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Best vodka in Russia to 2016


Vodka is one of the world's most famous types of alcohol. In popularity it leaves far behind cognac, brandy, whiskey and rum. In Russia and other countries friendly meal is rarely complete without alcohol. The holiday was not spoiled, the quality of strong drink should be at the proper level. Today the market of alcoholic production reigns a great variety and to choose really high-quality vodka – not an easy task.

Find out what it is, the best vodka in Russia to 2016 – the rating of the quality of products of Russian producers of alcoholic beverages. To compile a list of the best vodka was used the information of the major Internet portals dedicated to people's ratings of products, and the results of the professional tasting competition the Best vodka held in Russia since 2008.

10. Golden Joker

Opens a rating of the best vodka of domestic production 2016 brand "Golden Joker", produced Kuznetskiy distillery. This strong alcoholic drink made from grain alcohol of best quality with the addition of sugar syrup, natural honey and aromatic spirit of cumin.

The cost of a bottle of 0.5 litre of 230 rubles.

9. Capital

9 in our ranking of the best Russian vodka is one of the most famous and most popular brands – "Capital". It appeared in 1941, and the first batch of the famous Russian vodka was produced in the besieged Leningrad. According to experts, vodka "Capital" has a mild taste and distinct aroma of vodka. It is easy to drink and contains a minimal amount of additives. "Capital" is a benchmark for Russian vodka and the classic spirits.

Price bottles of 0.5 l – 360-500 rubles.

8. Winter road

Continuing our ranking of the best vodkas in Russia production of the plant "Kristall" – "Winter road". This first-class product, which is composed of high-quality alcohol and specially prepared drinking water. According to experts, "Winter road" has a classic taste with an almost palpable smell of alcohol.

Price bottles of 0.5 liters – 230-300 rubles.

7. Three rivers gold

Seventh place in the ranking of the best vodkas in Russia is the company's products "Sordis", "Three rivers gold". Vodka belongs to the premium class. Its amazing transparency and softness is achieved by additional filtering using gold thread. Part alcoholic drink contains only natural products of high quality: softened water, ethyl alcohol, honey, and aromatic spirit of dried apples.

The cost of the bottles 0, 5 l – about 300 rubles.


In 6th place in the ranking of the best vodkas in Russia has settled a strong alcoholic drink, ZAO "Wine-cognac plant "Rus", "IMPERIAL TRUST". This is a classic alcoholic beverage of premium class without strong alcohol smell and taste.

5. Degree premium

"Premium degree" (GRADUS PREMIUM) from the producer of "Permalko" – the 5th place in the ranking of the best vodkas in Russia in 2016. It has a soft harmonious taste and impeccable cleanliness. The vodka is made from high-quality alcohol, purified water and natural ingredients (infusion of oatmeal and vegetable extract).

The cost of a bottle volume of 0,5 l – 300-400 rubles.

4. Pure Dew

4 in the ranking of the best vodkas in Russia in 2016 is organic-vodka "Pure Dew" the company "Saransk distillery". "Pure dew" refer to alcohol products premium. Classic has a soft taste and bright aroma. Color – crystal clear.

"Pure Dew" is a unique product. This is Russia's first organic vodka, produced in limited editions. This is due to the preparation of land for sowing of wheat for 11 years. The harvest is sent to the plant for further processing and production of organic alcohol. Each stage of the production of a premium product certified.

Exclusive alcoholic drink the "Pure Dew" is perfect as a gorgeous and memorable gift.

The average price of a bottle with a capacity of 0.7 l – 1000-1700 rubles.

3. The Russian Squadron

On the 3rd place in the ranking of the best vodkas in Russia to 2016 "the Russian Squadron", produced by LLC "Standard". This premium drink has won gold in the super-premium segment following the results of competition the Best vodka. Vodka has a great quality and smooth taste with a slight bitterness. Leaves a slight sweet aftertaste.

The highlight of the design of the "Russian Squadron" – floating in each bottle figurine underwater mines made of silver. In addition, the "Russian Squadron" is decorated with a tin label, which depicts a legendary naval battles of the Russian fleet.

Premium vodka from "Standard" – a great gift to lovers of high-quality vodka of domestic production.

The cost per bottle 0 7 l – 1500-1600 RUB.

2. Yarich

"Yarich" production "Krasnoyarsk vodka distillery" – the 2nd place in the ranking of the best vodkas in Russia in 2016. Has excellent transparency without other suspended matter and particles. The flavor is full bodied and balanced, with a characteristic vodka smell. The taste is harmonious, pure, enveloping.

Is "Jaric" from high-quality alcohol, drinking water and infusion of alcoholized rye bread.

The cost of a bottle of 0.75 l – 400-500 rubles.


The company "SIBALKO" repeatedly became the prize-winner of many contests for the best vodka. In 2016, the brand SIBALCO again has earned a gold. Vodka of premium class has a crystal clear transparency, smooth taste and rich flavors. SIBALCO is made from high-quality spirits with the addition of honey of acacia and of the infusion of barley malt.

The price of a bottle of 0.75 l – 1500-1900 rubles.

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