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A rating of the best e cigarettes 2016


Electronic cigarettes with every day is gaining more and more popularity and gradually replacing cigarettes organic origin. This method of Smoking, or to be more precise, steaming, is considered safer for health. The market has a huge selection of devices of this type, it is very easy to get lost and difficult to determine which of the models better and deserve due attention.

The attention of paritala are the best e cigarettes 2016 —a rating of 10 models.

10. Kanger Cubica ONE

Kanger Cubica ONE opens the top ten best electronic cigarettes in 2016. To date, this electronic device is the best for beginners, the process of "floating". The main advantage of this kit is that with timely replacement of heating elements, you can avoid leaks. Tightening is done without excessive effort. A significant advantage is that unnecessary to constantly wipe the cavity of the cigarettes from condensation.

9. Kit SX4

Kit SX4 is in the top ten electronic cigarettes 2016. The main characteristic of this brand is the small size and austere design. Used in device technology allows EnerGo 15-30 % increase in the number of puffs from it. In addition, the SX4 is a new clearomizer, allowing the control of presence of liquid and change of the evaporator. Together, these features optimize and significantly reduce costs for acquisition of liquids and clearomizers, make this model the most economical in its range.

8. Aspire Elite Kit

Aspire Elite Kit is one of the most popular electronic cigarettes in 2016. The device body is fully steel, with bulb from impact resistant borosilicate (Pyrex) glass. The case itself is collapsible, in consequence of which the maintenance and cleaning of the clearomizer is very easy and convenient. Unique mouthpiece device is removable, but it can not be replaced by another because there are holes for additional air intake. Turning the mouthpiece, the user can make the tightening easier or tight. Our database Atlantis Mega is a turning ring, which is also responsible for adjusting the amount fed to the evaporator. Double adjustment allows you to get almost any desired thrust force, which further increases the fun of bathing.

7. Joyetech eCom One

Joyetech eCom One top electronic cigarette of 2016. The main advantage of the eCom to the Viper — an opportunity not to limit yourself to puff: you can soar long and slow, hard and fast double or triple puffs, and not to feel on his lips a bitter viscous composition. Regardless of the manner of Smoking the taste of the liquid reveals very well and is a possibility of leaks.

6. Kanger EVOD 2

Kanger EVOD 2 is one of the best electronic cigarettes 2016. The Cabinet is made of quality stainless steel. Quality of processing of metal at the height of the Assembly, sturdy, no backlash. The body of such a plan was not afraid of minor injuries and cleaning products. It's also a large selection of colors. Capacity of clearomizer is 2.8 ounces, and it allows you to rapidly soar all day. The combined structure (plastic and stainless steel casing) with a convenient embedded box allows you to easily monitor changes in the level of the steam liquid. Maintenance and replacement of components in the model is extremely simplified, so it is easy to master even for beginners.

5. Joyetech Ego One Mega

Joyetech Ego One Mega is a unique today, the representative of the fashion miniature cylindrical form with temperature control. The main feature of the eGo One VT in the approach to temperature control in the format of "minimum settings and maximum automation." The manufacturer was able to put in a small "tube" a lot of the functionality that e-cigarettes are of such dimensions and shape — a great achievement. The manufacturer has officially confirmed the existence of a function PassThru, so while charging you can soar. Due to the location of port e-cigarette can be connected to the network and to put on the table. Next to the USB connector with a LED indicator alerting you the status of charging: lit red during it and goes off when the battery is "full".

4. Topbox starter kit mini

Topbox starter kit mini occupies the fourth position in the list of the best electronic cigarettes 2016. Topbox mini has a maximum output of 75w. The presence of temperature control is very important, especially if you live in 60w and above. Its presence also reduces the flow of liquid and prevents burnt taste. The volume Topbox Mini Starter Kit is 4 ml and that's very important – it has a top dressing. It is very convenient, because there is no need to Unscrew the tank for refills. Topbox Mini Starter Kit comes with 3 different evaporators (0.15, 0.5 and 1.5 Ohms) and supports the winding on Nickel, titanium, Cantal.

3. Evic mini vtс

Evic mini vtс opens the top three best electronic cigarettes in 2016. Have the Evic VTC Mini very large and informative display. Initially specified current capacity. Then you see the current voltage, the resistance of the installed spiral, the total time of puffs, number of puffs, amperage and condition of the installed batteries. Bossmod has several modes of work with spirals: mode variata, mahmod, temperature control (Nickel, titanium and stainless steel) and the mode of inexperienced users (in versions 3.01 and higher). Additional information in the form of testimony by the total time of puffs, number of puffs and the value of the amperage shown on the last line. These indicators are saved and are not reset during battery changes.

2. Joyetech eGo AIO

Joyetech eGo AIO is one of the best electronic cigarettes today. The AIO features protection of children. The model looks very stylish. The whole casing is made of stainless steel, in the center of the clearomizer are "Windows" of Pyrex glass to monitor fluid level. Wish vaper can choose one of 7 colors, which will be highlighted inside of the clearomizer when you click Fire. Lighting not only adds style electronic cigarette, but also makes it easier to see the fluid level in the reservoir. Adjustable vaivatta at eGo AIO no, as there is no voltage stabilizer. While reducing battery power the intensity of vaporization will vary accordingly.

1. Eleaf I Just II

Eleaf I Just II tops the ranking of the best e-cigarettes 2016. In Eleaf tried to give the new "leader" as a large number of features to please even the most discerning e-smoker. The main advantage of a manufacturer considers a battery capacity of 2600 mAh. Such a large amount Eleaf chosen not by chance: when using zabaneh evaporators (which is designed iJust 2) require a capacious battery. The amount of 2600 mAh allows the cigarette to work with active soaring for hours and not be discharged after the "first puff". An interesting feature of the e-cigarette is a new approach to the function of vaivatta. The mod does not directly regulate the voltage, however, the larger the battery, the more it gives the output voltage.

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