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The best movies according to the rating of the audience


The top 10 includes the best movies on the rating of spectators. These films garnered the most votes and sympathies of not only the audience but also critics. Many of the paintings have won prestigious awards, are an adaptation of artistic works or based on real events.

10. Knockin ' on heaven1997

"Knockin' on heaven" (1997) opens the ranking of the best films by results of voting of spectators. In the same ward as fate brings two terminally ill men who have a large list of unfulfilled desires. Talking about about this, they decided on a desperate act and sent to meet their dreams. Characters escape from the hospital and stealing the car, which detect the whole monetary status. In captivity they become robbers, and they begin to chase the criminals and the police. But men has nothing to stop it, because they don't have much time to realize their dreams in life.

9. Life is beautiful1997

Italian tragicomedy Life is beautiful (1997) — winner of three awards "Oscar". One of the best ten movies according to viewers. In the picture describes the events of 1939, when the main character is a cheerful Guido is a Jew encounters on his way school teacher Dora and falls in love with her. Soon they marry and have a child. The young couple opened their small shop. They were happily married, they have everything for a carefree existence. But there comes a war, and concentration camp begin to banish all the Jews. Life presents loving family one of the most serious and terrible in life testing. But no matter what life is beautiful...

8. Fight club1999

On the eighth place among the best films in the opinion of the audience is crime Thriller "Fight club" (1999). Fate pushes together two completely different men — charismatic Tyler Durden and unfortunate, bored clerk. Tyler sure that cultivation only do weak and strong personality self-sabotaging. Together they founded a secret Fight club where any man can take heart and engage in a scuffle.

7. Leon1994

French Thriller Leon (1994) took seventh place in the ranking of the best films according to the audience. Leon is a professional killer who does not know what compassion and love. But everything changes when his life suddenly there is a neighbor girl, Matilda, which deprived the killer of people dear to her — her parents. She comes to Leon and asks him to teach everything he knows to avenge the death of relatives. Mercenary susceptible to the entreaties of the girl and leaves her to live at. For the first time, Leon is starting to feel familiar feelings. But his hands are stained with blood that does not give him the right to be in this life happy...

6. The beginning ofthe year 2010

Fiction Thriller "Inception" (2010) is located in the sixth spot in the list of best movies by results of voting of the viewers. In 2011 the film was awarded four awards "Oscar" and many other prestigious awards. The main character Cobb is brilliant and very unusual thief: he steals from the human unconscious secrets. But his incredible ability to not bring him happiness and deprived of everything most expensive. Fate presents Cobb with a second chance that he was able to fix it. He must do the impossible and instead steal the idea to do the reverse: to inject her...

5. 1 12011

On the fifth place by results of voting were art pattern "1 1" (2011), based on real events. Millionaire Philip after the accident, remains a cripple, forever confined to a wheelchair. He decides to hire his assistant a man who could serve him. The will of fate in the house of a wealthy aristocrat gets black Driss, who did not want to work. He is only interested in a manual labor and all he needs from the rich man's get an exemption. But Philip has a different opinion. He hires a Negro to his assistants. Initially two totally different men can not find understanding and always quarrel. They do not see between them begins to emerge a real friendship that will radically change their lives for the better.

4. Schindler's list1993

"Schindler's list" (1993) occupies the fourth position in the ranking of the best movies in the opinion of moviegoers. The film is based on real events and filmed on the novel by Thomas Cinelli "Schindler's Ark". This is the story of German businessman Oskar Schindler, who during world war II rescues thousands of Jews. The film was a tremendous success and has earned seven awards "Oscar" and three awards "Golden globe".

3. Forrest Gump1994

"Forrest Gump" (1994) opens the three best films according to viewers. The film is the winner of six awards "Oscar". The film is on behalf of the main character, idiot and harmless man Forrest Gump. It tells the fictional story of her amazing life. In your imagination, Forrest becomes a successful businessman, a banker or even a war hero. In all its a great success. He's in love with the girl that was friends in childhood, but the very late responds...

2. The green mile1999

"The green mile" (1999) took second place in the ranking of the best films made on the basis of the votes of the viewers. The film is an adaptation of the same name by Stephen king. This is the story of Paul Edgecomb who tells a friend in a nursing home about his work in prison death row "Cold mountain". The man worked as an officer there and brought a death sentence. But once in the walls of the prison gets a very unusual, huge black man named John Coffey, who is accused of the brutal murder of two girls. Will of destiny the Floor is necessary to get acquainted closer with this strange black man. The prisoner turns out to be an incredible gift: he is a prophet and frees people from diseases. John warden heals from disease, poison them for a few years life. Paul learns the life story of this giant, like an adult child. He opens the secret about what Kofi did not commit that horrible crime. Risking his reputation, Paul wants to help the Negro to escape, but he does not want to return to a world full of cruelty and violence...

1. The Shawshank redemption1994

"The Shawshank redemption" (1994) tops the ranking of the best films according to the audience. The film's protagonist, Andy Dufresne, has everything one can dream of in this life, suddenly loses everything and finds himself in the dock. He is accused of the murder of his wife and her lover. Andy falls into one of the harshest prisons where nobody has been able to escape alive. But the protagonist is not accustomed to yield to difficulties, and decides to escape from the cruel, gloomy walls at any cost. He builds incredible and brilliant escape plan. The film was shot on the eponymous book by Stephen king and seven times nominated for "Oscar".

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