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The best movies with the sisters Olsen


Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen got into the world of cinema since I was in diapers – they first appeared on screen at age nine months. After eight years starring in the TV series "Full house" they are actively engaged in its promotion and in 1993 established a company Dualstar, becoming the youngest Hollywood producers. At that time it was 5 years old.

The sisters starred in over 20 films and serials. The last time they appeared together on screen in 2004. This year was a turning point in the career of the sisters. The last film flopped at the box office, suggestions are not followed, and Ashley and Mary-Kate come to grips with the creation and promotion of her clothing line. In the world of fashion twins has achieved outstanding results: they successfully cooperate with major retailers that sell their clothing line, became members of the Council of fashion designers of the USA and published a book dedicated to the world of fashion. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were repeatedly included into the ratings of the most sexual, successful and famous women.

We offer our readers the best movies of sisters Olsen – the list of the most striking works of the famous twins.

10. Full house

The series "Full house" – the debut movie of sisters Olsen. Successfully passing the casting six months of age, they began to appear in the sitcom in 9 months, playing the role of the youngest daughter of the protagonist of the series.

Danny Tanner after the tragic death of his wife single-handedly bringing up three children. Unable to stand, he turns for help to his friends. The sitcom was very popular and ran for 8 years.

9. To grandmother's house! We're going

"To grandmother's house! We're going" – the second picture in the filmography of the sisters Olsen. It is a detective Comedy about twin sisters Sarah and Julie. Once on the phone after hearing the complaints of his mother to a hard life, they decide to give her a little vacation and go to the grandmother living in another city. Girls have many adventures: they fall into the hands of robbers, meet Santa Claus and win the lottery a million dollars.

8. Two: me and my shadow

The list of the best movies of sisters Olsen continues romance "Two: me and my shadow". Amanda and Alice were twins, but they are so similar to each other that they can easily be confused. Amanda is an orphan and Alice has a father. One day the girls meet and decide to use their likeness for a good cause. They want to upset the marriage of the father of Alice for selfish Clarissa and introduce him to cute and funny foster mom Amanda.

7. Passport to Paris

One of the best movies with the Olsen sisters is a Comedy "Passport to Paris". Probably every viewer has a favorite picture that can be reviewed many times. "Passport to Paris" refers to such films is a light, fun Comedy without a drop of vulgarity and dark humor, looking where you can relax and having fun.

Twins Melanie and Ellie – the typical American teenagers with a fondness for shopping and the glossies. Once parents decide to send them to France to his grandfather. Girl, going on a trip, dreaming of a memorable holiday in Paris. But my grandfather is a very busy man – he's an Ambassador in France and he has absolutely no time for my grandson. He preporucam girls to the care of the Embassy staff and his personal assistant. And would have passed the holiday Melanie and ally in boredom, if not for a chance meeting with two cute French.

6. Father posters

List of movies with sisters Olsen continues the Comedy "Father of the posters". Tess and Emily, the twin sisters decide to arrange a personal life of his father. They use a very original way – is placed on one of the busiest streets of the city, a huge Billboard with his photo. Their father was a prominent man, and cute, and no wonder that the next day he literally flooded with emails from people who want to meet women. But against a happy personal life of the father of the girls is his greedy agent, who fear that it will affect the productivity of his work.

5. Change sides

"Change sides" – another funny Comedy list of best movies with sisters Olsen.

Sisters Emma and Sam are copies of each other only superficially. Emma is interested in fashion, but can not stand the sport. Sam is a sporty girl, but in fashion trends does not understand. The sisters are a little jealous of each other – one is always in competition chosen by the father, and the other likes all the boys in school. The girls ' father, football coach, gaining a mixed team. Emma asks to take the team mom of twins, believing that she needs to think not only about fashion. Sam goes to another team, where she does not like. Sister with her father's permission to change places in teams, and agree not to tell mom about it.

4. Winning London

"Winning London" is a beautiful melodrama with participation of sisters Olsen. A team of students from the USA arrives in London to participate in the international game, which deals with global problems. Among the participants of the American team are sisters Riley and Chloe (played by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen). Due to misunderstandings the students from the United States instead of China should represent Britain. To learn more about the country they go to study in London.

Attractions of England's capital city, stunning views, exciting excursions and romantic line is for the audience in the film "Winning London."

3. Once in Rome

In a list of best movies with sisters Olsen in the lead roles included the Comedy "when in Rome". Six interns, including twins Charlie and Layla, arrive in Rome in a privileged fashion school. They will struggle for the main prize – a place of the assistant to famous fashion designer.

2. Mexican adventure

"Mexican adventure" – another funny Comedy with the Olsen sisters in the lead roles.

Sisters Elizabeth and Shane Dalton after his parents divorced live in different cities and rarely see each other. They are very different – one the convinced vegetarian and the other with pleasure eat a meat of some sort. It so happened, the sisters were in the same team of the reality show "the Challenge." Each of them considers himself the best and sure does not need my sister.

1. Moments Of New York

The last film in the list of the best films with the participation of sisters Olsen – the melodrama "Instants of new York". The plot of the film – one day in the life of the twins of Roxanne and Jane. Sisters are at the center of various events: they are pursued for truancy in school COP accused of stealing beloved dog of a Senator, they find a mysterious chip and get acquainted with the pleasant young men, one of whom is the son of a Senator.

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