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10 best movies about maniacs and serial killers


Maniacs and serial killers, as a rule, these are people specifically unsound mind, but to catch them is not so easy. They are due to the mind fooling even the most hardened of detectives. Often, such films based on real events and this fact makes them even more interesting. We tried to select ten of the best of them, relying on ratings, opinions, critics and feedback of the audience.

10. Faces in the crowd2011

Quiet measured life of the young teacher Anna Marchant at one point turns into a scary obsession. Her witnessing the murder of a young girl. Not to become another victim of the maniac, Anna tries to escape. The killer is swiftly pursuing it, and the girl remains only one way out – to jump off the bridge. In the fall she bashing his head on the metal railing. She is saved by a homeless man. The victim is waiting for the interrogation of the investigator. She needs to tell about the appearance of the maniac who became a serial killer, nicknamed the Crybaby Jack. But it turns out that after hitting his head, Anna lost the ability to distinguish between people's faces and she doesn't know anyone. The doctors put a rare, terrible diagnosis of prosopagnosia. The life of a teacher turns into a nightmare, because a maniac is watching her to crack down.

9. Jack the Ripper1988

In London, an intruder brutally murders of local prostitutes. The investigation takes inspector Frederick Abberline. But a skilled maniac in no hurry to fall into the hands of justice, and commits one murder after another. A psychopath turns out to be surprisingly clever, and the inspector will have to break down. Under suspicion of Frederick fall actor, a surgeon and the grandson of Queen Victoria.

8. Saw: the Game of survival2004

In a creepy basement room be kidnapped by two psychotic men, chained. They will have to participate in a macabre game if they want to survive and return home to his family. The conditions they dictate a stranger's voice rang out in the basement. Bloodthirsty crazy orders members to kill his neighbor. Before you commence, you will have to cut my leg off to get to the victim. For 103 minutes (the duration of the film) the author of this painting offers viewers a thrill to get a shot of adrenaline.

7. Monster2003

Aileen Wuornos grew up in a dysfunctional family. She sells her body for money in order to survive. In one of the crisis moments when Eileen is going to commit suicide, she meets in a bar with a young, cute gay Selby. They begin to talk every day, and suddenly Wuornos falls in love with a girl. Selby runs away from home to live with Eileen. She continues to earn money in the usual way. One night, she picks up on the track man. He takes the prostitute into the woods and begins torturing her. In a fierce battle with a client, she deals with him and goes to his car, taking all the money. Accidental murder marked the beginning of a series of crimes committed Eileen Warners for a long period. Selby learns about the crimes of the lady and asks her senses. But that is already difficult to stop and it continues to destroy the lives of his victims.

6. Zodiac2007

For twenty-five years psycho go unpunished and commit another crime. The police were dealing with an unusual maniac, hungry for fame and recognition. He communicated with law enforcement the reporters and writing, ironically accusing them of inaction. The psychopath managed to keep at Bay the entire San Francisco, and the police sought out new ways of calculating murderer.

5. Porok2001

After his wife died, the widowed father of two sons is crazy. He tells the children that he and the angels are ordered to kill people that are actually demons. One of the boys named Eden believes his father and vows to help him in execution of the mission. As an adult, Adam begins to kill people, fulfilling the will of the father. His brother, Fenton tries to dissuade him, but he is not going to stop.

4. American psycho2000

Successful Vice-President of one of the companies Patrick Bateman starts getting bored and looking for new experiences. His new hobby becomes a kind of killing. By day, Patrick is an ordinary educated citizen, and under cover of night becomes the brutal killer.

3. Who are you, Mr. Brooks2007

Brooks is a successful businessman and an exemplary family man. The wife suspects that her perfect husband is a violent maniac and a murderer. He tries to overcome his perverted hobby, but can not stop. In the Commission of another murder Brooks enters the field of view of the photographer, which turns out to be mentally ill. He begins to blackmail the perpetrator and requires the presence in the Commission of another murder. The character remains nothing how to go on about the crazy.

2. The silence of the lambs1991

In America, committed a series of brutal murders. To calculate them to the FBI – Clarice Starling. To get a lead and understand his psychology, she decides to seek help for prisoner a serial killer – Hannibal Lecter. In return for the service he requires from Clarice that she shared with him the details of his personal life. For a good cause, she agrees to the deal with sophisticated psycho.

1. Hannibal2001

This film is a sequel to silence of the lambs. A decade later, Hannibal Lecter offers Clarice Starling to resume their communication. Was free a psychopath continues to look for new victims. Clarice manages to get on the trail of Hannibal, but she has no idea what horror this will evolve for her.

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