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Best films-puzzles


Bring to the attention of lovers "break brain" the best films of the puzzle with a confusing plot and a surprise ending.

10. Revolver2005

"Revolver" (2005) guy Ritchie reveals the list of films puzzles with unpredictable outcome. The protagonist of the crime Thriller Jack was thoroughly involved, agreeing to play the card game. Crime boss Mack, head of the card games in town, loses his best player. Brewing "big game", which should bring good money, but the boss is a suitable replacement for the deceased. He finds out about Jack that is without equal in a card game, and invites you to participate in the transaction. In case of refusal of the relatives of Jack danger. Seeing no other way out, the hero sits at a card table. The game is over, but trouble for the player has just begun...

9. 8 mm1999

"8 mm" (1999) is located in ninth place environments best films of puzzles. In the hands of the private detective gets the film with a brutal murder scene. It is necessary to establish the identity of a murder victim, and find out whether there was actually a murder. In the frame were barely visible scraps of filming a scene of violence. Suddenly, the detective himself becomes part of the brutal scenario, where he was waiting for blood chilling discovery.

8. Obsession2004

American Thriller "Obsession" (2004) ranks eighth in the list of films-puzzles. Businessman Matthew on the eve of an important business trip, finds at the restaurant, where he dined, his beloved, who several years ago mysteriously disappeared under very strange circumstances. Seeing Matthew, the girl runs away, leaving his things at the table. The main character forgets everything: the business, his current fiancee -- His main goal is now to whatever was to find the favorite and find out what really happened that day when she disappeared.

7. Remember2000

"Remember" (2000) — movie puzzle American production, which received high marks from critics around the world. The main character Leonard Shelby loses his wife and gets a rare form of amnesia. His wife murdered, he after the injury can not remember what is happening to him the events of fifteen minutes ago. The sole purpose of life is to find the killer and pay him back for all accounts. But how to do it, if after a few minutes the memory will become a blank sheet? The only chance for success is to do yourself notes on sheets of paper, photos and even the body in the form of tattoos.

6. Silent hill2006

The French detective in the horror genre "silent hill" (2006) took sixth place in the list of movies puzzles. The main character rose is in search of a "cure" for his daughter Sharon, who suffers from a mental disorder. To place a child in a psychiatric hospital the woman refuses and decides to help her on their own. She goes with Sharon to the town of silent hill, the name of which daughter constantly repeats in my sleep. Approaching the abandoned city, rose sees suddenly appeared on the road figure and dramatically slows down. Woman hit, losing consciousness. When the heroine discovers that her daughter has disappeared. From that moment rose and her assistant the female officer have to lift the veil of mystery that keeps the old Ghost town.

5. Derailed2005

The list of the best movies of the puzzles included the dramatic Thriller "derailed" (2005). Regular employee Charles Schein consumed daily routine. Its gray and quiet lives together with his wife Diane, a teacher, and daughter Amy, who suffers from diabetes. Day by day he sits on the same train, going to work. Once Charles had to stay home with her daughter, which was bad. He's late for his flight and lands on the next. It turns out that the man forgot the money at home. To pay for it readily accepts strangers, a charming young woman named Lucinda. The girl offers to Charles to get acquainted, but the main character does not even know what kind of trouble he was, sitting on the wrong train...

4. Twelve monkeys1995

"Twelve monkeys" (1995) — one of the best films of puzzles from Director Terry Gilliam. In the film the unfolding events taking place in 2035. The planet Earth catches up with the deadly virus, which destroys almost all of humanity. Can survive only a handful of people who are forced to eke out their existence under the ground. The main character, convict James Cole is sent back in time to built a time machine to help scientists unravel the emergence of the virus and the mysterious twelve monkeys.

3. Vanished2014

Gone girl (2014) — movie puzzle game with a quite complicated plot and unpredictable ending. Married couple Amy and Nick Dunne are on the verge of celebrating five years of marriage. Wife every year arranged for her husband unusual surprises. And on the eve of the event, Amy suddenly disappears. After work, Nick finds in his wife's house, which is very surprised. Soon he reported about the missing wife to the police. The circumstances are such that it goes against the main character. The police suspect nick of murdering his wife, and now he can in any way find evidence of his innocence. But the more he tries to justify and find evidence that speak in his favor, the more "Roit own grave". Clever wife did not forget to prepare a "gift" to her husband for the anniversary and left the letter, which clearly referred to his involvement in the disappearance.

2. Deja vu2006

On the second place among the films of puzzles located fiction Thriller "déjà vu" (2006) Tom Scott. With the effect of deja vu every once in a while, but faced. It seems that the events in reality was previously. The same happened with the main hero of the picture-the FBI agent Doug Carlin. On the ferry there is an explosion, which killed several hundred people. The investigation takes Karlin, who must figure out what explosive was used by the terrorists. The investigation opened to him the strange circumstances. He does travel to the past and meets a girl who must kill during the terrorist attack and falls in love with her.

1. Lucky number Slevin2005

"Lucky number Slevin" (2005) — best picture puzzle game. Life Slevin Kelevra does not add up in his hometown, and he accepts the invitation of a friend named Nick to come to new York in his empty apartment. The young man readily agrees, hoping to start a new life in the city. But a string of zlopoluchnyj caught up with Slevin and in a strange city: it kidnap for nick, who owes a large sum of money to the local mafia. Now "the prisoner" should make the murder of a man displeasing a crime boss. Further events in the film are completely unpredictable and confusing, and hold the viewer until the very end in tension.

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