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Top 10 Best cartoons about animals


You love cartoons? Clearly you nod approvingly, and no matter 8 you are 15 or 34. In every age of hand-drawn animation is perceived differently, but to resist the cartoons is hardly possible. And if we are talking about good pictures, which are the protagonists of cute animals, here will melt the heart of the most sullen adult, not to mention the children. Well, let's start our today's ranking, which included most interesting cartoons about animals. A list of the best ones below believe me, there is not only something to remember but something that would be nice to meet you.

10. The Fox and the hound (1981)

This touching story was drawn by animators Disney 37 years ago. The painting immediately became a huge success at the box office. Judge cartoon brought in a sum 5 times greater than the cost of its creation (more than 60 million dollars cash vs invested 12 million). As for the plot, it tells the story of a hunting dog Copper and the Fox TOD, who became friends in childhood, being the Pets of neighbors. Unlike many disney cartoons, "Fox and dog" has a happy ending, and the maximum reflects the reality. That is, since according to the law of nature a hunting dog and a wild Fox is not supposed to be friends, then eventually they will not be. Even though I loved animals, it was possible, and in the heart of each of them remained this period.

9. Volt (2008)

Another touching animated story featuring a dog. Now the dog named Volt shares the title of main character with his owner – girl penny. In the story they take part in the filming of the movie where a dog endowed with superhuman abilities. Volt does not understand that everything that happens is a sham, and Directors on this play, because the sincerity of the dog will make the movie effective. One day fate separated penny and Volta. Dog sets out to find the hostess, which finds friends – hamster Rhino and cat Mitten. Together, they manage to get home to penny. In addition, the Volt saves the girl from death in a fire that occurred on the set.

8. Ice age (2002)

It is difficult to imagine, but initially about any "ice age" Saga into 5 parts was out of the question – the first movie was planned as an independent. However, box office success (the proceeds in 6 times has exceeded costs) and rave reviews from critics did their job, and now "Ice age" legend. The picture describes a fictional event, the Statute of limitations in 20,000 years. Manfred the mammoth and Sid the sloth not want to leave their native land, despite the global frost. Due to the tragic circumstances in the hands of the heroes gets a child, which animals you intend to return to the human village. Another character, saber-toothed tiger Diego, was originally going to kidnap the baby and went to deceive, but in the process of communication with Manfred and sid have abandoned this idea in favor of friendship and rescue.

7. Madagascar (2005)

How is it it took 12 years? Yeah, it's hard to believe, but the first "Madagascar" took really a long time. The cartoon was just doomed to success, which makes sense was confirmed not only by cash (off the picture as much as 7 times), but also further development of the project. And why, incidentally, he was on to something doomed? First, there are two four enough colorful characters (lion, Hippo, Zebra and giraffe in a gang and the penguins in the other) plus uncommon the king of the lemurs, Julian. Second, all these characters are kicking things off, whereby the movie is simply hilarious. And thirdly, what do you associate with the word Madagascar?

6. Rio (2011)

A beautiful story about two parrots of breed "the blue macaws". Their names are Blu and jewel, and they loved each other. However, such idyll heroes went through the whole cartoon, the beginning of which is not conducive to a happy end. The fact that parrots are the only ones left on Earth representatives of their breed, and the problem here is not only to put them together. By chance the couple meets, but jewel, to put it mildly, not happy with her spouse (the Friend does not understand life in the wild and he can't even fly). However, in the course of joint adventures and trials parrots still fall in love and find their refuge in the reserve, where hatching, and continue to race.

5. Ratatouille (2007)

Following our film has more than an impressive list of awards and nominations. It is possible that the people asking for them to return to their 2007, miss including "Ratatouille". Unusual and touching story of a dream of a rat named Remy will not leave aside neither the children nor their parents. In the animal, since childhood had a particular keen sense of smell and pronounced taste, so he dreamed would one day become a chef. The insinuation of a rat combined with the smile of fortune bring Remy Alfredo Linguini – man, only that produced from the cleaners to the chef. From here begins a difficult way Remy on the path to happiness to which it eventually will come.

4. Siropolis (2016)

And here is a relatively fresh and very successful picture. Not every cartoon collects rent a billion dollars, right? Even so "Zeropolis" is worth paying attention to. The cartoon shows the story of a rabbit Judy, growing up in a family of merchants carrot. The hallmarks of the girls had the courage and sense of justice, so Judy was the goal – to work in police Zeropolis. With this move, the rabbit wants to reveal something important, and fate has kindly offered the chance. Working with Judy is reluctant Fox Nick having some problems with the law. Together the animals manage to disarm a criminal syndicate headed by the mayor of Zeropolis, and Nick was so inspired with the work with Judy, also decided to get to the police.

3. How to train your dragon (2010)

Oh, how many today is sentimental and touching. In the end, animation is created to give people emotions. Also not too old cartoon "How to train your dragon" tells us about a boy named Hiccup. He lives together with other people on the island is constantly attacked by dragons. Monsters are attacking and robbing villages, leaving the inhabitants with nothing. Those, in turn, only wish to kill the attackers. Once in the protection of the village Hiccup had the guts to kill the dragon and let him go. Soon they met again and became friends. A positive relationship Hiccup with the monster gradually turned into a global scale and become the cause of peace and of living together between humans and dragons.

2. Balto (1995)

Yes, it would have probably shed a tear for you today, as it did in 1995, the audience, got to the sessions of the cartoon "Balto" in theaters. Draw pictures, successive, tells the story, based on real events. Homeless dog Balto was an unwanted animal that all people prefer to hold a party. All, except the girl named Rosie. The action takes place in the town of Nome (Alaska), where there was an epidemic of diphtheria. Rosie was among the affected children. The only option to deliver the vaccine to Nome was a dog sled. After the first group of dogs permanently lost, Balto decides to take the initiative. Braving the frigid weather, wandering, failure, and despair, the dog does the job and delivers medication to the city, thereby rescuing children's lives. The real Balto monument installed in new York.

1. The Lion King (1994)

Well, as expected the top of the rankings. Most likely, there's those people who have not watched or at least heard of the cartoon called "the lion King". Picture created 20 years ago, has become a legend and is still relevant to this day. It is pointless to recount the plot, because Simba empathy, it seems, the whole world. Strange but true: work on the cartoon was carried out in parallel with the creation of "Pocahontas," and, you know what the project is considered a priority and have promised him mountains of gold? But in the end at the box office of the cinemas is also considered, and "Pocahontas" had dissolved into nothingness. It's no joke, "the lion King" has collected nearly a billion dollars in spent on it for 45 million, that is, the tape has paid for itself 20 times! Money it is necessary to add world famous. In General, a masterpiece is a masterpiece.

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