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Top 10 best cartoons about Batman


It seems impossible to find anyone who has not heard about Batman. Seriously, this story has lasted for so many years that discussing another adaptation of the comic book superhero for a glass (Coca-Cola) can three generations. And considering that constantly come out with some new items, it is possible to them once to join, and the fourth fan of the Dark Knight. Anyway, the cartoons about human-bat was watching everything. So we decided to prepare a surprise to fans of the Saga and have collected 10 best cartoons about Batman. Not the best movie or the honorary pedestal of 3 players (it's impossible), namely 10. Begin!

10. Beware The Batman (2013)

I agree, given the Bet-the scale is not too simple and the top ten have been chosen. Even harder with something to start. Anyway, for starters today is the animated series "Beware the Batman", which the world saw in 2013. Although the picture received 100% rave reviews, calling her useless too language does not turn. A fascinating film where Batman is in Union with the Katana and Alfred fight the forces of evil in the face of Anarchy, the Professor of pig, Mapa and Mr. Toad, can not leave indifferent even those who do not know what was going on. In addition, the old "acquaintances" Batman is also not asleep, and still wish to destroy the hero to the nines.

9. Batman beyond: return of the Joker (2000)

Of course today the sign "Batman beyond", dated 2000, the year looks a little funny, but at the turn of the millennia, the cartoon caused a furore. Indeed, for the soul of Batman came none other than the Joker himself – in fact, the main evil of the DC universe. Long thought dead, clown-killer their appearance ushered in serious confusion Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne (Batman new and old, respectively). While they shared a bat costume, people the Joker stole from the lab high-tech equipment and attacked the girl Terry. In the end, Wayne is poisoned, and it is necessary to take the Mcginnes. He will learn some of the secrets of 30 years ago.

8. LEGO Batman: under siege (2014)

It is not surprising that two giant product of the entertainment industry have found each other and made soulstoke. In this cartoon Batman is a branded LEGO (in the same form appear and the rest of the heroes) is fighting with a Penguin in the walls of Gotham city. In was gets Superman with help from the Justice League, but Batman because of his pride rejects hero, saying he can handle it himself. But fate still binds man-bat League. The evil demon Bat-mite was kidnapped by representatives of the League, and Batman are involved in their salvation. Despite the fact that Superman believes he has finally found a friend, Batman friendship does not count, but wants to know from the members of the League as much information as possible about a certain kryptonian.

7. Batman beyond (1999)

And in the meantime we go back to Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne. Because of this change of ownership the bat costume is referred to in the cartoon "Batman beyond" in 1999. Senior Terry realizes the secret of the Bat and finds out the circumstances of the death of his father. After all this he is in the house Wayne, and decide to take a modified version of the costume. Characters long debate regarding the viability of the young McGinnis, but the stubborn Terry takes over. Now he goes on the warpath against evil, the pre-gain experience from old Bruce. The legend takes on a new face.

6. The new Batman adventures (1997)

Perhaps the only cartoon film where the main character is a bit relegated to the background. The plot of this series draws the viewer's attention more to the allies of Batman, which this time was Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin. In addition to these characters into action and new characters, such as ELEKTRA, Etrigan, Supergirl and Creeper. They later become full-fledged members of the Justice League. The animated series has given the development of not only actors, but also popular at the time, videogame "Batman Vengeance" and "Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu". Their story has direct reference to the events described in "the New adventures of Batman".

5. The Batman (2004)

In fact "the Batman" 2004-a year is a remake of the eponymous animated series of the early 90s. similarly, the series has a direct reference to another film entitled "Batman: The Animated Series". And finally, there are generally very many references to previous adaptations. However, this cartoon is considered to be strictly separate from everything else. Batman it appears our old friend Bruce Wayne. The assistants of the hero are Alfred, Robin and Batgirl. Team of good waging a fierce confrontation with a gang of evil, whose members are the Penguin, the Joker, poison Ivy, and many other negative personality.

4. Batman: Gotham by gas light (2018)

The latest adaptation of the comic Batman was released on world screens last spring. The events of the cartoon to send us back to 1889, when the Dark Knight returns to Gotham after a long "business trip" to Europe. The main character sees that the city still attracts evil. Moreover, of all crimes and murders of the residents begin to suspect the Batman disappeared at the time of their Commission. Of course, the hero of good, but then the question arises, on whose conscience a ruined life? The answer comes immediately: the call Batman threw the famous maniac nicknamed Jack the Ripper.

3. Batman: the brave and the courage (2008)

In contrast to the classic cartoons of Batman, where his allies have traditionally been Batgirl, Robin and Nightwing, here in the team of the Dark Knight featured the heroes gathered almost from all over the DC universe. Green Arrow, Blue beetle, Aquaman and many more will be struggling to help Batman in the fight against hotelskim evil. By the way, the man-bat this time will be spending a lot of time outside of Gotham. There every step of the hero will be trapped by unexpected adventures and dangers, many of which Batman will face for the first time. However, the cunning, intelligence and technical equipment allow it with honor to overcome all difficulties.

2. Scooby-Doo meets Batman (1972)

Yes, endless Saga of Batman covers so large a time span that many in the world has not been, when the animated picture entitled "Scooby-Doo meets Batman". Her story is that a team of detectives led by Scooby-Doo is in trouble and now the heroes will have to use ingenuity to complete. But suddenly, it is unclear which side, the poor guy met the Batman, and it's not a dream! In the end, by pooling their strength, the heroes successfully oppose the Penguin and the Joker. Yeah, Scooby is now will surely be something to boast of.

1. LEGO Batman: Super DC heroes unite (2013)

Well, for a snack we have in store for you team dreams in the form of key representatives from the DC universe. In addition to Batman here featured such heroes as Superman, the Joker, the Penguin, poison Ivy, two-face and Robin (on different sides of the barricades, of course). The main the initiator of evil the Joker is stealing chemicals from the lab to fabricate kryptonite. Superman and Batman at all costs must prevent this, otherwise the Joker will be invincible. In the course of events, the heroes even have to change their roles, live in the image of each other in order to confuse intruders. At the end of sperduto members of the Justice League (Wonder Woman, Green lantern and the Flash).

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