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Top 10 Best logos of the world


Day by day people are faced with the logos of various stores, companies, restaurants, etc. Most do not think about the significance of a particular emblem, although each of them has its own history. The best logos of the world top 10 included symbols of companies that are the majority at the hearing, but not everyone knows about their origins. It global giants, ciscowsa a huge success, in popularity of the emblem which has played a significant role.

10. Ferrari

Ferrari opens the top ten of some of the best logos in the world. The founder of the car company is Enzo Ferrari, who chose the emblem image of a stallion. This logo represents lightning speed, beauty, superiority and power of the cars of this brand. One version of the origin of the logo associated with the introduction of Ferrari with count Enrico Barack, who was recommended to base the image of a rearing stallion. However, the debate about why it was chosen this logo for auto racing is conducted on this day.

9. Jaguar

The logo of the car company Jaguar is among the most popular logos in the world. Symbol in the form of a Jaguar in the jump, has undergone over the years some changes but essentially remains the same. The legendary image of the animal symbolizes the incredible speed and power of the cars of this brand. Jaguars today are the winners of numerous prizes obtained in competitions in car racing.

8. Apple

Apple is perhaps the most recognizable logo in the world. First logo, created by Ronald Wayne, not like the modern Apple symbol. In the center of the old logo depicted Newton sitting under an Apple tree with a book, which is about to fall Apple. The author of the current symbol in the form of a bitten Apple is Rob janoff. This logo is one of the most successful, which were on account of the company. In the near future, Apple is not going to make any changes to your logo, siskowski world famous.

7. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a world famous logo of the legendary brand. Foundation of the company occurred back in 1854. Then it represented only a modest workshop for the production of suitcases and travel accessories. The founder of the workshop Louis Vuitton has made a real breakthrough in the field of travel accessories. Find a good reputation suntechnic opens a large store (French fashion house), customers which become known to the people of that time. The products of the fashion house to this day are the most popular among celebrities.

6. Pepsi

Pepsi – logo company in the beverage industry, whose history began with the fact that the product was positioned as a syrup pharmacy that promote energy and digestion. Invented this "miracle" drink by none other than Caleb Bredhem, who was the owner of a small shop. Soon his "medicine" had the popularity and began to be produced under the brand name Pepsi-Cola, later shortened to Pepsi. The logo of the company is regularly changing. However, adjustments to the logo happen today. Soon the company plans to replace the red-blue circle divided by a white wavy line on the smiley.

5. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola logo the world's largest company producing soft drinks. The developer of the symbol of the company was made by Frank Mason Robinson, who did the beautiful calligraphy logo lettering symbols. This logo is recognized by many experts one of the most successful in the history of the business. Its registration occurred in the distant 1887. The letters of the symbol associated with each other, thus symbolizing movement and fluidity. Since the creation of the logo underwent changes that were relatively minor.

4. Bentley

Bentley – logo of the legendary brand's most luxurious cars in the world. Selected by the company reflects the character's charisma data, car wings, hanging above the letter "V". The letter logo is the first letter of company founder Walter Bentley and hugging her wings symbolize the desire of the inventor to flight and high speed, the desire to prevoshodstvo in the world automotive market. The logo design was engaged popular automatonic Gordon Crosby. Between the graphic letter, as well as wings, is oval, the color of which is determined by the model of the car.

3. Chanel

Chanel is among the most popular logos in the world. There are several plausible versions of how was born the emblem of two crossed letters "C". One of them is the view that Coco Chanel put the initial letters of its name, the result of which was the original acronym in the logo. Another version says that Coco Chanel was a admirer of Catherine de Medici (French Queen), which was the same symbolism – two crossed "S". The third version is the view that this logo belonged to the Château Crémat, which was bought by the friend Cococ Chanel named Irene Bretz.

2. McDonalds

McDonalds is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. The geography network has more than one hundred countries, in which there are tens of thousands of restaurants. The appearance of this logo has indirectly affected dick McDonald, who was also one of the founders of the fast food chain. Co-owner of future restaurant did not like the project presented by the architect. He made adjustments, adding two large Golden arches on top of the building. This became the determining element in the emergence of the future logo. Its author was Jim Schindler. He painted the roof of the restaurant, through which passed two Golden arches depicted in the form of the letter "M". According to the idea, the emblem in the form of an arch symbolizes the idea that owning a McDonald's franchise can be compared to a gold mine, and they represent the gate to a successful business.

1. Google

Google is on the list of the best logos in the world. Logo creation is closely linked to the story of the name of the company. Google is a distorted spelling of the English word "googol", which translated into Russian means 10 to the hundredth degree. This name the creators wanted to say about the infinite productivity of the company. The author of the inscription is considered to be Google Ruth Kedar, who is a lecturer of design at Stanford University. To Creator logo search engine the task was to come up with easy to read lettering and display originality of the logo, which is quite well managed.

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