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Best movies Epifantsev in the main role


Russian actor Vladimir Epifantsev decided to follow in his father's footsteps and established a career in the world of film studies. The first role he got in 1999. Then he played the main character in the controversial film Green elephant on the Russian army. Since then, a new Russian star was beginning to gain popularity among the viewers. Filmography of Vladimir today includes around 70 fiction films.

The rating includes the best movies Epifantsev in the title role, a list of which is located below.

10. Invincible2008

Opens the top ten movies with Russian actor action movie Undefeated (2008). Special intelligence agent Yegor Kremnev is not experiencing the best moments in life: there lie in wait for failure. His SWAT team fails in a business transaction, and all of his friends die in the course of the assignment. He loses the commander's authority and becomes regular member. During the next, a simple operation is repeated tragedy: Kremnev loses his comrades in the service. To redeem myself, Egor will have to complete the operation alone and capture the criminal, which has long hunting. The hero has to go through betrayal, traps and ambushes during the execution of the task.

9. The man from nowhere2010

On the ninth place among the paintings of Epifantsev in the title role is the Russian Thriller the Man from nowhere (2010). Sergey Kutepov, captain of the interior Ministry, is home to Moscow after performing a complicated operation. Suddenly, the hero learns that his wife is cheating on him. But this is not the only bad news. Best friend and colleague Kutepova Tikhonov dies at the time of the assignment. The user suspects that the death of the employee to blame someone of their people. The investigation of the case entrusted to Sergey, who must infiltrate the gangs and to identify the mole.

8. The night of a lifetime2010

On the eighth place among the best films with Epifantsev is a war drama Night of a lifetime (2010). The main character of the film Zina in love with two guys. But the coming war takes to the front of both young people. The heroine herself goes to work at the hospital. Soon she learns that one of her suitors is killed.

7. Generation 2011

Fantastic picture "Generation P (2011), filmed on the novel by Victor Pelevin, occupies the seventh position among the movies Epifantsev in the title role. The plot is based on hallucinations. But through the distorted reality emerges restored the events of 90-ies, taking place in Moscow. The main character of the film, the poet babylen Tatarsky, forced to sell cigarettes at a kiosk. But fate throws him a lucky break, and he gets to work in an advertising Agency. There he fully reveals his talent as a writer which is now focused on writing advertising texts. Promotional activity is firmly embedded in the life of a hero, and he begins to reveal some secrets that he never knew before.

6. Love on the two poles2011

In the sixth spot among movies Epifantsev located melodrama Love on the two poles (2011). The main heroine of the picture is Veronica 7 years as a marriage. She's going to go to Paris for an internship. But her husband Victor against her trip and tries to prevent it. He takes a good position in the Prosecutor's office and conducts special investigations. His wife is the subject of admiration of others, and he is very proud of it. But the Veronica's lack of care and affection from her husband. On the anniversary of Victor, where were gathered the cones of the society, Veronica extra drinks and dancing Gypsy in front of guests. The husband is outraged by her lewd behavior and makes her a reprimand. The heroine runs away to the garden to be alone with my thoughts. There she finds Cyril (yepifantsev), who will be the love hero.

5. For Marx2012

Crime drama For Marx (2012) is located on the fifth place among movies with Vladimir Epifantsev in the title role. The country is experiencing a time of crisis. Business owners solve their problems at the expense of impoverished workers. Begins to increase the conflict between capitalists and ordinary workers. The main character in the picture, a regular employee shall enter into an independent Union. It is at the center of tragic events between the class struggle.

4. The bachelor2012

On the fourth place among the best movies Epifantsev in the title role located crime Comedy the Bachelor (2012). The events take place in Odessa. The city happens to be the murder of a crime boss nicknamed the EAS, which is part of a grouping of Brown involved in drug trafficking. The bandit begins to realize that he began the hunt. Someone intentionally shoots him. It remains nothing how to temporarily lie low. To get to the criminal Ukrainian and Russian police combined. Mainly for the operation assign an inveterate bachelor, Moscow Zverev, who needs to move to Odessa with a pseudo family. Heroes will be funny and sometimes dangerous adventures. The main character must now hunt not only for criminals, but to protect the newfound family.

3. That's love!2013

The three best movies with Vladimir Epifantsev opens Comedy that is love! (2013). Two girlfriends Muscovite heading to Minsk. Glamorous Karina is always at the centre of the capital's parties. She's going to get to the Belarusian capital to seek a tender for the issue of a new club. Masha is not similar in character to the girlfriend: she's modest, exemplary girl from an educated family, not ready to be inconsiderate. They have no idea that their journey will give them a real adventure. Heroines waiting for new friends and, of course, love.

2. House2011

The second place ranking is a crime drama House (2011). Among the don steppes, a vast mansion in which lives a large, wealthy family Shamanov. The house has all but understanding, love and quiet happiness among households. Father doesn't understand children, and descendants can not find a common language with each other. After 25 years in his father's house returned son of Victor, the traces of which are professional killers.

1. I remain2006

The first place among movies with Vladimir Epifantsev is a dramatic Comedy I remain (2006). That life after death exists, many believe, but not a skeptical Dr. Victor Tyrsa. Everything changes in a moment, when by the will of fate, he falls into a world that is not alive, but not owned by the dead. Together with others, he is in a desert plain, where waiting in the other world. But Victor decides that he's too young to leave the earth is for what else there is to live.

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