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Top 10 best cartoons about cats


Cartoons and seals – that's what loves the whole world. It does not matter in this case, how old you are. After all both that, and another is a universal tool for removing negativity of any volume. Now, let's pogestin. Cartoons about cats – how do you find such weapons against bad moods? Yes this is simply a doublet universal name of the strings and mi-mi-mi! From sullen and angry people don't stand a chance on the negative. We present you a list of the 10 best cartoons about cats. Promise will melt everything – from small to large!

10. Puss in boots (2011)

Today's rating we'll start with "Puss in boots". It is known that the work of Charles Perrault portrayed far more than once. In this case we will focus on the movie from DreamWorks, presented to the viewer in 2011. This film adaptation is a spin-off of the famous Saga of Shrek, so the main character here is the same cat (you remember those eyes, huh?). Interestingly, the working title of the cartoon was "the Story of an Ogre killer" is rather a logical reference to the original script of the tale. But in the end, the creators chose a more loud sign... and it has paid off. After the cartoon was off as much as 4 times, collecting half a billion dollars in world box office.

9. Cat Thunder and the house of magic (2013)

It turns out, Belgium is not only famous for chocolate, beer and waffles – there and animation are able to do. Because in this country there was the animated film "Thunder cat and enchanted house" is rightfully in our list. Despite the fact that the picture did not bring profit, its story looks very touching. Once in a thunderstorm abandoned by the owners, the kitten gets into the house, where, as it turned out, lives a magician. The owner instantly fell in love with Thunder, which was not shared by the other members of the household. However, when the owner of the house comes the trouble, the animals unite to protect the homes of his master, where they are.

8. Trap for cats (1986)

Older readers can remember how this cartoon was popular in the Soviet Union at the twilight of the ' 80s. In the film production participated multipliers from 3 countries (Hungary, Canada and Germany). Action cartoon takes place on a fictional planet, which is inhabited by anthropomorphic cats, mice and rats. Rodents are under severe pressure and dominance on the part of cats, resulting in forced to retaliate. In particular, mice create a drawing of a special trap for cats. Its essence is that huge robot in the form of a bulldog swallows the cat, and the output is a furry good kitty, ready to make friends with all the inhabitants of the planet.

7. Garfield (2004)

Garfield, in turn, was beloved of children in the early 2000s. maybe not just kids. Anyway, red lazy fat man with a fondness for lasagna, remember everything. Garfield loves not only delicious to eat, but they make fun of his master, prokaznica at every step. The latter, incidentally, not only doted in Kota, but also uses it as an excuse to pay a visit to the vet, where a girl named Liz, which is the owner of Garfield in love with. As for the "Garfield" like the movie, then critics in the press with one voice considered the painting a failure. You can not say about the worldwide distribution, in which the history of fat cat pay off as much as 4 times.

6. The true story of Puss in boots (2009)

Another interpretation of "Puss in boots" right in the middle of our rating. This time – the French version of 2009 release. The cartoon tells the story of the youngest son of a Miller, who inherited neither more nor less than just a cat. But if all was so simply... Unusual pet not only wears boots and a hat, but easily focused in life, has outstanding sharpness and a few other talents. As a result of manifestation of these qualities, the cat helps its owner not only to achieve high social status, but also to get a wife a Princess herself!

5. Scarecrow-Myauchelo (1982)

The expression "Scarecrow-Myauchelo" which has become winged, comes from the eponymous Soviet cartoon. These words each of the people going about their petty problems, it was aback black kitten who so wanted to share with all of your good mood through funny songs. In the end, hurt the kitten climbed onto the roof, where he was already humming a sad tune. The situation was saved by the girl, who asked the cat once more to sing a positive song. Barely furry hero opened his mouth once all the characters were doing better, and the city was flooded with sun. People have become kinder, and no one called kitten offensive word.

4. The aristocats (1970)

From the USSR go on a visit to to Walt disney, whose Studio in 1970 he created a cartoon called "Aristocats" or "the aristocats". The film takes us to France 1910-ies. A cat named the Duchess lives in a luxurious mansion. She has kittens, who rightly claim to be luxury apartments by inheritance. However, it interferes with the Butler – he kidnaps the kittens, wanting to get the house in their hands. In the course of history aristocratic cats intersect with the homeless, agree to help them. The cartoon was funny and touching, that was appreciated – cash charges 4 times higher than the costs of the establishment.

3. Puss in boots (1995)

"Sho, again?". Now we get to the claymation version of "Puss in boots" from Russian animator Garri Bardin. Hardly Charles Perrault could have imagined that his tale filmed one here in this form. What you would thought he saw the meaning of the work Bardin? Patriotism. So, the cat here is a guide hillbilly-prophecy in light of American life. However, all business stopped in France where our little man, acquainted with the Royal family, arrogant and turned away from his assistant. In the end, the cat's got magic, and the guy was back in his native village. Ambiguous of course, but this view of the tale, too, is the place to be.

2. The cat that walked by himself (1968)

This cartoon is the first Soviet film adaptation of the famous works of Kipling, "the cat who walked where he wanted" (the second will be off in 20 years, and the heroine there is already a cat). Cartoon picture of elements of philosophy tells us about ancient times, when a woman domesticated man, followed by some animals. Did not get a room in the cave cat, but the woman gave him the conditions under which he could cohabit with humans. In the end, the cat performs them, but gets in trouble with a man (which was a separate agreement). In the end, sitting in a tree, the cat says that the woman is still not as clever as it seems at first glance.

1. Kot-Rybolov (1964)

Well crowns our rating of the old Soviet cartoon, in which there are the legendary voices of Yevgeny Leonov, Anatoly Papanova, Erast Garin and Olga Aroseva, and music in charge of Yuri Levitan. As for the plot, it is uncomplicated. The cat decided to go fishing on the way and promised the Fox, the wolf and the bear will certainly share the catch with them. However, forest dwellers so noisy was looking forward to fish meal, that poor cat has failed to catch from the river and little carp. In the end, fans of freebies almost at loggerheads, while the cat is under all the hoopla slipped away in search of a more peaceful place.

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