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Movies about wedding a list of the best pictures


Paintings about one of the most significant events in a person's life created a lot. We have collected the best movies about the wedding — the list presents the ten most interesting and funny strips. You can view cozy romantic evening, or before their own celebration, to be prepared for the best and get the charge of good mood.

10. My big fat Greek wedding

Opens the list of the best movies about the wedding romantic Comedy "My big fat Greek wedding". Tula Portokalos lives with his large and noisy family in Chicago and works in the family restaurant. She is already 30 years old, but she's still not married. But one day, Tula meets the man of her dreams — Ian. It would seem that now she should be happy, but things are not so simple. Tula's father wanted her to marry a Greek, and she chose American. Now Ian will get to know all the subtleties of Greek culture and everyday life to prove that he is worthy of the party for Tula.

9. Four weddings and a funeral

The list of the best movies about the wedding continues the Comedy "Four weddings and a funeral". Englishman, an intellectual Charles and his friends often meet at the many ceremonies which the main character is not very profitable. Especially straining his wedding. At 32 Charles is not married, and had a multitude of short novels. None of the friends have been able to capture him because it did not meet the recommendation of the character about the woman he wanted to marry. On one of the celebrations he meets Carrie, struck by his beauty and irrepressible energy.

8. A little bit married

Heroes of the romantic Comedy "a Little bit married", which is one of the best movies about the wedding, delayed the wedding ceremony for five years. First, postpone the wedding because of the study of the bride, and then Violetta offered a high-paying job in another city, and she can't refuse such a chance. Fiance supports her and agrees to postpone the wedding. Suddenly dying one after the other elderly relatives of the characters in the movie, boss Violetta offers her a contract extension, and precipitated Tom's ex-girlfriends. Whether almost married Violetta and Tom to overcome all obstacles and get married?

7. Bride wars

The list of the best movies about the wedding romance continues "War brides". Emma and Liv are best friends. They have much in common, for example, the dream to celebrate their wedding in June at a luxury hotel. But even the strongest friendship can destroy scheduled for one day wedding celebration. By mistake wedding best friends are appointed on the same date. Energetic and punchy Liv, who used to Lord it over the soft and compliant Emma, this time got a rebuff from a friend. Emma is not going to give in the most important day for her and carry the wedding for Liv. Friend start a merciless war with each other. In the course are the most proven and merciless from incompetent teachers dancing to sweets.

6. 27 dresses

27 dresses is one of the best romantic movies about marriage. Jane Nichols — a regular office employee with an unusual hobby. She loves to play with the arrangement of weddings and has managed to organize 27 weddings. In memory of this she has 27 dresses to the bridesmaids already do not fit in the closet. Helping others to organize their lives, she completely forgot about herself. Only when her younger sister Tess is going to marry, Jane realizes that she too needs to take care of themselves. The fact that Tess had her eye on the boss Jane, in which she has long been secretly in love. The current ambiguous situation is complicated by the appearance of the columnist Kevin, who decided to make Jane her hobby the heroine of his next article.

5. The father of the bride

The best pictures about the wedding Comedy, classics romanticheskih film "Father of the bride". Annie Banks is the upcoming wedding is an exciting and joyful event, and her father is a real tragedy. He's not ready to give his beloved daughter in the hands of some stranger. The anxieties for the future daughter added hassle of organising the celebration, exorbitant spending and meeting with the relatives of the groom.

4. Wedding planner

A list of the best movies about a wedding is incomplete without Comedy "the Wedding planner". Mary Fiore is one of the best wedding razporeditelnite city. As is usually the case, arranging a gorgeous wedding celebration for others, she can not boast of good relations. One day she meets a nice young man named Steve Edison, but the romantic Mary dream is broken when she learns that a new friend — the groom her wealthy client. This wedding will help her up one more step in its work. What will Mary? I'll try to arrange his personal life or choosing a career?

3. The wedding of my best friend

"The wedding of my best friend" with Julia Roberts in the title role — one of the best movies about the wedding.

Julianne and Michael, made friends in University, once made a Pact to up to 28 years if they do not find love, then get married. When Michael is nine years later, according to Julianna about his marriage and asked to be her bridesmaid, she suddenly realizes that she feels for Michael is not friendly feelings. She has only four days to thwart the wedding of best friend and Michael back.

2. Mamma MIA!

The list of the best movies about the wedding include romantic Comedy "Mamma MIA!". Sophie is preparing for the upcoming wedding, and hopes that the celebrations will go exactly as she wants. The girl has everything to be happy: a loving fiance, a wonderful understanding mom and many faithful friends, always ready to help. The only thing that saddens Sophie — the absence of the father that would lead her to the altar. She doesn't know who he is, because her mother never told her daughter about it. Once we found the mother's diary, she learns that she had three Affairs. Sophie decides to send wedding invitations to all three men, hoping that one of them will be her father.

1. Runaway bride

Romance "the Runaway bride" — another great movie about a wedding involving Julia Roberts.

Maggie carpenter has received from the media nickname Runaway bride for what blew off three of his own wedding. The reason was the overwhelming fear of marriage, which covers the girl as soon as she is in front of the altar. Learning about unusual bride, a new York journalist IKE Graham decides to write about her article and distorts the facts, without checking thorough information. Graham fired for libel, and on the advice of a friend, he goes to the town where Maggie lives, to write the exposure – because it is again going to marry.

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