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The best batteries for cars 2015-2016


The TOP 10 includes the best batteries for cars 2015-2016, which were selected on the basis of tests for battery and owner reviews.

10. DekaPrice of 12 thousand rubles

Line series the Deka opens the top ten batteries. When testing the battery showed a good side – they are able to withstand deep discharge and thus give enough power to start the engine. To cope with this problem, manufacturers use only high quality lead alloy plates. Used in the production of calcium and AGM technology also improve the performance of batteries of this line. The disadvantages of Deka include the inflated price of the devices, which cost starts from 12 thousand rubles. For charging, it is recommended to use only professional charger for battery, which is used by many modern car workshops.

9. Bannercost 4 thousand rubles

Banner – the best option for reliability, but not the cheapest. The use of innovative technology is full of calcium, allows you to start with a deep discharge. Banner, having great power, able to ensure smooth functioning of vehicles with very high energy demand. Also an Austrian product, the results of the testing showed good resistance against temperatures up to minus 30 degrees, which provides a cold start of the engine. Quality Banner confirms the fact that many of the German automobile industry set for cars is the batteries of this brand. The average cost of the device – 4 thousand roubles.

8. Exideis the Price of 5 thousand rubles

A line of Exide presents a good battery with the best capacity. Battery designed for vehicles with high energy consumption. They have more power, unlike counterparts at 30%, and have increased performance. According to manufacturers Exide, their batteries have high starting power and stability under all weather conditions. But as shown by the test results, the battery has not led to the starting of the engine at a temperature of minus 30 degrees. The cost of these chargers is 5 thousand rubles and above.

7. OptimaPrice of 14 thousand rubles

Optima is the best battery from the U.S. manufacturer. In severe winter conditions, you can count on starting the engine the first time, due to very high current start-up Optima Batteries. The difference between these batteries and original spiral layout that ensures a lower rate of self-discharge and minimal wear with frequent repetition of the charge cycles. In the production of Optima Batteries use technology AGM: separator of fiberglass impregnated with electrolyte, so that the device is protected from deterioration of electrical parameters. Also during testing it was found that these batteries are quite durable and resistant to mechanical stress – in the event of an accident of moderate severity, a partial destruction of the body, can start the engine. Data battery completely maintenance-free. The disadvantages of this line of product can be attributed to the inflated price of 14 thousand rubles.

6. VortexPrice of 3.5 thousand rubles

Vortex is one of the best batteries for cars on the test results for 2015-2016 the Device has a high current characteristics and well-behaved at low temperatures, providing the start-up of the engine. It is recommended for vehicles requiring high power. Even in the case of deep discharge battery can be recovered. Battery protected from external sources of sparks, thanks to the filters, flame arresters, which are embedded in the cover. Vortex justifies its price and is located in the mid – 3,5 thousand rubles.

5. AktexPrice 2,7 thousand rubles

Aktex is the best budget option and high performance. The manufacture of the product occurs through a hybrid technology using calcium and antimony. This makes the battery more resistant to deep discharge at low temperatures. In addition, calcium negative plates minimize self-discharge. Backup capacity Aktex are the absolute leaders among peers. However, at a temperature of -30 degrees the battery ensures the starting of the engine. The price of this unit is about 2,7 thousand rubles.

4. TudorPrice 3-3,5 thousand rubles

Tudor – one of the most popular battery on the Russian market, due to the high operational characteristics. In the manufacture of chargers for the car company uses the special technology of the ESTIMATES, which is the addition of calcium at plate battery by stretching that provides the best strength of the plate. Due to this, the battery is less susceptible to corrosion and shedding, and therefore will last longer. Also, with this technology, the plates get the best starting power and the engine starts at temperatures below 30 degrees. The average data of the battery able to be in use until 4-5 years. This is the best choice on a ratio the price–quality. The average cost of a Tudor – 3-3,5 thousand rubles.

3. ToplaPrice of 5 thousand rubles

Topla is among the top three batteries for cars. They are very popular in the Russian market and have proven themselves due to their reliability, quality and durability. Data battery produced using Ca/Ca, prolonging service life and improving electrical performance of the device. Topla is distinguished not only durability, but also starting characteristics in harsh winter conditions. The average cost of this battery is 5 thousand rubles.

2. VartaPrice 7-12 thousand roubles

Varta is one of the recognized leaders among the other batteries for cars. The high-capacity battery provides a steady engine start-up even at minus 30 degrees. Patented grid Power Frame is responsible for durability and high corrosion resistance of the device. At Varta higher performance than its competitors. In addition to all of these batteries are more environmentally friendly and give about 20% less greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to the sponge filter, which acts as planetscapes avoiding the possibility of accidental ignition by spark. The lifetime is on average 5-7 years, and the cost ranges from 7-12 thousand roubles.

1. BoschPrice of 7 thousand rubles

Bosch becomes the leader of the rating the best battery for cars 2015-2016, Battery with increased capacity and reduced self-discharge rate has a high performance. The battery enables the start at temperatures down to minus 30 degrees. In the case of deep discharging the battery is able to recover. The product producers also care about the environment, providing a reduced level of evaporation of the electrolyte. The disadvantage of this device is fast damage while working in the electrical network with non-ideal characteristics, such as a faulty alternator. It is also worth noting that the CRA series Bosch is not the cheapest, the cost starts from 7 thousand rubles and above.

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