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The best movies about magic


Folded the legends of evil witches and sorcerers have always attracted people. Sorcerers and witches, endowed with super abilities could do in these tales of incredible things. Now in film many films devoted to this subject. Even adult audience is often drawn to look at artistic picture with a fantastic twist, they are all quite bright and endowed with magic.

Attention lovers of mysticism present movies about magic — a list of the best.

10. Hansel and Gretel witch hunters

"The witch hunters" — a film about witchcraft and black magic. Little brother and sister Greta and Hans find themselves alone in the woods, where they were sent by the evil stepmother. In these places there is a wicked witch, a popular delicacy which is human flesh. She's trying to entice kids to eat them. But the brave and sharp-witted guys deal with the witch, killing her. Now their only goal in life is to catch the witches and kill them. Growing up, Greta and Hans become a real storm of witchcraft evil.

9. Practical magic

"Practical magic" — a film about the family hereditary "white" witches. Lying generic curse on the sisters Sally and Gillian Owens does not give them to arrange a personal life, as any chosen one of the witches will soon die. One of the girls already became a widow, left with two children. Others prefer to change the fans, bypassing the serious relationship side. But the next boyfriend is a real scumbag, from which the family can not get rid of. And here was established the life of the nuns flying down the slope when they take measures to eliminate the disagreeable young man.

8. Season of the witch

"Season of the witch" is a fantastic film about the Almighty power of magic. The film describes the events of the 14th century, originating in Europe. At that time, raged like a plague, carrying away many lives. People tried to find the source of the dreaded disease. The suspect is the girl, which I consider an evil sorceress. It'll take custody of the knights, wishing to accompany her to the monastery, in whose walls the spell of the witch must be destroyed. The main characters at first think the girl was vain slandered. But soon they are personally convinced that under the angelic appearance hides a real devil incarnate. In the body of an ordinary peasant lived a demon with which brave knights have to fight.

7. The witches of Zugarramurdi

"The witches of Zugarramurdi" — adventure movie fantasy is about magic. Three criminals accidentally fall into enchanted city, which is ruled by an evil witch. They try as quickly as possible to leave a horrible place that is almost impossible. The ruling here witch entangle his charms and fell in love with one of them, the road back becomes permanently locked. Trapped in the hapless history of thieves going to such lengths to deceive the witches. But whether they a powerful force of evil to cheat?

6. Krabat. The sorcerer's apprentice

"Krabat. The sorcerer's apprentice" — a film about magic, which describes the events of the 17th century, originating in Germany. Krabat at the age of thirteen becomes an orphan because of the plague befell the country and military strife. In search of bread and shelter, the young boy falls to the mill. Her master was not just a Miller, and a sorcerer, who organized a shelter for orphans who have lost parents. Seemingly ordinary mill is a school of black magic, led by their strict orders. Within its walls Krabat meets another boy named Tonda, who becomes his friend. The main character will reveal the terrible secret in the possession of the sorcerer.

5. The sorcerer's apprentice

"The sorcerer's apprentice" ranked as one of the best films about magic. The sorcerer Merlin passes his knowledge to the three apprentices Horvath, Veronica and Balthazar. One of the students, the Croat side and together with the evil sorceress Morgana gets rid of Merlin. Two other students are able to sharpen the evil sorceress Morgana and Horvath, but the price of freedom by Veronica. Balthazar gets from the magician Merlin's ring, which he must transmit it to the receiver to Dave. Will not one century, until a faithful disciple would find the boy. Dave mistakenly unleashes Horvath, and then the war erupted between light and dark mages. Balthazar and Dave have to prevent the release of the witch Morgana and defeat the evil forces.

4. Jumanji

"Jumanji" — adventure film, whose main characters become four brave trapped in the magic. The story begins with the fact that Alan with his friend Sarah decide to play a game called "Jumanji", discovered in the attic in the trash. At the time of the game the main character goes to the underworld, which for a long time will be his home. His saviors the men are Peter and Judy, who decided to play a vicious game, many years later. Release from prison can only be those players who will be all the way to the end. Alan returned with the guys find Sarah together to overcome the forces of magic.

3. Mystery Moonacre

"The mystery Moonacre" is a fantastic film about magic. The main heroine of the film Maria 13 years, remains an orphan. Her guardian is a rather eccentric uncle Benjamin, who lives on the estate "valley of the moon". The girl moves to him, and from that moment her life changes completely. In the mansion strange things are happening, filled with magic. Soon Mary open family secret that she is the last moon Princess, which will save a fabulous place.

2. Lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring

"The Lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring" — one of the best feature films about magic, which received the highest marks from critics and viewers. Also the film was able to win four awards "Oscar". The legend tells about the existence of a mysterious ring that gives immense power over the world. For millennia, the war lasted between wanting them to have. The ring was found by the hobbit Bilbo, who decides to give his nephew Frodo. For a long time it belonged to the dark Lord Sauron, who once again wants to take over the world with his help. Frodo poavilno have to learn to control the mighty power of the ring.

1. The Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the Witch and the wardrobe

"The Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the Witch and the wardrobe" is a fantasy movie about magic. Its main heroes are four children whose parents are sent on a vacation to the village to the old Professor and friend of the family. In the old man's house the children find a wardrobe that is a portal between the real world and fairy-land of Narnia. The fairy world is under the tyranny of an evil sorceress. In the hands of children is the fate of the whole country. Now they have to help the local king Aslan to defeat the witch and free the local residents.

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