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The best spinners for walleye in the winter


Sudak is one of the largest predators living in the spacious waters. Improper tactic approach to catching bad bait to catch a water dweller is difficult. As bait for him in the winter are perfect baubles in size from five to ten inches. Each of the lures has its own features, the best of them show high scores catch. From the variety presented on the market of artificial bait, the fisherman is sometimes very difficult to choose a worthy. Therefore, in our rating we included the best spinners for walleye in the winter for reviews of experienced anglers.

10. Zanderis the Price of 250 rubles

"Zander" opens a rating of the best lures for walleye fishing what is colourful and says her name. Imitating bait is also well suited for the hunting of a predator such as trout. The "body" of the bait consists of alloys of brass and Nickel silver. This is quite a hefty spoon with a mass of 7 grams with a length of 6.5 cm Lure is well suited for hunting in deep water and strong current. A distinctive feature of this bait from its analogues is the presence of a holographic coating on the top face. When fishing on the "Zander" it is recommended to follow the optimal dynamics of movements. Bait present different color holograms, which are an important role in selection under specific conditions. The value of this spinner is on average 250 rubles.

9. HopeeeePrice 500 600 rubles

"Hopeeee" or "Silver wing" is one of the best Finnish lures for winter fishing for walleye. The lure provides a great catch with the right approach the fisherman to the technique of fishing. The body of the spinner is shaped like an elongated triangle, which promotes active play simulator. It is worth considering that during the dive the bait deviates from vertical sufficiently much, so fish hunter is to choose the best game for the return of spinners to their original position. Weight "Hopeeee" is 23 grams and length of 10 centimeters, which makes it relevant to its use at great depths with a strong current. Experienced fishermen appreciate this imitator of small fish. The cost of the lure varies in the range of 500-600 rubles.

8. WilliamsPrice 400 500 rubles

"Williams" on the list of best spinners for walleye in the winter. This is one of the most qualitative, reliable and durable types of baits in large aquatic predator. The proper technique of conduct of the fisherman "Williams" provides a great catch. The spoon shows good results in shallow water and depths up to ten meters. Williams also suitable for pike, salmon and trout. Responds well to the bait even a passive predator. The cost of the lure is in the range of 400-500 rubles.

7. FlatPrice of 120 rubles

"Flat" is one of the best baits to hunt for pike in the winter. Also suitable for perch fishing. The bait is equipped with both single and triple hooks. Single hooks are used in shallow water with dense vegetation to avoid the leads, but expect to catch a large predator with a single hook, and therefore, it is recommended to purchase a spinner with treble hook, ideal for big depths and a good catch. The cost of Flat starts from 120 rubles.

6. AlaskaPrice of 600 rubles

"Alaska" is one of the best lures for perch in winter, which is also ideal for hunting perch. The spinner behaves as in a strong current, and in stagnant water. During free fall the lure begins to rotate around its axis, simultaneously spinning the line. Then the line begins to spin, forcing to rotate the bait again. The manufacturer recommends to avoid vertluzhnoj and to attach the lure to the fishing line. The "body" of the simulator is made of brass, which can be equipped with triple or single hook. The cost of "Alaska" is within 600 rubles.

5. Uchinskayathe Price of 500 rubles

Uchinskoe considered one of the best spinners from the Russian manufacturer. It is designed for hunting walleye at great depths and reservoirs with a strong current. Tee bait has a red sleeve that works flawlessly when fishing aquatic predator. The "body" of the spinner is composed of alloys such as Nickel silver and brass. Its length is 4.5 cm, and weighs 6 grams. Uchinskoe refers to the classic Russian rifle with an active game. The price of the bait is an average of 500 rubles.

4. The boatPrice of 150 rubles

"Boat" is included in the list of the best lures for perch in winter, having not only the affordable price but also high performance. The lure has an oval shape in the shape of a boat, for which he received its name. It is equipped with only a single hook that provides the minimum number of hooks on a fishing trip, but at the same time, large prey is difficult to catch, as she will easily be able to break free. Will approach the boat and for fishing for small pike. Boat effective as at great depths and the shallows. The body of the bait made of alloy brass and Nickel silver. With a length of 9 cm, the spoon has a mass of 7 grams. The cost of the "Boats" on average 150 rubles.

3. Coloradothe Price of 300 400 rubles

Colorado is one of the best simulators in the form of a lobe on the perch during the winter fishing. The lure of the American company Thomas can also be used for hunting trout and salmon. This lure is a serious competitor of the best domestic analogues. Baits are lightweight and able to create powerful poklav when used correctly. The cost of the lures of the Colorado is 300 to 400 rubles.

2. The nurse SudakovoPrice of 500 rubles

"Nurse Sudakovo" largely similar to the spinner located at the first position of the ranking. Lure wave form has a length of 8 cm and a weight of only 12 grams. During lowering it crashes with a small deviation from the vertical axis, what is very similar to a live fish. "Nurse" is made of such metals as brass and neusilber. "Nurse Sudkovskaya" well suited for winter fishing on lakes and reservoirs. The cost of spinners is in the range of 500 rubles.

1. Vlasovthe Price of 700 rubles

"Vlasov" tops the ranking of the best lures for walleye. The bait of the domestic production of shaped skis, is equipped with a longitudinal bend and a transverse rounding. It is suitable for catching not only pike but perch. Recommended for catching depth should be twelve meters. Gently lowering the bait ensures that the diagonal motion with small oscillations, imitating small fish. In the manufacture of lures are used such alloys as brass and Nickel silver. The body length of the lure at 0.76 cm and a maximum width of the spoon is 11 cm, Weight "Vlasov" is only 17 grams. The cost of artificial bait is about 700 rubles.

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