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10 books similar to "50 days before my suicide"


Is it worth to live, if the meaning in life? If it's such a life where no one needs you nor his father (cheating mom) or mother (renounces you and drinking heavily), or even grandmother (finds twenty-five year old guy in men). Gloria keeps a diary, and within 50 days manages to live a colorful, eventful life. Insights girls sad this life is not worth the continuation. Gloria finishes her suicide but only to start a new one, without a doubt, different from the former.

Fans of the works are sure to enjoy these ten books similar to "50 days before my suicide".

10. 13 reasons why. Jay Asher

Why Teens drop out of life? Why they decide that death is the only way out of trouble? Hormones? Teens in crisis? Baiting? The feeling of loneliness?

Jay Asher tells the story of Hannah Baker who, unfortunately, truly ends their life. After his death Hannah leaves a card and tapes with audio recordings in which she tells of her reasons why. The cassettes receive only those people who have become these reasons.

9. Good to be a wallflower. Stephen Chbosky

The main character Charlie likes to read books. His favorite to Kill a Mockingbird and the catcher in the rye, the main character Charlie is very often compared. The guy keeps a diary, and speaking to a mysterious friend, he shares not so much the events of the difficult life of a teenager , how my feelings and thoughts, his loneliness, his weakness and obscurity. Charlie tries to caution the world: he grieved the death of his aunt Helen, first love, encounters drugs, gains and loses friends.

8. I would choose life. Thierry Cohen

Victoria suddenly tears relationship with Jeremy the day of his birth, and the main character decides to commit suicide. But in the morning he wakes up alive and can not understand what happened, because it is Victoria next to him. Trying to figure out what happened, Jeremy is looking for answers to questions, each time waking up a year after his suicide. His life ceases to belong to him. Geremi remains only to observe how his life is changing him, year after year. Maybe he really should have chosen life and not the pills?

7. It's not your fault. Jennifer Niven

From Theodore Finch's new novel . The novel is not ordinary he has a deep relationship with one unusual lady. He thinks about her constantly, relentlessly inventing new ways to see her. The name of the mysterious lady Death. Stop it violet, who decides to jump off the school bell tower. Finch tries to dissuade the girl and offers to show her the nice life with her, finding more and more joy every day. Forgive lady Death it treason? View.

6. The Diary Of Alice. Beatrice Sparks

A very honest book, written on behalf of a teenage girl. The name of the girl is missing, but we know that she is exploring the world using drugs. Like all teenagers, she is unbearable to think about the fact that it merges the gray mass of ordinary people who think alike and buy the same. She dreams that her parents talked to her, talked, not lectured. Drugs seem to be a teenager with a pass to an unusual bright world. What turns this bright and unusual? Journey with Alice down the rabbit hole and back here about this book.

5. Stay with me. Amy Zhang

Liz Emerson, the famous selfish, poisonous and ruthless, no one to hate but himself. After his father's death, her life becomes a hell she is doing what he wants, causes human suffering, she'd love to stop, but can't. The heroine is seriously the causal relationships of life, she has a chance to look at your life from a completely different side. However, for this she has to arrange his own death in a car accident.

4. The catcher in the rye. Jerome David Salinger

The iconic American novel of the second half of the twentieth century tells us about the life of Holden Caulfield, who is receiving treatment at the clinic. Like all teenagers, Holden is looking for a meaning of life other than the meaning of life of their parents and other adults. They seem hypocritical and flat, lifeless. Holden was expelled from school for academic failure, he swears with friends, talks about the meaning of life, and decides to escape, from which it discourages younger sister Phoebe.

3. In search of Alaska. John Green

Alaska young is name of that girl, in search of where you live fat boy miles Khotter. He moved from the house where he had no friends in high school-a boarding school in Alabama. In the new life the friends he appear, but he's not just in a boarding school run the show a blatant vyhodnye children (children who let go for the weekend to his parents) . The competition for most miles translates into a war with vyhodnoceni, and the first love ends tragically by the death of Alaska, where he helps miles escape from the orphanage.

2. A touch of love. Jonathan CoE

Eternal aspirate Robin Grant pretends that he wrote his dissertation. In fact, he tries to understand the love that once happened to him. Or rather, touched the girl he loved, became the wife of his friend. Robin writes short stories, trying to understand the mystical essence of love, in himself, in the outside world, as well as in the main question whether he wants to love someone again. Or he had just a touch of love.

1. Paper of the city. John Green

In paper houses live paper people and heat their own future. Paper kids drinking beer, bought some bum in a paper grocery store. And all obsessed with how to get more stuff. And all the stuff is thin and brittle as paper. And people are the same.

Quentin is in love with his neighbor Margo. And Margo is in love with your paper cities and their secrets, here is a love triangle. After Margo disappears, Quentin arranges its search. Come to the aid tips girls it does, and Quentin and his friends, get to know the real Margo, not paper.

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