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Movies similar to "the Ice": the same 10 movies


This good film is perfect for when you want to watch something simple and easy to understand. First, it seems that the film "Ice" like all sports dramas in recent years, but the musical part separates the picture among similar movies.

Simple Irkutsk, the girl did not differ from their peers. But incredible perseverance and fortitude helped her to approach his dream. One outstanding athlete noticed a talented skater. And here, to make their cherished dreams Nadia is just a step... But not so simple. A tragic mistake of a partner and Hope it turns out in a hospital bed. The doctors promise the heroine of farewell to sport. But for her, it is tantamount to parting with plans for a happy life. In life Nadi another man. To Prince charming him away. Nurse for the former champion forced to become the hockey player Alexander. Their forced communication gradually develops into a great love. This love will help Nadia to get her dream...

For those who liked this movie introduce ten films similar to "Ice."

10. Tonya against all2017

The future of American figure skater Tonya Harding was born in a dysfunctional family. In life she had a hard time. Tony's mum was a heavy smoker, which has a detrimental effect on her character. The girl endured from a mother's constant humiliation. But in spite of this, the mother worked daily to pay Tonini class figure skating. The girl started skating at 4 years. A difficult childhood of the young skater smoothly into a not an easy youth. Tonya married young. Her husband was a crook and a loser. He is regularly engaged in the assault. Thanks to him, Tonya Harding has earned a black glory in the big sports. During important competitions was a scandal. All went according to plan...

9. The cutting edge1992

The heroine is a sophisticated rich woman, a bit eccentric. She's a figure skater without a partner. But despite this, the character is committed to his dream. The protagonist of the famous hockey player ambitious and sassy. Will the accident, he gets a serious injury, and a great hockey closed to him forever. He and she are not so similar to each other. It seemed that they have nothing in common. But it's one strong a desire to win an Olympic gold medal. Becoming hope and support for each other, they join forces. In the fight for an Olympic medal, they fall in love.

8. Vykrutasy2011

Ordinary school teacher Slava Kolotilov teaches Russian language in one of the seaside towns. His fiancee – a young, wealthy Muscovite, accustomed to luxury living. They'd had a memorable week in Moscow. After spending some time together, they realized they can't live without each other. Their easy familiarity has grown into something more fiery and bright feeling. They decide to get married. And the day before the wedding, Glory hurried to the train for the bride. But at the station there was a confusion, and a senior official takes the groom's passport and puts his football coach for children's teams. Vyacheslav has to comply with the requirements of the official, but the bride does not want to leave. Here starts the trick.

7. The ice in the heart of the2005

Kathleen Clipart does not leave the dream of the title of a famous figure skater. She goes to one of the best coaches in Natasha Goberman. The coach sees her potential and aspirations, and tries to help her. Parents Kathleen is not happy with her Hobbies and do not hurry to pay for figure skating classes daughter. Coach and here comes to the aid of the girl. Natasha finds to pupils, but not in figure skating, and hockey. Kathleen gratefully engaged in hockey, but figure skating is throws. After many discussions, the girl decided to become a hockey player. She gets the team "Eagles". The defeat of the eagles gives you the chance Kathleen, like an ice skater.

6. Ice blue1969

The story tells of the sad side of sports, about the long and exhausting training, unfulfilled dreams and hopes, about willpower and despair. World arena sports submit only hard-working athletes. At the European championship, defeated skaters Berestove. They felt the failure. Partner Elena quickly lowers his hands and stops to train. Sergei was forced to search for her replacement. Sergey continues to train with another partner. Elena knows he can lose everything: a loved one, fame, sports. She begins to act.

5. Champions2014

The story of five great men. She says that it is impossible to be born a champion. This is a long way through the pain and tears, UPS and downs. Kruglov-the senior has brought up a worthy replacement for himself in biathlon is his son. Elena Berezhnaya was injured. It started hard times. But the will to win and love for the sport helped her overcome the illness and get back on the ice. Snowboarding is a new sport for Russia. It is worthy of Ekaterina Ilyukhina. The legendary Ilya Kovalchuk helps our team to defeat the Canadians. Skating does not tolerate interruptions. But Svetlana Zhukova has managed to not only recover their form after the break, but also earn gold at the championship.

4. The adventures of young Italians2014

On the Apennine Peninsula in the small town cronies are addicted to figure skating and playing hockey. The famous Russian athlete was their coach. But in training young Italians lose the puck a great coach. In pursuit of the puck, the little characters have to go on a long journey to a foreign country to meet adventure. Arriving in Russia, you guys lose a girl. Now their task becomes complicated and turns into almost not feasible and not solvable. If they can do it...

3. Mighty ducks1992

A real lawyer in the past loved to play hockey. He even was the leading player of his team. Successful career of a lawyer, Gordon was forced to quit sports. An accident at one point destroys career as an attorney. For the offense of Gardon is sentenced to punishment in the form of public works. But fate leaves the main character. She gives him another chance to prove himself as an athlete. Again he offered to touch with hockey. He becomes the unpromising coach children's hockey team Mighty ducks. Will the Gardon to make of the guys are excellent players...

2. Bouncer: Epic batch of2016

Doug copes with the job of a bouncer in a bar in the city. But one day he met a strange man. He invited Doug to become a member of the famous hockey team. Despite the fact that Doug can't play hockey, he agrees. Then the fun begins. On the ice it has no equal in protecting their players from attacking opponents. On one of the game Doug gets injured. He breaks limbs. Now he is forced to leave the sport. Office work is incomparable to race on the ice and Doug misses the good old days. But then the guy offered to return to the sport and show everyone what he's capable of.

1. Blades of glory: Starlets on the ice2007

Brilliant and graceful Chazz Michael Michaels goes to the rink. He loves himself and it helps him to show that he is a rock star of the arena, surrounded by a crowd of fans. Only Jimmy McElroy can compete with him on the ice. Jimmy was raised in an orphanage. Years of training had transformed the boy into a worthy opponent. Chazz – a crowd favorite. His fan club applauds him. Chazz and Jimmy are like the representatives of different worlds. They're so different. And it seemed that they share only a love of sport. Years of rivalry grew into enmity. In one competition they fought. The judges selected the boys gold medals. They were forbidden to return to the sport. But the resourceful Jimmy's a great idea returning to the sport. Only he needed for this Chazz.

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