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Best movies by Stephen king


Writer Stephen king press dubbed the "king of horror" after his first novels have become bestsellers. Meanwhile, the author looks frightening readers of novels are usually absolutely simple understated clothing and plain appearance. But in my head this man is born absolutely fantastic stories, frightening in its realism. All the worlds of the king, with the exception of the series "the Dark tower" – is our reality in which the characters of the novels of the writer faced with inexplicable, supernatural events and horrific creatures of evil. Movies by Stephen king (best adaptations) – it's not always a horror in its purest form. For paintings on his works are characterized by drama and at the same time faith in the best. We have prepared a selection of the most interesting and successful adaptations of books, great and terrible king.

10. Carrie

Mystical horror "Carrie" was the first film adaptation of the works of Stephen king. The main character Carrie white lives with her mother, a religious fanatic. She has a daughter in severity and treats her very harshly. 16 years Carrie is a constant object of ridicule classmates. At home, she finds neither understanding nor solace from an oppressive mother. Carrie was waiting for the fate of thousands of the same slaughtered Schoolgirls, if not telekinetic, she manifested even in childhood. When Carrie is brutally and cynically laughed at the school dance, she decides that it's time to avenge the years of humiliation.
"Carrie" is the first novel of the writer, which was published and brought him fame and financial solvency.

9. Lights

To the best paintings by Stephen king is the horror movie the Shining, directed by Stanley Kubrick and received the cult status of the tape. "The shining" is regularly ranked not only among the best horror, but also appears in the rankings of the most important paintings of world cinema.
Jack TORRANCE, is experiencing not the best stage in his life, arranged with the caretaker at the hotel the overlook, located high in the mountains. Here he and his family will have to spend the long winter months. TORRANCE accepts the job, and he expects to come to grips with his book, and in the absence of the guests, no one will disturb him to write. The family of Jack, not everything went smoothly – he was a former alcoholic, once in a fit of anger broke your son's arm. A month after arriving in a hotel TORRANCE becomes irritable and begins to have a growing dislike of his wife and son, believing them to be the cause of all their failures. Little Danny, having strong abilities of clairvoyance, begins to see his frightening visions of ghosts inhabiting the overlook.

8. Running man

The list of the best film adaptations of novels by Stephen king includes fiction Thriller "the Running man". One of the main roles in the film played Arnold Schwarzenegger. It should be noted that the plot of the film differs greatly from the novel king.
2017. A devastating cataclysm leads to the fact that in the United States established a totalitarian regime. To relieve social tension in the society and in order to distract people from pressing problems were created by the bloody spectacles of the show. In one of them, "Running man", forced to participate a police officer Ben Richards, who refused to shoot unarmed demonstrators.

7. Pet cemetery

A list of movies by Stephen king is still one of the most frightening horror – "pet Cemetery". As in "the Running man", the picture is different from the novel, in particular, changed the ending.
Doctor Louis creed moves with his family to a small town. Immediately for their new home is a forest, and the pet cemetery. Peace of the father was broken when the deceased in his hands, the student had appeared as a Ghost and warned the doctor not to go to an ancient pet cemetery. Soon killed the family pet – the cat Church. The neighbor, knowing how dear deceased pet for the family, leads Luis to another cemetery, which is considered to be cursed. The doctor buries a cat in there and the next morning a revived Church, comes to the house. When a little boy creed falls under the wheels of the truck, he is in despair and decides to bury him in the ancient cemetery.
Interesting fact: Stephen king wrote the novel under the impression of death and burial of a cat Relishes. The book seemed to him so terrible that he decided to abandon the publication of the manuscript. Published, the novel was only due to the financial problems of the writer.

6. Misery

In 1990 a list of best movies by Stephen king have joined the Thriller "misery". The main character, writer Paul Sheldon gets in a car accident. It saves a fanatical fan of his novels, Annie Wilkes. She nursed the writer at his home in Colorado. First, Sheldon sincerely grateful for her rescue, but soon Eni shows its true face.

5. Losing weight

The horror film "losing weight" is another successful adaptation of the works of Stephen king. Billy Halleck for preventing driving of the wife knocks on the road of the Gypsy. From punishment to save his powerful friends. The father of the deceased sends a curse on all those involved in the acquittal of the offender. Suffering from overweight Halleck begins to rapidly lose weight. Realizing that he is doomed to a painful death from exhaustion, he tries to intimidate the Gypsy, so he removed his curse.

4. 1408

"1408" – a terrible adaptation of the eponymous story by Stephen king with John Kusaka and Samuel L. Jackson in the lead roles.
Mike Enslin, a once-promising novelist and now a specialist on unusual phenomena in hotels, comes to new York to settle in the notorious room 1408. He learned from the sent anonymous postcards. The Manager is willing to do anything to dissuade Enslin from settlement and confess that the room indeed for many years there is something inexplicable – not one guest did not survive after settling in him. But Enslin did not believe him and enters an ominous room.

3. The green mile

One of the best movies by Stephen king – fantastic drama "the Green mile". The picture was nominated for many awards, including "Oscar".
A former prison guard talks about his work in the unit, which contained sentenced to death criminals. One of them, John Coffey, had supernatural powers to heal.

2. Haze

The horrors of "Haze" are included in the list of the most successful adaptations by Stephen king. The picture was taken in the story "the Mist".
In the film, after a violent storm from the mountains covers the city like a thick fog. The main character with his son and a neighbor comes to the supermarket to buy the necessary materials for the repair of the injured from the disaster at home. By this time the fog envelops the city. Visitors to the store are horrified to hear coming out of the mist, terrible screams. They decide to remain in the building, but soon appearing out of the fog monstrous creature does not leave hope for salvation.

1. The Shawshank redemption

A list of best movies by Stephen king heads the drama "the Shawshank redemption". Since 2008, she is ranked 1st in the list of "top 250 movies according to IMDb". Having 7 nominations for "Oscar", the film has not received any awards from the Academy.
"The Shawshank redemption" is the story of a 20-year stay in one of the harshest prisons in America innocent convict Andy Dufresne. All this time he tried to improve the lives of prisoners and dug a tunnel geological hammer. One night he escapes.

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