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The best movies about Indians


Art paintings related to the Indian tribes, created for those who prefer paintings are imbued with the spirit of adventure and adventurism. These films tell the story of true courage, true friendship, honor, loyalty and at the same time, the cruelty and betrayal of the people, wishing to seize the lands of others in order to gain wealth. They show all the heroism of which it is capable of people defending their home ownership.

The TOP 10 includes the best movies about Indians in the history of cinema.

10. Comanche moon2008

Western Comanche Moon (2008) opens the ten best films about Indians. The Texas Rangers want to conquer the tribes of the Comanches with the purpose of settling white people in foreign lands. Strangers will open the hunt on the leader of the Redskins, an experienced thief and a Mexican bandit king. To help the Ranger comes Ranger, known by the nickname little wind. But the people of Comanche is not as easy to break ready to the last to defend their territory.

9. Geronimo: an American legend1993

Art drama Geronimo: an American legend (1993) is located in the list of best films about Indians in ninth place. In the film the unfolding events of 1885, when the armies of American soldiers were sent to Indian lands to suppress opposition to white people. A handful of Redskins headed brave warrior Geronimo, who is not going to give up together with his tribe, and plans to hold the line. Geronimo was taken prisoner, but manages to escape. For the leader of the Redskins opens the hunt, the General, wants to deal with a recalcitrant leader.

8. Chingachgook – the Great Snake1967

Art pattern Chingachgook – the Great Snake (1967) occupies the eighth position among the best movies about Indians. Describes the events of 1740, when go to war between the British and the French for possession of the new land. At the same time are fighting among themselves the tribes of the Hurons and the Delawares. In the hands of the Hurons gets rain leader that has been promised to the brave Chingachgook. He rushes to the aid of his future bride with his friend, nicknamed St. John's Wort. The heroes have to take part in an unequal battle.

7. Dances with wolves1990

Adventure drama Dances with wolves (1990) – one of the most successful films about Indians, awarded seven Oscar statuettes. The main character of the film, Lieutenant John Dunbar wants to be transferred after being wounded at new duty station. The result of the tragic events he finds himself in an abandoned Fort, where is left alone with the harsh laws of nature. Dunbar remains nothing how to adapt to new conditions of existence. After some time he will face with the nomadic Sioux. He decides to join them. There he finds his love. But soon the hero finds out about the approaching army of white soldiers and he has to make a difficult choice: to stay with the nomadic people, or to leave.

6. Osceola – the right hand of vengeance1971

Dramatic Western Osceola – the right hand of vengeance (1971) settled in sixth place among the best movies about Indians. In the center of the action is the Seminole tribe that refused to obey the instruction of the white men and settled in Florida. Extremely dissatisfied with the local planters, as black slaves begin to run off to Seminole. One of the owners of the plantations married to Seminole against strife. But his neighbor is in favour of military action. Despite the fact that the leader of the Seminole tried not to react to the provocation of white, to avoid war had failed.

5. The sons of Great bear- 1965

The sons of Great bear (1965) is among the ten best films of the Western genre, about Indians. In the center of the picture the chief of the tribe Dakota tokey-ito. He doesn't trust white people and would prefer to lead the fight against them. But tribal elders have a different opinion. The worst assumptions tokey-ito come true, and his people want to move to barren land. Between the outsiders and the Indians, the war is unfolding, and tokey-ito falls into the conclusion. Indian tribes remains nothing how to obey and leave their possessions. Meanwhile, the main character is released from custody, and he and his people running to Canada.

4. Apache1973

Western Apaches (1973) is in fourth place among the best films about Indians. The story takes place in 1848году on the border of USA and Mexico. America captures several Mexican States. Meanwhile, one of the Mexican mining companies enters into a contract with the Apache tribe mimbreno that the Mexicans can carry out exploration work on the lands of New Spain. But these treasures also attract and American geologists. The local Indians shooting American Johnson, for which he receives a huge prize. The surviving Indians are eager to find the killer and severely punish.

3. St. John's wort1990

Soviet painting of St. John's Wort (1990) was among the three best films about Indians, which is an adaptation of the novel by James Cooper. The events unfolding in the mid-18th century, when North American land fought between British and French troops. In the fighting also contributed to the tribes of the Hurons and the Delawares. One of the main characters warrior, known as St. John's Wort in a hurry to help his friend Chingachgook to help to release from enemy captivity, and so on.

2. The Falcon's trail1968

On the second place among the best films about Indians settled the Western Trail of the Falcon (1968). The action takes place in the second half of the 19th century in the Black hills, where white men had discovered gold Deposit. This fact attracts gold diggers. But the land under the contract, belongs to the tribe Dakota, and white people are not entitled to it. Hustlers trying any means to drive the Indians from their possessions. Between the outsiders and the tribe is unfolding carnage. Gold diggers are real robbers and destroy entire villages of Indians. One of the brave tribal leaders and Keen Eyes trying to find a weapon to take revenge and destroy the aliens.

1. The last of the Mohicans1992

The last of the Mohicans (1992) tops the list of the most successful films about Indians. The film was shot on the novel by James Cooper. Describes the events of 1757, when it was the Anglo-French war for the new lands of the New world. In bloody battles also involved the Indians. A tribe of Mohicans fought along with British troops, and the Hurons with the French. During the RAID three of the Hurons Mohicans saves the daughters of a British Colonel from death. One of the Indians having the Mohicans, nicknamed Hawkeye. Between him and one of the daughters of Colonel flare up real, genuine feelings.

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