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Top 10 best movies 2015 2016


The past year for foreign cinema was very fruitful and marked by multiple awards. Screens out some of the most successful films in recent times.

Presented to the readers the best movies in 2015 2016 – list of movies TOP 10 are described below. They all got the highest marks from critics, the audience, and many of them won prestigious awards.

10. In active search of2016

Comedy In active search (2016) opens the ten best pictures of 2015-2016. The main character Alice gets tired of life with her boyfriend and went abroad to a sister named Meg. She starts a whole new life: gets a new job, starts Dating, writing a new book about the life of single girls. Alice appears friend Robin, who is a true playgirl and leads a nocturnal life. She tries to leave and Alice, who prefers a serious relationship promiscuous at parties. But despite their preferences, the heroine is at the center of the vicissitudes of love.

9. Amy2015

In the list of the best films came in documentary biography Amy (2015), who became the owner of Oscar. This is a film about the legendary singer Amy Winehouse. They collected unique materials that were transferred to her relatives and close friends. In the picture there are previously unknown tracks as well as footage from the films, where the young star is surrounded by friends takes their first musical creations.

8. The Martian2015

Adventure movie fantasy the Martian (2015) entered the top ten over the past year. She was the winner in two nominations Golden globe – Best film and Best actor. A team of astronauts flew to Mars forced to urgently leave the planet because of a terrible sand storm. One of the employees of the operation Martian mark Watney damages the suit. Others have considered Watney and leave him dead on the planet. But after some time mark wakes up and discovers that he is alone, as communication with Earth is lost. He has small reserves of food and water. He will have the impossible – to hold on to available stocks for several years until the next Mars mission will not visit the planet.

7. The focusin 2015

Biographical drama In the spotlight (2015) based on real events. The film was awarded two Oscars, Best film and Best screenplay. In the center of events scandalous sensation, which was opened by the Boston journalists. In the investigations, reporters have been cases of pedophilia, which involved representatives of the Church. The city government is trying to hush up the case, but journalists are not going to stop. And the deeper they dig, the more incredible details revealed.

6. Room2015

The joint artistic work of the UK and the USA Room (2015) was included in the list of the best movies of 2015. The film participated in numerous nominations and got three Oscars, Golden globe award, and the award of the British Academy. Brie Larson, who played a major role in the film, became a laureate in three nominations. Her name is joy. Teenage girl kidnapped. Since she lives in a tiny room with his son Jack, whom never left their homes.

5. Voice of the streets2015

Biographical drama of the voice of the streets (2015) will talk about the history of one of the legendary American musical groups. Five friends, people from the slums were able to gain tremendous popularity, thanks to its lively, blatant hypocrisy creativity. Their songs are the voice of the streets. They managed to make a real breakthrough in music in the late 80s. the five musicians became known to the world as a group N.W.A. They managed to do the impossible, but the most difficult thing was not to get up on top and stay on it. Despite the fact that the painting failed to get an Oscar, she has received high marks from critics and has been positively received by the audience.

4. Mad Max: fury Road2015

Fiction Thriller Mad Max: fury Road (2015) has won this year the winner of six Oscars. The main character of the hermit of max in the film played by Tom hardy. Max sure is the surest way to survive is to wander alone. But fate disposed of otherwise and the hero joins a rebel group who are moving through the desert. The leader of the gang is voenachalnika Furiosa. They are in no hurry to leave the Citadel, which has enslaved the tyrant, nicknamed man: the immortan Joe. The group has made an unforgivable mistake – took Joe some valuable information. With the rebels already have a pursuit, as a tyrant does not forgive reckless misconduct.

3. Disgusting eight2015

Crime Thriller Disgusting eight (2015), who received an Oscar in 2016, reveals the three best films of last year. One of the missions of bounty hunters during the ensuing Civil war John Ruth nicknamed the Hangman is accompanied by the prisoner. In the way to adjoin a few of the characters with whom he met. Road travelers overtaken by strong snow storm, and they are forced to seek refuge. On the outskirts they found a bench where travelers decide to visit. There they will find a very eccentric company in the face of the Mexican, General, cowboy, and another character who prefers to hide behind a false name.

2. Survivor2015

Adventure Thriller in the genre of Western Survivors (2015), winner of three Oscars and Golden globe awards, was on the second place among the best films of 2015. While hunting for a bear, Hugh glass is severely injured. One of the hunters named John Fitzgerald proposes to leave a comrade to die, and to move on. Glass leave alone with a wild and harsh nature. Not expecting such a betrayal, a man willing to fight to the end for life. All he has now is his force of will and an overwhelming desire to take revenge.

1. Puzzle2015

Puzzle (2015) recognized as best animated film, which was awarded the Oscar. The cartoon Comedy family-safe has also received high praise from the leading movie websites. That's why he tops our ranking. The plot revolves around eleven-year-old schoolgirl Riley. Her inner world is filled with harmony and each of the emotion helps her to cope with difficulties. But when she learns that her parents have to move to another city, Riley feels like he's losing control over his emotions. She will have to overcome a complete mess that begins to happen inside her.

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