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Top 10 best movies about tsunami


Despite the fact that humanity has made massive progress in the world of new technologies, it is unable to stop the processes occurring in nature. Some changes are natural and gradual, others occur spontaneously and are disastrous in nature. They are called natural disasters. They are very difficult to predict and impossible to stop. Such permanent elements include tsunami. Huge waves relentlessly wash away everything in its path, carrying a huge, terrible loss. The subject in cinema is the subject of many paintings. But we tried to choose the best films about tsunami, a list of which is offered to the reader below.

10. 20122009

2012 (2009) opens ten best films-catastrophes caused terrible floods. December, 2012. Planet horror waiting for the prophesied Apocalypse. The planet begin to shake a strong earthquake, which pushed tons of water from the seas and oceans, causing a deadly tsunami. Near Everest lined up a rescue ARKS. But can they help people to escape the conditions of powerful disasters? The film's protagonist intends at any price to save his family from death.

9. 252: signal of survivor2008

252: signal of the survivors (2008) – a Japanese Thriller about one of the most terrible natural disasters. After a few weeks in Tokyo suddenly falls of incredible force of the tsunami. The coastal part of the city completely submerged. From under the water column receives a signal that there are survivors. A rescue team is sent to the ruined area, and risking their own lives, performs surgery for the evacuation of victims caught in the trap.

8. 2012: Tsunami2009

In eighth place in the list of the best films about tsunami is the Korean drama Thriller 2012: Tsunami (2009). Masik lives in the resort town of Haeundae annually attracts a huge number of people wanting a good rest. He was a fisherman. After the death of his best friend in the sea when there was a powerful tsunami, he vowed not to enter the fishery. Now he has his own small business fish restaurant. Meanwhile one of the scientists sounding the alarm and trying to warn you that in a short time, the water element will rage with the same force and sweep away the coastal town off the face of the earth. However, he refused to believe it, but in vain.

7. Tsunami: to Survive at any cost2010

Japanese drama Tsunami: to Survive at any cost (2010) takes the seventh position among the films about the tsunami. Near one of the coastal Japanese towns establish a drilling station. A risky operation to carry out works in the open sea leads to the most terrible consequences. Coming incredible power of the tsunami which destroys the station. Rescue service responds quickly to rescue the remaining people on the tower. But as a result of the raging elements, the tower is on fire and the chance to save people is getting smaller.

6. The day after tomorrow2004

Action fantasy thrillerrelease (2004) has taken its place among the best films about natural disasters associated with tsunamis. The planet is waiting for global environmental disaster: in one end of the world all living things die from drought, in the other – the water element will carry everything in its path, and then comes global cooling. Trying to warn the government scientist. But the authorities are not going to take any action. In a short time the earth catches up with the Apocalypse. The heavy rains that give way to incredible large hail. Melt waters filled the oceans and wakes up with all the power down on dry land tons of water flows. Raging flood suddenly replaced by a sharp cold. Humanity is on the verge of death, thereby paying the ruined ecosystem, which was the cause caused by disasters.

5. Death of Japan1973

Sci-Fi Thriller Death of Japan (1973) took fifth place in the ranking of the best films about the tsunami. Scientists suggest that in the future Japan threatened by complete immersion under water, due to tectonic shifts of the earth's mountains. One of the scientists says opening with the higher authorities, so they took measures to evacuate the population. But the government is in no hurry to take action. Soon begins the strongest ever recorded earthquake, generating an incredible tsunami which will plunge the land into the deep ocean.

4. The 5th wave2016

Sci-Fi Thriller the 5th wave (2016), filmed on the novel by Ricky Yancey, located on the fourth place among the paintings about a global catastrophe in which there are scenes associated with a tsunami. Uninvited guests from space invade Earth to destroy all life on it. Their main weapon – natural disasters that will catch people by surprise. The first strike in the power system is de-energized and civilization descends into chaos. The next step for the destruction are tsunamis, deadly hurricanes, which claim the lives of many people. But this is only the beginning of the war, mankind has no idea what troubles lie ahead of them.

3. Wave2015

Wave (2015) – opens the three most spectacular disaster movies about the tsunami. Geologists find fault in the rock, which causes a tectonic shift, and irreversible impacts. People trying to time to warn, but the raging 80-foot wave is already rapidly moving towards the village, to erase it from the face of the earth. In the midst of raging natural phenomena is a geologist with his family.

2. Tsunami2006

Art drama Tsunami (2006) – another story about the loss of loved ones, the struggle for life in conditions of natural disasters. Married couple Ian and Susie Carter are in search of sixteen-year-old daughter, who disappeared at the time of the raging tsunami. Another family looking for the missing husband and father. A Thai waiter Thana loses his family, who died during a terrible disaster. People come together to help each other. The inquisitive journalist Nick Fraser wants to find out the reason why the village had not been warned about the impending disaster.

1. The impossible2012

Based on real tragic events of the disaster film the Impossible (2012) tops the list of best films about tsunami in the history of cinema. The film takes place in Thailand. It was there in 2004 went to rest couple Maria and Henry with their children. There awaits them a luxury Villa with access to the sea, where they will celebrate Christmas. Nothing boded trouble to the last minute. Children Mary and Henry were enjoying Paradise. In a moment everything around starts to grow a strange hum. Huge tsunami waves have already broke into the city and begins to demolish everything in its path. The creators of the film is very realistic managed to convey the horror that provoked natural disasters. All members of the family miraculously managed to survive, they were able to do the impossible.

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