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Best Asian movies


The cultures of East and West in many ways very different from each other. Representatives of the East and West have a different mentality, their views on life, religious beliefs, philosophy and many others. The best Asian movies that are recognized as examples of high cultural value by the critics and the audience will help to better understand the interesting culture of Asia.

10. Oldboy

Opens the list of the best Asian movies Korean detective Thriller "Oldboy" directed by Park Chanom Uka. The audience of the American channel CNN included a picture of the ten best films in the history of cinema, shot in Asia.

Once a small businessman Oh Dae-su was kidnapped on the street and in jail where he spent 15 years. At first he tried to escape and then to commit suicide, but the prisoner watched, and his attempts to kill himself or break free were in vain. The period of rage and aggression gave way to melancholy. Oh Dae-su began to practice Boxing with the wall and hoping to find someone whose fault was in custody. On the same day it released.

9. Mother

The South Korean drama "Mother" is one of the best Asian movies.

In a small Korean town is barely getting by all the elderly woman single-handedly takes care of my adult son who is mentally ill. Because of illness he little understands and remembers nothing. Once he was accused of murder of the schoolgirl, known for its light behavior. The mother is taken for the investigation. For the sake of the son she is ready to go at all – to break into people's homes, to bribe witnesses and torture of adolescents.

"Mother" – pattern, it is very difficult to understand the Western audience. Despite this, in the West, the film was very well received by the critics.

8. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon

Keeps a list of the best Asian films are incredibly beautiful Chinese romance with elements of fantasy "Crouching tiger, hidden dragon".

Does Moby, the famous martial arts master, retires and immersed in meditation. Your legendary sword it leaves on the other. But one day, an unknown attacker steals the "Green destiny". Does Moby goes in search of the thief.

7. Seven samurai

A list of the best Asian films would be incomplete without the Japanese picture the Seven samurai. She won first place in the rating "100 best films of world cinema" compiled by Empire magazine in 2010.

The plot revolves around the story of seven samurai hired by the inhabitants of the Japanese village for protection from bandits.

This is interesting: in 1960 and 2016 were lifted remakes of the picture. Both films received critical acclaim.

6. House of flying daggers

"House of flying daggers" is one of the best Asian films in the action adventure genre.

The film takes place in Ancient China in the IX century. The government is concerned about the secret rebel movement, which engages more and more people, dissatisfied with the policy of the Imperial Tang dynasty. To search for the leaders of the movement government sent a secret agent of the police. He gets a tip on a blind girl, daughter of one of the leaders of the rebellion. Agent he falls apart in their trap...

5. The man from nowhere

Keeps a list of the best Asian films South Korean Thriller "the Man from nowhere".

Cha Tae-box — the owner of a small pawnshop. A young man leads a quiet, regular life. Next to him lives a little girl Jeong So-mi. One day Heh John, the girl's mother, decides with his friend to Rob the drug courier working with her in the same club. The bag with drugs laying in Lombard Tae Creator. When the leader of a gang of drug dealers finds out who stole a consignment of drugs and where they are hidden, it sends to the pawnshop of his henchmen.

4. Through the snow

Among the best Asian films traditionally a lot of dramas and thrillers. "Through the snow" filmed in a rare and extremely interesting post-apocalyptic genre. On Earth in the near future, there was a man-made disaster on a planetary scale and the earth was very cold. Life in the frozen world, preserved only in a giant train speeding down the tracks without stopping. The people in the train, divided into classes – in the first cars settled, the ruling elite, and in the last cars of the workers live, serving the giant structure. Here, in the tail of the train, amidst the poverty and disease, the idea of the revolution and the leader who wants to restore justice.

This is interesting: the main role in the movie is played by Chris Evans, known to viewers for his role as Captain America in the films based on the Marvel cinematic universe.

3. I saw the devil

Among the best Asian films include South Korean Thriller "I saw the devil".

A serial killer working as a school bus driver, kills and dismembers women. Another of his victim is the fiancée of special agent Kim soo Hyun. He takes a vacation and starts to track down the perpetrator. The agent is not going to bring the killer to justice – he wants his revenge was long and painful for a maniac.

2. The 38th parallel

The list of the best Asian films include South Korean war drama "the 38th parallel".

The film is set against the background of the tragic events of the Korean war. The viewer follows the fate of one family, whose well-being, dreams and aspirations crumble in an instant. A talented cobbler Lee Jin-Tae and his younger brother enlisted in the army. They are sent to the front, where young inexperienced soldiers were ordered to keep the defense on the river Nacton.

1. Memories of murder

South Korean detective "Memories of murder" – another interesting film, worthy entry in the list of best films of Asia. The film is based on real events. In the South Korean city of Hwaseong between 1986 and 1991: the year was brutally murdered ten women. The case had great resonance and made history as the biggest crime in modern South Korea. To search for the killer (or killers) were involved in more than 2 million police officers, but the sensational case Hasanskogo serial killer has never been solved. In 2006, in connection with the expiration of the investigation the case was officially closed.

In the film two detectives trying unsuccessfully to get on the trail of a serial killer, with impunity, operating in a small South Korean city. The progress of the inquiry does not help and the arrival of a more competent detective.

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