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From what fur is the warmest fur?


The warm coats of fur to select the top clothes for the harsh Russian winter? This issue is relevant not only for residents of the Northern regions. Choosing a fur coat for the winter, pay attention to several factors and one of them – the warmth of the coat. Want the expensive thing was not only beautiful and fashionable, but also warmed in cold weather. So what fur, make the warmest coats? Experts believe that with severe frosts best suited fur of Northern deer, wolf, seal and bear, but the fur from these materials practically do not occur.

10. Fur of the ermine, the Average price depends on specific order

Discover the Top 10 warmest coats of fur of the ermine. Ermine fur is highly prized for its creaminess, softness, Shine and thickness. The coat of the ermine looks incredibly beautiful and elegant, but heavy frost will not save. Pile length of the fur of the ermine is just two centimeters, and insulating properties of any fur product is directly dependent on the length of the hairs. The coat of the ermine – a sign of status. This is an expensive product, not everyone can afford. The hostess this coat will not stand the winter at the bus stop waiting for public transport. The product of the ermine, except that you can go from the car to the room showing others their high status.

The average cost of a fur coat of the ermine is difficult to call, because they are primarily made to order.

9. MinkAverage price of 130 thousand rubles

9 was a fur coat from fur of a mink. Note that the insulating properties of fur depend on the place of breeding of animal. Southern fur mink lightweight and with a thin undercoat. The coat of this fur will warm not better, than fur from the rabbit. Northern fur mink heavy, with a thick and dense undercoat. Mink coats have a high durability and if stored properly will last at least 20 seasons. Mink fur has a flat pile with high plasticity. The beauty of mink fur products made from this material is extremely popular among women.

The cost of a fur coat of mink an average of 130 thousand rubles.

8. From fur of the sableAverage price to 350-400 thousand rubles

8 in the ranking of the warmest fur coats are fur of the sable. Sable fur firmly holds the status of the best furs in the world in the beauty, density and quality. Natural color sable is so handsome, his skin is only used in its natural form, with no staining. The sable fur is fluffy and thick, with lots of fluff.

The cost of fur coats from fur of a sable starts from the level of 350-400 thousand rubles.

7. From chinchilla furAverage price of 250 thousand rubles

In seventh place in the Top 10 warmest fur coats are fur of the chinchilla. This is one of the most popular materials which has a surprising softness, density and ease. This is one of the densest furs in the world. Reminiscent of a thick fluff the fur of the chinchilla has high insulation and warm even in the dead of winter.

The average price of a coat from chinchilla fur is from 250 thousand rubles.

6. From fur of the marten, the Average price of 250 thousand rubles

In sixth place in the ranking of the warmest coats located fur of a marten. The fur of this predatory animal is valued for its qualities: it is long, thick, beautiful and perfectly retains heat. Kuni fur, with a superb sheen, perfect for making cloaks, coats and long coats. Products Martens are expensive because the animal does not breed in captivity.

The average cost of the fur of the marten is from 250 thousand rubles.

5. Fur MoutonAverage costs 30-50 thousand rubles

In the list of the warmest coats includes products from Mouton. Recently, coats made of natural sheepskin special popularity did not use because of the unattractive color of the fur. In our days, thanks to new technologies for processing and color lambskin mutton fur coats are stylish and beautiful. One of the main quality of Mouton – excellent thermal insulation properties. The coat of Mouton are not afraid of extreme cold and wind. It moves easily and slush. Mutton coats are popular for its heat resistance, durability and reasonable price.

The average cost of mutton coat reaches 30-50 thousand rubles.

4. Fox furAverage price of 100 thousand rubles

One of the warmest fur coats are fur Fox. Arctic Fox fur has a long pile and dense undercoat, making it very warm. In nature we find animals two colors: white and blue. Blue Arctic Fox fur is valued more for its beauty. It is used mainly to create luxurious products, the price of which amounts to several thousand dollars. In addition to excellent thermal insulation, a blue Fox fur has high durability. The coat of blue fur will last up to 12 seasons. Slightly lower the lifespan of products from white Fox – 8 seasons, because over time, the coat takes on a yellow.

The average price of a fur coat from Arctic Fox is 100 thousand rubles.

3. Raccoon furAverage price of 50 thousand rubles

On the 3rd place in the ranking of the warmest fur coats are fur of a raccoon. Raccoon coats are not as popular as a mink and mutton, but also valued high enough. Raccoon fur voluminous, fluffy, flexible and lightweight. Its main advantages: good thermal insulation, moisture resistance and durability. Fur coat from a raccoon not as beautiful and glamorous as the products of a Fox or a sable, but they are perfectly warm in severe frosts.

The estimated price of a fur coat from a raccoon is 50 thousand rubles.

2. Fox furAverage price of 45-100 thousand rubles

2 in the ranking of the most warm fur is the fur of a Fox. These rollers suitable for those who value in outerwear, originality and brightness. Fur coats Fox fur out of fashion for decades. Fox fur has a long pile and dense undercoat. It is soft, bright and silky. Fur coat Fox fur is an excellent protection in winter weather and have high durability. With proper care, a fur coat will last about 8 seasons.

Especially appreciated the fur of Fox – mutant form of the canadian Fox. In the wild, the silver Fox is extremely rare.

The estimated cost of fur coat Fox fur is from 45 to 100 thousand rubles.

1. Fur of the beaver, the Average price of 50-60 thousand rubles

The warmest fur coats are made from fur of a beaver. This material has a number of advantages. Beaver fur is thick and fluffy, soft and pleasant to the touch. It fit perfectly and protect from harsh frost. The fur of the beaver has an extremely high wear resistance: we are not wiped off and does not fade. With proper care, a fur coat from the beaver will serve you faithfully for up to 20 seasons.

The average price of a beaver fur product reaches 50-60 thousand rubles.

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