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The best films of Nikita Mikhalkov


Nikita Mikhalkov is one of the most famous Soviet and Russian film Directors, who is the winner of the award "Oscar" for the film "Burnt by the sun". In addition, he was awarded three honorary awards such as the "State prize of the Russian Federation" for contribution to the development of cinema. Also Mikhalkov is widely known to viewers as a film actor. Nikita took part in the shooting of more than 50 feature films and has shot 35 films.

The top 10 includes the best films of Nikita Mikhalkov, a list of which is located below.

10. Black eyes

"Black eyes" opens the list of the best films of Nikita Mikhalkov. The film is based on the story by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. The main character of the film is the Italian Marcello marries for love for a wealthy lady. But years pass, the feelings began to fade, and the main character started to get bored. He leaves the resort, where an affair with a Russian young woman. Marcello falls in love with a boy and decides in whatever was to win the hand and heart of this lady. The man drops everything and follows his beloved in Russia.

9. Among strangers, a stranger among his

"Home among strangers, a stranger among us" is the debut feature film by Nikita Mikhalkov, filmed on the novel "Red gold", which was written by Mikhalkov in cooperation with Eduard Volodarsky. In the picture describes the events of 20-ies of the last century, set in a small Russian town. Former white officers Rob the train gold. Former Reds come with the criminals to fight. Happens so that in betraying red men suspect one of their comrades. That can only run to find and return the gold, and thus prove their innocence to the robbery.

8. 12

"12" — the film is loosely based on the play by Reginald rose. The artistic action takes place in a courtroom where the twelve jurors listening to the case about the murder of eighteen-year-old boyfriend of his stepfather, who served in Chechnya. All the evidence points to the involvement of the defendant to the crime, and 11 jurors are sure of the guilt of the guy, intending to issue its final verdict. But one of them do not agree with it and offering others more details to the jury to consider the case. In 2007, the film participated in the nomination for "Oscar" as "Best foreign language film.

7. Slave of love

"Slave of love" — romance Nikita Mikhalkov about the main heroine Elena Voznesenskaya, which was the prototype of the actress Vera Kholodnaya. There is a civil war. Moscow is already occupied by the Bolsheviks, and in the more peaceful Crimea, the shooting of the movie "Slave of love". During the filming of Elena falls in love with the operator Potocki, who is a revolutionary in the underground. The ascension itself is far from politics, but a closer acquaintance with Potocki and learning about his activities, she begins to admire the "thing that can kill, or even put in jail!". At the end of the film beloved Elena killed.

6. Unfinished piece for mechanical piano

"Unfinished piece for mechanical piano" — a drama by Nikita Mikhalkov, loosely based on the works of Anton Chekhov. In the estate of the widow Anna Petrovna policeboy the guests are couple Aleksandra and Mikhail Platonov. Stepson of Anna Petrovna introduced guests to his wife Sophia, where Michael recognizes his former love. At the end of the night, Platonov speaks of his feelings for Sophia. She reciprocates his feelings and wants to start with him a new life. Sam Michael is not ready to such turn of events. Entangled in his feelings, he decides to fake a suicide attempt. The main character is dropped from a low cliff into a river, where water on the knee. Wife runs to her husband with tears in his eyes and says he loves it

5. Relatives

"Relative" — a film by Nikita Mikhalkov, based on script Merezhko, who wrote it especially for N. In. Mordyukova. The main heroine of the film Maria Konovalova, a simple rural woman. She comes into town to visit his daughter and granddaughter to help to establish family life. Acting with good intention, Mariya vehement protest from the relatives, who needed no such help.

4. Without witnesses

"Without witnesses" — Nikita Mikhalkov's film, loosely based on the play of Sophia Prokofiev "a Conversation without witness". For nine years they divorced. She is raising their teenage son. One day he decides to visit their loved ones. Ex-husband finds out that she was going to marry his old friend Shlyakhova. Once upon a time the main character wrote on Shlyakhova anonymous letter of complaint. He can't allow ex-wife married to his friend. The hero makes to withdraw her from the marriage, threatening that told her son that she was not a mother. A woman decides to give up his own happiness for the sake of her foster child.

3. The Barber of Siberia

"The Barber of Siberia" opens the top three films of Nikita Mikhalkov. In the movie describes the events of 1885, the reign of Alexander III. Douglas McCracken, the inventor of the steam sawmill "the Barber of Siberia" comes to Russia together with the adventurous Jane Calahan, which should help promote the project for the sale of the unique machine through its connections with Russian officials, in particular with the General Radiovym. In Russia, Jane meets cadet Andrey Tolstov. Among young people there are feelings. Meanwhile, Radlov was going to propose to Jane. In a fit of jealousy Tolstoy beat the General, and a young man exiled to Siberia. After 20 years in the film shows the summer military training camp where dwells the son of Andrew and Jane.

2. Burnt by the sun

Historical drama "Burnt by the sun" by Nikita Mikhalkov, for which the Director was awarded the prize "Oscar", was voted "Best foreign language film". The events of the film begin to occur in one of the hot Sunny days of 1936. Kotov, friendly with Stalin in the country rests with his huge family. All very happy and having fun, and nobody wants to believe that this joy will soon come to an end.

1. Five nights

Drama "Five nights" tops the list of the best works of Nikita Mikhalkov. Artistic, the picture was filmed on the eponymous play by Alexander Volodin. The main character, Alexander Ilyin arrives in Moscow on a business trip. There he meets his old friend Tamara Vasilievna, who was in love. It has been a long 18 years since then, as they had not seen. The conversations between each other, each trying to prove to the other that all in his life well. No longer a young man and woman are afraid to admit mutual feelings came back to him with the same force.

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