. In the film "Dracula" vampire presents a romantic and sensual nature. Oddly enough, this image is close to the original book by Bram Stoker. But in the early 90's all had time to wean from such a good-natured vampires. So then came the barrage of criticism. He was accused of cloying paintings, her sweetness and fairy tales. After a quarter of a century we can say that Coppola turned out a masterpiece the picture of the legendary vampire. By right 4 the top best films about blood-suckers.

3. Dracula1931

"Dracula", published 85 years ago, now looks with a laugh. And it is clear: special effects have become obsolete. But at the time this film took the bronze rating of the best paintings about vampires, caused the effect of "exploding bomb". He had an astronomical budget (350 thousand dollars). The picture so impressed the audience that a few decades, creators have been churning continuation of the popular original. The image of Dracula performed by Lugosi became a cult. That is considered a perfect bloodsucker.

2. Interview with the vampire1994

A cult film based on a novel by writer Anne rice. The woman carefully and scrupulously treated the transfer of his creation on the big screen, he wrote the script herself. Neil Jordan talked to Tom cruise for the first time to play a negative character. And the two leads took the famous brad pitt, and while small, Kirsten dunst, who played the role of a wise vampire, a prisoner in the body of a child. This role of the actress is considered one of the best in her entire career.
The result was a hit, telling about how complex and cruel can be the inner world of the vampire. From the picture, which occupies the second place of the top best films about blood-suckers, the viewer learns what's different about the worldview of the average person from the vampire perspective on life.

1. Nosferatu, a Symphony of horror1922

Classics of the horror film. Despite the fact that the first vampire film was released in 1912, it Noosferatu considered to be the picture that started it all. Even after a year, this film is considered one of the scariest horror movies.
"Nosferatu", who took 1st place of the list of the best movies about vampires, the main bloodsucker in front of the viewer is presented with count Orlok, which is more like a dark hunchback, than a graceful vampire. But Max Shrek plays his role so much that the discrepancy between the image of the vampire is forgotten.

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