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The best foreign films of the 90-ies of the


Picture taken at the end of the last century to the present time are very popular. They almost become classics of cinema and many of them are recognizable by the audience.

The rating included the best films of the 90-ies abroad, a list of which is presented below.

10. American history1998

Crime drama American history (1998) opens the ten best films of the 90s years of the late 20th century. Authoritative bandit Derek Vinyard hates black people and violently taking them out. The younger brother of Derek and Danny's going to follow in his footsteps. But after the brutal murder of two Negroes Derek goes to jail. Instead, freedom continued to do iniquity, Danny. But there comes a time when the older brother was released, and Danny realizes that he renounced his Nazi views.

9. The matrix1999

Fiction Thriller the Matrix (1999) is in ninth place in the ranking of the most successful films of the 90-ies. The quiet life of a hacker named Thomas Anderson ends when he learns the terrible truth. Everything that surrounds it, in fact, is only an illusion. There is a matrix in which people exist as nourishment for artificial intelligence. Thomas Anderson, which is now referred to as Neo, is the chosen one and only hope of mankind for salvation.

8. Knockin ' on heaven1997

Comedy-drama knocking on heaven's door (1997) – one of the most successful German paintings of the 90-ies. The plot revolves around two terminally ill characters who meet in a hospital room. Their existence on earth coming to an end, and they do not feel the taste of life. They have nothing to lose and they decided on the most reckless adventure. Heroes leave their hospital beds, steal an expensive car, a boot of which stuffed with green bills. They become the object of attention at the same time the police and the criminals who owned the car. But they don't care. Their only goal is to get to the sea, where they never were.

7. Life is beautiful1997

The best Italian drama Life is beautiful (1997), based on the autobiographical story of a Jewish writer, was rightfully the winner of three Oscars. Happy life is snuffed out in an instant. Came The Second World War. The Jews were persecuted everywhere. Whole echelons of ignoble nation sent to hell, where they are waiting for hard labor. The wife of a Jew, an Italian by nationality, voluntarily sent for her husband and young son in a concentration camp. The father comes up with a story for my son that they were going to play a serious game. For the winner awaits a very valuable prize – a real tank. Fraudulently the man manages to save the boy's life, which to the last was sure that it was a game. But he doesn't know is that the game of adult human life is not so harmless as among the boys in the yard.

6. Fight club1999

Crime Thriller Fight club (1999) brad pitt in the lead role was located on the sixth place among the top feature films of the 90s. the Life of a young clerk runs dull and gray, he is in search of new thrills. Everything changes when on his way there is a certain Tyler Darden, with its brutal philosophy. He believes that only physical force can solve many problems. Between men there is a strange friendship: they beat each other to the blood and feel the real pleasure. Soon the friends discover an underground club for fights without rules. This place is becoming very popular. But in the end men are waiting for a completely unpredictable discoveries.

5. Leon1994

Dramatic Thriller Leon (1994) is one of the most successful artistic works of Luc Besson, which was filmed in the 90-ies. The main character is a professional killer named Leon. He is ruthless in his business and did not know what a pity. His accidental acquaintance with a neighbor girl Matilda turns fully to the inner world of the hero. He falls in love, but his past makes itself felt, who has his own killer.

4. Schindler's list1993

Schindler's list (1993) – this is a true story about a man who saved during the Second World War more than 1,000 persecuted Jews. The picture was a great success and won seven nominations for an Oscar – best film, Best Director, Best adapted screenplay and other awards. He was a member of the Nazi party, but retains all human. Under the guise of its own position among the Nazis, the hero that rescues the victims from troubles and saves hundreds of lives.

3. Forrest Gump1994

Art drama Forrest Gump (1994) opens the three best foreign films of the 90s. the Main character is an imbecile, but quite harmless and kind Forrest Gump tells the amazing story of his life. In his stories he turns into the legendary footballer, is a brave, valiant soldier and has a thriving business. It surrounds the success, he's in love with the girl's childhood friend, and she reciprocates his feelings. The film received not only positive reviews but also won in six categories at the Academy awards.

2. The green mile1999

Art drama the Green mile (1999), which received the highest rating of viewers and occupying a leading place in the rankings of prestigious movie websites, is one of the best films not only of the late 90's, but for all time of existence of cinema. The plot is a strange black man John Coffey, accused of a brutal murder. He falls into the walls of the prison together with other prisoners waiting for death sentence will enforce. Unusual, enormous black man attracts the attention of the overseer of the prison Paul Edgecomb. That he becomes aware of the incredible healing gift of a prisoner. Between them there is friendship. The Negro knows about the health issues with supervisor and heals him. The floor becomes aware that John is not involved in the murder of which he is accused. He was faced with a dilemma: to help the Negro to escape or obey debt and lead sentence.

1. The Shawshank redemption1994

Crime drama the Shawshank redemption (1994) tops the list of best feature films of 90-ies. The film took part in seven Oscar nominations, but despite the high ratings and received awards. In a moment of success ceases to accompany the banker Andy Dufresne. He is accused of murdering his wife and her lover. He is a prisoner in the walls of the most feared prison Shawshank. This is a real hell, where there is cruelty and lawlessness. No one has been able to leave this place of captivity. But Andy is not going to put up with the circumstances and builds an ingenious plan for escape from hell the devil.

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