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10 PC games, like Metro 2033


In 2010, was a momentous event, the Ukrainian company 4A Games has created a very cool shooter Metro 2033, which has absorbed the best that was created in these genres in the CIS. This game is based on the eponymous novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, and in fact became the successor of another well-known shooter STALKER. Most critics and gamers have appreciated this action. For fans of the atmosphere of global catastrophe and Apocalypse, and life after it was collected this selection of games like Metro 2033.

10. Return to Castle Wolfenstein2001

In the first-person shooter, the game takes place in 1940 during the Second world war. The main task of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein is that the protagonist must thwart the plan of creation of the immortal soldiers of the army of the undead. American super spy, the special agent in the enemy's rear, to prevent the evil plans of Himmler to create an invincible zombie. Weapons in action a lot and almost all of it has its counterparts in similar shooters. Jets of flame fired from a flamethrower and other firearms will overcome everything in its path!

9. F. E. A. R.2005

In this computer game, first-person shooter with an element of horror, intricate plotline with 11 episodes and an epilogue. The plot of the game, soldiers of F. E. A. R., which consists in the fictional subdivision of special forces, opposed to the squad rebels a cloned super-soldiers. Assault unit of the first contact-secret special forces, was introduced in the US in 2002 and was aimed at dealing with the paranormal. All events in the game is very dynamic and take place in the horror with psychological heating up the atmosphere.

8. S. T. A. L. K. E. R.: Shadow of Chernobyl2012

This game is one of the most famous post-apocalyptic first-person shooter with role-playing element. In an alternate Universe, an explosion occurs at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The incident leads to the Chernobyl Zone, where you can see unusual artifacts and various anomalies. To make money, the Braves begin to penetrate into the forbidden territory for the extraction of artifacts. These people nicknamed stalkers. In the process this lesson takes on a big scale, but attempts to penetrate to the center of the Chernobyl Zone, end in failure.

7. Nuclear Dawn2011

The developers have pleased a huge audience of gamers one of the first games, equally accommodating the action and strategy without simplified gameplay. You can play as infantry, to explore the burnt military action post-apocalyptic territory, defeat your enemies as well-armed soldiers, attack or spy. To perform the job, you can use ten different sets of weapons. Shooter in the Nuclear Dawn has become one of the most tough, dynamic and relentless, based on gaming characteristics of a gamer, but not in the usual reflexes.

6. Portal2010

Studio Valve Corporation released a computer action first-person game in which you will need to go through various puzzles. Feature of the game is the ability to use a special portal device that opens the entrance and exit portal in all dimensions. The main objective in each level is to find a way out of using the portal device. In the game there are special laws of physics and the player will have to try hard to overcome them in the next logical puzzles.

5. Bulletstorm2011

The main character in a fascinating mix of shooters and action games in the world of futuristic utopia will have to stand at the head of peacekeeping missions to counter-insurgency. With the latest types of weapons he and his partners will be to suppress the extremely violent civil wars. The game contains a variety of unique missions, the betrayal of the cruel government, a large number of different locations with a concealed weapon. Grayson hunt along with his team-mates will begin the hunt for the heads of the traitors and it will be successful.

4. Painkiller: Gold Edition2005

This is a dynamic eksen first-person with an element of surreal horror. The game contains the previously released add-ons with updates. In it, players will learn about the lives of ordinary young man Daniel garner, who died in a terrible car accident and lost his wife. 30 years later the angel Sumail spirit appears to Daniel and tells him that he's stuck in Purgatory — an unusual and mysterious place between Hell and Heaven. And in order to meet his wife in Paradise, the main character will with great care to kill the four generals of Lucifer.

3. Walking Dead: Survival Instinct2013

A relatively new game in first person, created in the motif of the show. In it the player to survive will have to resort to all available means. In the face of use Daryl Dixon, you will find an exciting campaign for independent completion searches Atlanta. The walking dead will be as realistic as Zombies in the series. Players will have to take care of food, medical supplies, combat weapons and other things. Unexpected situations will require quick reaction occurring skirmishes with the Zombies and timely analysis.

2. Half-Life 22004

Studio Valve has developed a new, first-person shooter, the sequel to the cult game Half-Life, which appeared in the free access of 6 years after the original version. In the new part of H-L lot of differences from its predecessor: a more modern game engine and game technology with a fascinating plot and excellent graphics, advanced artificial intelligence and nice animation. A new shooter can move through the different levels. Players can once again control scientist Gordon Freeman, who was able to survive the resonance cascade in the laboratory and will fight in a guerrilla war with an alien government, calling themselves the Alliance.

1. Turok2009

Turks computer, first-person shooter, practically has no analogues regarding the storyline. In the shooter continues the tradition of exciting action games based on the same engine. The player in the face of the protagonist will have to perform a difficult task: it will enter into fighting battles with large groups of mercenaries. Also in his way will fall and the planet's inhabitants, among which are insects of large size, as well as dinosaurs. The choice of weapons is very diverse and exotic from the usual rapid-fire up to a beautiful bow with explosive arrows.

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