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Movies about martial arts. A list of the 10 best


The cinema abounds with films where there are scenes of martial arts. We tried to select the most interesting and exciting of them.

The TOP 10 includes the best movies about martial arts, a list of which is presented below.

10. Fearless2006

Fearless (2006) opens the ranking of the best films about martial arts. The action takes place in the early 20th century. Ho Wanessa wants to become a legendary warrior like his father. He won a great many fights, but it does not bring him happiness, as soon he loses his loved ones who die. Detached character leaves the city and finds refuge in one of the quiet villages. There he continues to live and work together with the villagers. And soon there comes to him an understanding of what the purpose of bear martial arts. He decides to return to him and opens his own school of martial arts. The glory of it more and more distributed. Now together with his receivers he will have to defend the honor of their school at a major international championship.

9. The way of the dragon1972

The way of the dragon (1972) – one of the best films about martial arts. Tan goes to Rome to help relatives to deal with the local bandits, who wanted to take the restaurant business. Tan unfolds a real war against extremists who saw him as a serious threat. They turn to the most powerful deadly fighter Colt. With him than to fight in the arena of the ancient Colosseum.

8. Ong Bak. Thai warrior2003

Ong Bak. Thai warrior (2003) – one of the best Asian pictures about martial arts. The action takes place in a small Thai village, where he was part of the stolen sacred Buddha statue referred to as Ong Bak. A young fighter ting called for volunteers to restore the sacred fragments. Through learning to perfection the art of Muay Thai, the young man throws himself on finding the wicked and materialistic criminals. Ting has no right to use in combat are the skills that he has got, but a corrupt world and need to recover the relic before the ceremony, do not leave him any other choice. Thai actor Tony JAA performed the role of Tanga. During filming, he refused the assistance of stunt, and all stunts were done by himself. The film was awarded for best Asian action movie and directing at the international festival in Catalonia.

7. Bloodsport1988

Biographical drama bloodsport (1988) is included in the list of the most successful films about martial arts. In the center of the picture is an American soldier Alex. At an early age he became a receiver of the Japanese, who was a karate teacher. The perfectly trained Alex. And now as an adult, he finds out that in Hong Kong, to take place underground competitions among the best. Without permission he left the military unit and sent to the Kumite. Meanwhile, he is pursued FBI. The young man have to go through many obstacles before he gets in the ring and fight in one of the biggest fights of his life.

6. One time in China1991

Picture about the martial arts One time in China (1991) tell about the historical events that took place in China in the late 19th century. People are trying to counter American influence and grappling with the daily looting and theft of people. But there are those among your who are going to benefit from things happening in the country lawlessness. One of these traitors of the Fatherland sells an innocent girl to a brothel abroad. Wong martial artist and folk hero who stands up for defenseless victims and declares war on the huckster and the Mercantile, soulless world.

5. Enter the dragon1973

The dramatic Thriller Gordon Chan enter the dragon (1973) located on the fifth place among the best films about martial arts. In the center of the picture – the coach of Shaolin Do. He is invited to participate in one of the tournaments, organized by Khan on his island. Lee learns that Han, too, was once a disciple of Shaolin, but she violated the rules of the monastery and were expelled. After that, the exile becomes in their possession island, where he opened a karate school. There is held every three years of brutal events and a thriving contraband business. Knows that the police and asking for help Whether to expose the underworld.

4. Fist of legend1994

Fist of legend (1994) is among the ten best films about martial arts. The plot is a young man Chen Zhen – an absolute master of martial arts. A few years later, he returned to school, where he learned the basics of skillful battles. He learns that the best teacher and his mentor is brutally killed by the samurai during the attack on the school. Chen female sees that law enforcement agencies are inactive and do not intend to take any measures to find the perpetrators. A young man decides on its own to find the killers and avenge the death of the teacher. And when he finds unpunished criminals is an ongoing bloodbath between a lone hero and a group of invaders.

3. Hero2002

The film is a parable Hero (2002) Director Zhang Yimou reveals the three best movies about martial arts. It consists of three repetitive stories. The main character in the picture is referred to as the Nameless. He dwells in the Palace of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi for a reward. Hero defeated the three evil and powerful enemies of the ruler of the Sky, Broken Sword and Flying snow. Nameless shares his stories of three battles, each of which is shown in your color.

2. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon2000

Drama Thriller Director ang Lee Crouching tiger, hidden dragon (2000) is among the three best films about martial arts. In the center of the plot of a martial arts master does Moby. He tries to pass on all the experience of a young girl Jen to get away from fighting duels and to practice meditation. His magical sword, Green destiny, which is endowed with mighty power, he gives to the custody of the other. But the arms are abducted and If there is nothing left as to go in search of a valuable object. On his way the master have to face with his oldest and worst enemy. After the film's release worldwide fees exceeded budget by 12 times. This is the first non-English the painting, which became the highest-grossing in U.S. history.

1. Seven samurai1954

Art film by Akira Kurosawa, Seven samurai (1954) tops the ranking the best movies about martial arts. In the sixteenth century in Japan, war broke out. Thugs attack peaceful farmers, Rob and kill them. People can no longer tolerate this outrage and take action to change the situation. The villagers go to the city in search of a noble samurai who could defend them from the brutal attacks.

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