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The best adaptation of literary works


Attention lovers of good cinema presents the best adaptation of literary works. The list includes the best paintings of both Russian and foreign cinema.

10. Doctor Zhivago2002

"Doctor Zhivago" (2002) opens the ten best film adaptations based on literary works. The film was shot on the novel by Boris Pasternak, for which the writer was awarded the Nobel prize, but was forced to abandon it due to the troubled political time. Not just the book but the movie was very good show the life and the fate of the Russian intelligentsia during the revolution of 1917. The main character Yuri Zhivago is torn between his feelings for two women, who he became very close. The storyline takes place on the background of the tragic events that took place at that time in Russia.

9. The master and Margarita2005

"The master and Margarita" (2005) — the best adaptation of the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. As in the art itself, in art picture there are two storylines: one of them is connected with the life of the Master and his lover, the other with the other world. During further unfolding of the events of the two storylines intertwine and the audience is difficult to tell where the truth and a lie. The film could not be better reflects the essence of one of the most outstanding literary works of Russian classics.

8. The dawns here are quiet1972

"The dawns here are quiet" (1972) — one of the best Soviet films, which was filmed on the eponymous book by Boris Vasilyev. The events in the film unfold during the great Patriotic war. The plot revolves around Sergeant Fedot Vaskov, who is available to send a detachment of soldiers girls. Being in the front line, they will have to enter into an unequal battle with the enemy, which will inevitably lead to tragedy...

7. Perfume2006

The novel "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind was filmed in 2006 and has gained huge popularity. To date, "Perfume" is one of the most successful adaptations lettered works. The main character Jean-Baptiste Grenouille — a man, a society which people had avoided since his birth. He was not ugly himself, but alienate all alive only because it did not have its own body odor. The young man set a goal that will create a fragrance that will make all people on the planet to love him. But in order to realize his plan, he will have to kill young, beautiful girls to create a unique perfume...

6. The book thief2013

War drama "the book Thief" Markus Suzaka, filmed in 2013, is included in the list of the best films made on literary works. Art motion picture tells about the world of cruelty, where still there is mercy, kindness and love...infinite love for books. The main character named liesel is in foster care, as Death had taken from her loved ones. Through many trials she helps the books become her only outlet.

5. The silence of the lambs1991

The novel of Thomas Harris ' "silence of the lambs" (1991) was able to gain huge popularity not only among readers, but also viewers. The artwork is rightfully included in the list of best adaptations. This is one of the few paintings that was once honored with five awards "Oscar". The plot revolves around a former doctor of the psychiatric hospital Dr. Lector is one of the most genius and perverted maniacs, who is now in jail. To him for help turns the FBI agent with the aim to help in investigating a series of murders committed by the same maniac. An inexperienced employee becomes a Lecturer psychological sacrifice that he makes to tell the details of her life, to feed his sick imagination. That will result in the game between the psycho and the FBI's hard to predict until the last minute — the film keeps in suspense until the end.

4. The reader2008

"The reader" (2008) includes a list of the best literary adaptations. The film is based on the eponymous novel by Bernhard Schlink, and was five times nominated for the award "Oscar", of which he was able to win only one. The story line of art history, involves two heroes: Michael and his friend Hannah — a woman who is his senior by two decades. Their acquaintance took place when Michael was still a fifteen-year-old boys. Between an adult woman and a teenager there short-lived affair. Michael's ditching class to be with his girlfriend. At her request, he reads books aloud. The young man does not know that Hanna can't read and that it will play with the main character in subsequent fatal joke. Hanna suddenly disappears, and many years later he will see with his adult girlfriend in the courtroom. Michael is a successful student of the law Institute, she is the defendant. Grown-up young man should learn the life of his mysterious friend, but he will not be able to fully understand her inner world...

3. The great Gatsby2013

"The great Gatsby" (2013) opens the three best literary adaptations of all time. The film is based on the novel by Scott Fitzgerald. The motion picture was awarded two awards "Oscar". The narration of the story is on behalf of nick, who came to another city for the realization of the "American dream". He settles near the Villa of the rich man Gatsby, with whom he will have to take a closer look. He learns the life story of this great man, he opened the veil of mystery the world of the rich, where human feelings do not represent values. But despite this, Gatsby could be a man with a capital letter to the end. He was no stranger to love, loyalty and kindness. But the world is not false for such a person: his presence among the rich freaks was as ridiculous as the subsequent death of...

2. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson,1979-1986 year

"The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" (1979-1986) included in the list of the best film adaptations of literary works not only in Russia but also abroad. The cycle included five films, the shooting of which took more than six years. Each part includes eleven series. The main characters are waiting for exciting and sometimes dangerous investigations. But out of every situation Holmes and Watson come out winners and, of course, reveal even the most complicated case.

1. War and peace1967

"War and peace" (1967) — the best Soviet literary adaptation belonging to Sergey Bondarchuk. Thanks to her, the Director has won the award "Golden globe" and "Oscar". On removal of the epic from Bondarchuk took about six years. In the center of events beloved and recognizable characters by fans of ambitious novel by Leo Tolstoy. The painting presents the life of the Russian nobility in the 8-year gap between the two ensuing wars.

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