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Top 10 Best business books


Even the most Podunk bookstore can offer an impressive selection of business literature. Books about business are very popular, but among the variety of such literature is difficult to find really informative and effective book.

Business books – best books for those who want to achieve financial independence – we offer our readers a selection of the ten most interesting, informative and motivating works about stories of success of businessmen about the difficulties they had to face and how to overcome problems. Good business books are useful not only for startups, but also for those who already directs the business – it is motivating and inspiring, forcing us to act.

10. Nude businessRichard Branson

The best books on business is "Naked business" Richard Branson. The British founder of Virgin Group Corporation, which includes more than 400 companies, is famous not only for its eccentricity, but few books. One of the richest entrepreneurs in Britain generously shares with readers the secrets of his success. The first book "Naked business", dedicated to the history of its Corporation. Branson writes candidly about the successes and failures of his many companies and gives invaluable advice to budding entrepreneurs.

9. Rich dad poor dadRobert Kiyosaki

No list of the best business books are not complete without the creations of Robert Kiyosaki "Rich dad, poor dad". This book has long been a bestseller and a reference book for many entrepreneurs and those who want to succeed.

We all say, that without a good education should not rely on a little bit of success. Kiyosaki sure that the world has changed significantly, and in our time to achieve the goals and well-being education is not so necessary. The author writes that the school and institutions of higher learning do not teach the real difficulties and not show wards ways of overcoming them and achieving success and wealth. In his book Kiyosaki shares the secrets of concentration and teaches readers the basics of financial literacy.

8. Atlas shruggedAyn Rand

"Atlas shrugged" Ayna Rand – one of the best books on business. It is a unique literary work, being simultaneously benefit the economy and artistic novel. Three days after the start of sales of the book were among the bestsellers. "Atlas shrugged" explains the essence and significance of entrepreneurship, answers questions about the meaning of human existence and is able to change the Outlook of a man reading a book.

7. Screw it, go and do it!Richard Branson

The list of the best business books got another book of eccentric British billionaire Richard Branson – "screw It, get on and do it!".

This is a real call to action and risk. Branson lives by the principle – take everything from life. He explains to readers that life is short and it is foolish to spend it on those things that make us happy. Like something- get in there and do it. Don't like – no need to force yourself to expend energy on the activity that do not bring pleasure. It doesn't matter if the experience, knowledge and education – the goal will be achieved if there is a desire to succeed.

6. Startup. 11 master classes from ex-Apple Evangelist and the most daring capitalist in Silicon valley,guy Kawasaki

To best business literature include "Startup. 11 master classes from ex-Apple Evangelist and the most daring capitalist in Silicon valley" from Gaia Kawasaki.

Kawasaki – a man of legend. One of the first Apple employees with his talent has ensured that the company today has millions of ardent supporters. From the book the reader learns how to create a successful company and bring it to a high level. It will be useful to those who do not want to work under someone's leadership and wants to achieve financial independence.

5. Business as gameDmitry Kibkalo and Dmitry Borisov

The authors of one of the best books on business "business as a game" network founders "Maegra", in simple and accessible language tell you about how to do business in Russia. In fact, this is a real textbook for a novice businessman. In the book Dmitry Kibkalo and Dmitry Borisov answer the most serious questions of the business: how to sell, hire staff, train staff, open a trading point. "Business as a game" will be especially useful to those whose business is connected with trade.

4. Delivering happinessTony Hsieh

Ranked among the best business books book "Delivering happiness" Tony's Neck. She for many years has not lost its relevance and continues to hold in the ranks of bestsellers. The author writes about creating a successful business based on his experience. And the Neck has a lot to learn. His first business he opened at the age of 9 years. Interesting and lively language, he tells about such important and complex things like managing staff, dealing with clients and promoting business.

3. The business from scratch. The Lean Startup method to quickly test ideas and business modelsEric Rice

"Business from scratch. The Lean Startup method to quickly test ideas and business models" Eric Rice can be safely attributed to the best business books. A well-known blogger and entrepreneur offers readers a systematic approach to the launch of the planned project with minimal investment. The book will be a handy guide for a novice businessman. Rice wrote a book based on his experience of the entrepreneur. "Business from scratch" will be useful not only for startups but also established business people wishing to significantly improve their business.

2. Good to greatJim Collins

"Good to great" by Jim Collins is one of the best motivational books on business. The author clearly explains to readers why some companies known all over the world, while others languish in obscurity. The book was so popular that he was included by Time magazine among the best business books.

Jim Collins for six years was engaged in the study of giant companies who have reached tremendous success. He found virtually all companies similar principles of success: discipline, the ability to look hardship in the face to put at the forefront of not themselves but the company.

1. Thoughts big and don't stopDonald trump

The book "Thinking big and don't stop" Donald trump, of course, worthy to enter the list of top business books. About the famous eccentric billionaire know everything, and many are interested in his opinion about the essence of the business. Trump dispels all illusions about the money and clearly explains why some people achieve wealth, while others we can only dream about the financial well-being. Success will be achieved by only the most resistant and strong, and the lot of the lazy ethereal illusion.

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