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10 best movies about exorcism based on true events


Mystical painting, associated with exorcism, ambiguously perceived by viewers as quite specific. Some of them are based on real events, thereby proving the presence of the paranormal on earth. The most successful of the film expertly convey the horror that's going on with the possessed demon of a person. We present to your attention the list of the ten best movies about exorcism and the exorcism.

10. The rite2011

The main character of the movie is a Seminary student, Michael Kovak. The young man is a skeptic in life and does not believe in God nor in the Devil. Just for curiosity's sake he goes to the Vatican to study exorcism at St. father Lucas. The old servant of God conducted the rites of exorcism from the human body thousands of times. Michael Novak will have to discover on your own in the existence of otherworldly forces, and become a believer, continuing a noble mission.

9. The possession of Michael king2014

This American film tells the story of a Director-documentarian who refuses to believe in the existence of the higher forces of Good and Evil. After the death of his wife, he planned to make a film about spiritualism, to debunk myths about everything supernatural. In the process of working on a painting, snob meets with experts on mystic – okultista, demonology and necromancers. The Director has voluntarily decided to conduct on him various rituals and spells, evoking the dark forces of the underworld. The protagonist still has no idea what irreversible consequences of his experiment.

8. The unborn2009

The girl Casey bell left his mother when she was still a child. Girl all the years cherished in his heart the resentment and hatred of the parent. But over time, Casey begins to understand why her mother left. In a girl's life begin to happen strange, things. Its existence becomes filled with nightmares and she feels the presence next to him supernatural forces. Casey no choice but to seek help from a professional, practicing exorcism. He is the adviser for spiritual matters and an experienced exorcist – Sendak. He becomes the only hope for salvation bell.

7. Exorcist: the Prequel2005

In the course of excavations was discovered a Byzantine Church, a surprisingly perfectly preserved by accident several centuries. During the excavations of the present Holy father lankester Merrin, who had lost faith in God, after the Second World War. A group of archaeologists headed Lancastera penetrate inside the Holy place and find a tomb, which clearly indicates that the once held here satanic rituals and sacrifices. Local residents are trying to convince that detected the discovery that they had made a big mistake by opening the Church, as it let out a demonic force. Soon Merrin will personally make sure of this, when a little boy moves a demon. Lost faith the priest again turns to the Lord, to help the child and to banish evil spirits.

6. Stigmata1999

The main character of the film becomes a woman, Frankie Paige, a carefree and quiet life ends suddenly. Her body impress of Christ's bleeding wounds called stigmata. Frankie becomes the chosen one for the fulfillment of prophecy. She soon becomes the object of attention of the father Kernan. Entrusted with a serious mission to save Paige and witness to the message that will break not only the Church's foundations, but will also radically change the fate of all people living on earth.

5. The exorcist1973

In the life of one of the famous Actresses is starting to happen inexplicable – her young daughter becomes absolutely inadequate. The woman suggests that the consequences of a personal tragedy. Psychiatrists say that the girl is mentally ill, but are unable to make an accurate diagnosis of the disease. Mother remains nothing how to ask for help to the priest, which suggests that the daughter of the actress still possessed by the devil.

4. The conjuring2013

Ed and Lorraine Warren are world-renowned investigators who conduct paranormal investigations. The basis of the film was taken history detectives about a family who turned to them for help. Living on the farm, the young family was the victim of demonic forces, who settled in their home. Not able to do anything on their own, victims of demonic attack seek Blood. Ed and Lorraine did not even know what powerful paranormal force they will encounter on the farm.

3. Deliver us from evil2014

Over new York city hung a terrible threat. The city committed a series of murders that defy simple explanation. In order to understand all of what is happening, one of the officers appealed for help to an experienced exorcist who is able to help the city get rid of demonic shenanigans.

2. Constantine: Lord of darkness2005

The main character of the story – John Constantine, who visited hell and returned. He was born with an incredible gift that is to recognize the angels and demons in human form. Vision not available to ordinary people John brings torment and he tries to commit suicide. But his mission is not yet fulfilled, and under the action of higher forces, he again comes to life. Constantine is now obliged to fight with supporters of the dark forces on earth.

1. The exorcism of Emily rose2005

This story happened in 1976, when a session of exorcism of a young girl, ends with her death. The Holy father, who conducted the rite, was charged with murder. In order to achieve justice, the priest begins to learn the story of the emergence of the demonic forces on earth. He will have to prove the existence of demons, who killed the girl and to convince the justice of his innocence.

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