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The best films about autism


People suffering from this complex disease as autism have their own special world, inaccessible to the ordinary person. They do it tough in society, but real life examples show what a desperate struggle they can conduct yourself and how can be strong and courageous in defending their rights.
The top 10 includes films about autistic people who are considered the best on the issued results of the IMDb.

10. Ben X

The protagonist of the film "Ben X" is a young autistic trying to adapt to life in society. But all his efforts end in failure — classmates laughing and mocking him regularly. Young man with head goes in the virtual world, addicted to a computer game where he has no equal in skill. Gradually the real and the imaginary world are closely intertwined in the minds of Ben and it is difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

9. Extremely loud Food incredibly close

"Extremely loud Food incredibly close" is a film about eleven-year-old boy Oscar, who has autism in mild form. The disease is called Asperger's syndrome, which can lead a fulfilling existence in society. People suffering from this syndrome are often unable to understand some human emotions. The story begins, Oskar loses his father, who is killed during a terrorist act in new York. A year after the death of the boy stumbles upon a message left by the dead parent. He begins his own investigation, which should lead to the unraveling of the tragedy.

8. Adam

"Adam" — the story of a young man with autism. The protagonist of the film prefers to communicate with people in space exploration. In his heart he still wants to meet a loved one who could understand him without words. And fate had sent Adam a soulmate in the person of a girl named Beth.

7. Nell

"Nell" is a feature drama about a girl with autism. The main character Nell from childhood knew no one, except for the twin sister and mother. They lived in the wilderness, far from civilization. Due to problems with the speech mother, Nell learned to speak the language incomprehensible to the ordinary person. The girl accidentally discovered. To help adapt to unfamiliar world trying doctor who found her. But Nell is of special interest to science, so it wants to use for study in the laboratory. Between the patron and scientists a real conflict erupts.

6. Paradise ocean

"Paradise ocean" is a film about an autistic boy named Dafo. He was 21 years old and his main support in life is a father who tenderly takes care of him. But fate is such that the parent learns of an incurable illness that befell him. Doctors put disappointing forecasts: the man stayed for only two months. Caring for the future of his son, he is in a hurry to accustom him to independent living, as Dafoe will be no one to take care of. But will the hero realize this for such a short time allotted to him?

5. What's eating Gilbert Grape?

"What's eating Gilbert Grape?" — the American drama by Peter hedges. The role of the main character Gilbert Grape played by johnny Depp, the second main face of the movie was Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Arnie, who suffers from autism. After his father's death all the worries about the care of the family go on the shoulders of Gilbert. His guardianship is a sick mother and an imbecile brother, who according to the doctors, going to die soon. The daily routine creates a young man in your maelstrom, and he saw no prospects for the future, as his direct duty is to care for sick relatives. But everything changes overnight when the hero accidentally meets a girl Becky is caught in his town.

4. Temple Grandin

"Temple Grandin" art picture, shot on real events about a female autistic, which proved to the world that this disease is not a death sentence. From childhood, temple led a desperate struggle for a normal existence in society. It was often visited by panic attacks, which did not allow her to live in peace. One day, visiting the farm of my aunt, she discovered there is a special device that helps to calm down animals experiencing anxiety. Being at a young age, temple realized, which is ready to devote his life. She became a leading American scientist, developed the slaughterhouse in which animals are not subjected to unnecessary suffering and torture. Claire Danes, who played temple, won the "Golden globe" for best actress.

3. I'm Sam

Following the movie about the autistic "I am Sam" tells the story of Sam Dawson's mental development which is at the level of seven children. A friend of the protagonist gives birth to his child, whom he leaves in his charge. In spite of the difficult situation, Sam is possible with the help of friends to raise a daughter named Lucy. The girl has no deviations in mental development, it is growing a healthy, productive child. At the age of seven Lucy begins to beat the father's development and it is noticed by others. Sam decides to deprive the most expensive thing he has — his daughter, as the society decides that he will not be able to take care of the girl yourself. To defend the rights in court defender men becomes a lawyer Rita Williams, whose not going smoothly in the family. With the conduct of a difficult case, she will get a few life lessons.

2. My name is Khan

"My name is Khan" — the story of a young man named Rizvan, suffering from Asperger's syndrome. This is one of the best films about autism. The main character leaves his home in India and moved to live with his brother in San Francisco. There he meets the girl of Madrid, which falls. Relatives against a patient's relationship Rizvan and Madrid, but in spite of everything, young people get married and live happily ever after. The tragedy of 11 September 2001 have suffered the death of several thousand people, becomes the main reason why family relationships there is a crack. Muslims are oppressed and hated in a foreign country. Madrid is leaving her husband. Rizwan does not understand what his fault and goes in search of his beloved wife to get her back.

1. Rain man

"Rain man" — a film about autism and not only received high marks from both critics and audiences. In the list of "IMDb" in top 250 best art paintings tape took the 74th place. A year after, in 1989, the film was awarded the "Oscar". The prestigious award was and Dustin Hoffman, who played the role of brother is autistic. Charlie's father dies. He is sure that all the inheritance will go to his hands, as the only next of kin. But it turns out that the son gets a old car of the deceased. The hero learns about the existence of a brother named Raymond, who have autism and was in a hospital. Charlie is not going to accept injustice perpetrated by the father, and going in any way to gain the inheritance. He did not know that I will gain something more than money, deciding on the kidnapping of a sick relative. In the head Charlie is rethinking of human values, and it is the first time realizes that wealth isn't everything.

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