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Movies Oksana Bayrak. A list of the 10 best


On account of the famous Ukrainian Director and producer Oksana Bayrak about thirty feature films.

The rankings were the most successful movies Oksana Bayrak, a list of movies is presented to the readers below.

10. Kill me! Please2010

Comedy Kill me! Please (2010) opens the list of the best works of the Ukrainian Director. The main character Leroy is a former Olympic champion in shooting. Trouble in the life of the heroine breaks suddenly when her disqualifiziert due to suspicions of doping during a competition. She owes a large sum, and the time came to pay. The girl decided on a desperate step and is hired to work killer. But the meeting with Vadim does not make her a mistake. In the recent past Vadim was a successful businessman. But, like the main character at one point loses everything. The case brings the heroes on the roof of an abandoned house. Hence, the Controller needs to hit the target. Vadim brought here, so he decided to commit suicide.

9. Cardiogram of love2008

In ninth place is the work of Oksana Bayrak called Cardiogram of love (2008). The main characters of the picture – Eugene and Victoria. Eugene comes to rest in a small town with his wife and child. There, he met with the couple: actress Victoria Krasnopol and her husband Vadim Krasnopolsky. This meeting completely reverses the life of the protagonist. Eugene recklessly falls in love with Victoria, and passion erupts between them. The man is ready to leave her family for this woman. Drowning the pangs of conscience, Victoria leaves her husband, who once threw for her family. But if I can bring the characters they love happiness, which became the cause of the misery of others.

8. Late regret2013

Serial film by Oksana Bayrak "late regret" (2013) is included in the list of her best works of all time. The plot revolves around two families. Marriage Bones and Nice kept only by children – Kira and the Face. The wife has secured a lover Tomas, who helps her financially. Other family – Anna and her son Sergey. The woman's husband many years ago went to war, and now listed as missing. Wife still hopeful that her husband will return. The two families brings the news that the sixteen-year-old Kira and Sergey are expecting a baby.

7. You really2008

Romance real You (2004) one of the ten most successful films Ukrainian Director. In the center of events loving couple, Oleg and Anna, who await the birth of twins. Pregnancy Ani is good. But during labor, doctors report that one child was killed. Several years pass and family with daughter Lisa goes to rest in the Crimea. Here begins the chain of events that lead the main characters into confusion. Lisa accidentally meets a girl from the orphanage that looks like her like two drops of water. Oleg sees the same child on television in a documentary about a shelter for children. The hero realizes that this similarity may not be pure coincidence and decides to spend his small investigation.

6. Two kilometers from the New year2004

Comedy from Oksana Bayrak two kilometers from the New year (2004) talk about the surprises that may bring the fate of the New year's eve. They meet by chance on a snowy road five minutes before the onset of the holiday. Their meeting was not marked by love at first sight. It all started with a personal grudge. But fate disposed so that the characters become closer, an absurd and comical situations that occur with them. Both have experienced the betrayal of loved ones, but they still so want to believe in miracles, happiness and true love

5. Female intuition2003

On the fifth place among the best films Oksana Bayrak romance Female intuition (2003). Dasha – beautiful, kind and smart girl, but she has no luck in life. The heroine can not find a normal job, in your personal life, too, not glued. But suddenly on the horizon appears he is a successful and handsome businessman Alexander. Wife cheated on him with a friend, and then he divorced. On his upbringing remains a little daughter. The man is very busy at work and can't pay the girl attention. Then Alexander decides to hire a governess for their child. This post gets the Dasha. And so begins a beautiful love story.

4. Infant2006

Infant drama (2006) ranked fourth among the best movies Oksana Bayrak. The plot revolves around a girl, Inga, raising one eight-year-old son. The only desire of the heroine – to find a good father to the child. But all her attempts meet with failure. One day on his way Inga meets Andrew, who works as a cardiac surgeon and found he was in love with him. Heroes are preparing for the wedding and at the time of sending the boy to the village. A day of painting Andrew gives his wife a certificate of adoption. The happy couple sent for her son. But fate disposed of otherwise, and the characters get into an accident. Inga dies on the spot – Andrew is still alive. Heartbroken man must now decide the fate of the child which may become a father.

3. Cinderella from the island gebra2008

Ukrainian melodrama by Oksana Bayrak Cinderella from the island Gebre (2008) tells the story of an unusual love. Igor is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. Veronica – the call girl. All night the characters spend together. Igor realizes he does not want to let go of the girl and invites her to stay for a substantial fee. Veronica agrees, since the declared amount will be able to realize all her dreams. But after some time the heroine realizes that Igor is no longer a simple client. She begins to feed him a sincere and warm feelings. But the idyll prevents returned from vacation the girl protagonist.

2. Snowy love, or sleep in the winter night2003

Romance snowy love, or sleep in the winter night (2003) is among the three best works of the Ukrainian Director. The main characters are a popular and well-known journalist and a thirty-five year old woman, raising one nine-year-old daughter. Her hero left home 10 years ago and went to Canada to play hockey. But sports fame does not bring him the expected happiness. And not finding his own destiny, the character decides to return to his home before the New year. From this moment unfold the most interesting events of the film.

1. Aurora2006

One of the best movies Oksana Bayrak – drama 2006 Aurora, dedicated to the tragic events at Chernobyl. The main character of the film the pupil's home Aurora. Like all children, have high aspirations and optimistic desire for the future. But during the incident of the accident at the power plant, the girl gets a huge dose of radiation. To survive she will only operation in the United States, which is very costly. The young heroine is sent to America, where she meets her idol Nick Astakhov. He's the star of the Soviet and American ballet, but his life at the time of the meeting with Aurora going on a creative crisis. Sick baby, dying, dreaming of ballet, revives, and completely changes the life of Astakhov.

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