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The best movies about Chernobyl


The incident, the accident on 25 April 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was a tragedy not only for Ukraine but for the whole world. The thousands of lost lives and ruined destinies. Art paintings devoted to this terrible event clearly demonstrate all the dire consequences that entailed someone's mistake. Among the films Chernobyl many stories based on real events. Have a place to be paintings with a mystical bent — no wonder because for Pripyat established the title of Ghost town.
Readers are movies about Chernobyl — a list of the best.

10. Forbidden zone2012

"Forbidden zone" (2012) — fiction Thriller about Chernobyl. The story begins with the fact that young tourists are in the city of Pripyat in search of adventure. They found out about the allowed excursions on the radioactive site and decide to walk through the empty streets along with former soldiers who volunteered to be a tour guide. The characters still don't know what a Ghost town harbors a terrible secret, and they live again under the cover of night.

9. Land of oblivion2011

"Land of oblivion" (2011) — a film about the warped lives, after the disaster occurred at Chernobyl. The main heroine of the film Anna is preparing for the most important celebration in their life — marriage. She has no idea that the most solemn day deprive her of her lover. The wedding day the boy call the service on urgent business. The city and the main character are still unaware that there was a terrible tragedy that would break the fate of many. Many years later, Anna returns to the exclusion zone, where she lost the closest people, and she has her own motives.

8. Aurora2006

Drama Oksana Bayrak's "Aurora" (2006) — art pattern on the tragic consequences of the explosion at Chernobyl. Orphanage girl Aurora from a boarding school on the outskirts of Pripyat gets a big dose of radiation, after the incident of the accident at the nuclear power plant. To save the child, only an expensive operation abroad. The girl guide in the United States, where she accidentally meets her idol celebrity ballet Nick Astakhov. The artist is going through hard times in their personal and professional life. Meeting with Aurora becomes a turning point in the fate of the hero. He wants to help a dying child, dreaming of a ballet career.

7. Saturday2011

"Saturday" (2011) — a film about Chernobyl, which was nominated for the award "Golden bear" at the Berlin film festival. The events of the film unfold in the first days after the incident of the accident at the plant. Valery unwitting witness to a catastrophe. He was a member of the party and by order of higher management needs to keep quiet about the incident. But what if you know that you can suffer your relatives and beloved people? To obey the voice of the heart and to warn relatives of danger of death or disposal of the authorities and to keep a terrible secret?

6. Ranger of the nuclear zone1999

The joint work of Russia and Belarus "Ranger of the nuclear zone" (1999) — artistic picture of the events that unfolded in Chernobyl after the accident. The film's protagonist captain 2nd rank called Badger returns home after many years of service on a nuclear submarine. He decides to take up the protection of radioactive Chernobyl zone, where committed a criminal transaction. There are operating with impunity bandit gang, trading in timber, appliances and other things contaminated by radiation. Badger along with his partner enter into an unequal battle with the local crime.

5. Chernobyl: the final warning1991

"Chernobyl: the final warning" (1991) — a film about Chernobyl, based on the book by Robert Peter Gale and Thomas Hauser. Documentary film about the international cooperation of physicians, assisting Russia in the elimination of consequences of explosion at the plant. The tape includes such historical figures as Mikhail Gorbachev and Armand hammer. The plot of the film went to memories of the actual participants in the tragic events.

4. Tretya Planeta1991

The Soviet film "the Third planet" (1991) Alexander Rogozhkin is one of the best paintings about Chernobyl. The main character of the film Anton is in despair: he doesn't know how to help your daughter suffering from an incurable illness. Treatment abroad has not helped and the girl was discharged without any improvement. The father decides to take the final and hope to take a sick child in the "zone of alienation", where many years ago there was a nuclear disaster. Perhaps only there she can help the survivors that are now considered sverzellati.

3. The year of the dog1994

The list of the best movies about Chernobyl part drama "the year of the dog" (1994). This is the story of a former prisoner and an older woman, which brought together fate and gave the chance to discover the joy of love. Already at the age of 14 Sergey Kozhin know what prison zone. Rewind time, the main character in the picture gets his freedom. At liberty he met with Vera Morozova, deeply unhappy, lonely woman. Between heroes born of mutual sympathy. Sergey is going with legal way and commits a crime. Faith decides to run away with him out of town. The heroes are in the exclusion zone, where in the recent past there was a nuclear accident. A place that was for someone a end, for love is the beginning of a new life. The film has earned high praise from critics and viewers and was awarded at the Berlin international film prize, Peace Film Award. The film's Director, Sergei Aranovich was awarded the prize "Silver bear", thanks to this work.

2. Decay1990

"Disintegration" (1990) is one of the best art paintings, tells about the accident of the Chernobyl NPP. This is a joint work of Soviet and American cinema was awarded the "Golden medal of the President of the Senate" at the Venice film festival. The film's protagonist Alexander Zhuravlev returned to his home in Kiev, unaware of the impending tragedy that will change the fate of many people. The government is trying to carefully hide from the crowd the extent of the disaster occurred. But people will soon understand that the city was overtaken by irreparable disaster.

1. Moths2013

Inseparable (2013) — best film about Chernobyl, based on real events. The actions of the film take place against the background of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in 1986. The main heroine of the picture Alya Shirokova is sent with her sister for the weekend to relatives from Kiev to Pripyat. Suddenly, they witness an emergency disaster. The father of girls, helicopter pilot, participates in an emergency. He sends a note via alle conscript Paul. The heroine was destined to lose her father and to find love on that fateful day.

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