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Top 10 best movies about a ninja


According to legend, the ninja, or how else they are called, shinobi were assassins. Martial art of ninjutsu was taught from early childhood. Eventually grew brave and professional soldiers-killers. In the film there is a huge number of paintings devoted to the action.

In the ranking, we included only the best films about a ninja, a list of which is presented below.

10. Single2009

Alone (2009) opens the ten best films about a ninja. The main character is a professional ninja assassin Kamui. In his childhood he enters into training with the legendary teacher, which makes Kamui masterful shinobi. Becoming one of the best in the clan, the young man begins to realize that unhappy in this environment and decides to escape. On his trail heading the other ninja, who rush to severely punish the traitor.

9. Revenge of the ninja1983

American Thriller revenge of the ninja (1983) is in ninth place in the list of the best films devoted to the art ninjutsu and his followers. In the center of the plot is the Black ninja, whose real name is Cho. After the Japanese group ninja kills wife Cho, he decides to move to live with his son in the United States. There he tries to start a new life and opens a toy shop. But once Cho learns about the dark deeds of his business partner. The betrayal of a friend is the last drop in the Cup of patience Black ninja.

8. Ninja 22013

Crime Thriller the Ninja 2 (2013) is a continuation of the first Ninja (2009). The second picture had more success and scored a higher rating, that's why she was in the top ten best films about fashion. The film's protagonist, Casey said goodbye to the past and began a quiet measured life. Now he teaches at the school technique of martial arts and lives with his girlfriend. He awaits with his wife the emergence of their first baby. But built happiness falls apart in an instant, when a couple is attacked by hoodlums to Rob and kill his wife Casey. Devastated, the hero rushes to find the killer in order to revenge.

7. American ninja1985

Action adventure American ninja (1985) are also among the ten best films about fashion. The film's protagonist is 18-year-old soldier of the us army Joe Armstrong, who was assigned to accompany a military convoy. The convoy is attacked by bandits, and in one of them a boy learns the black ninja. During the defense of Joe suddenly starts to use a fighting technique, referred to as ninjutsu. Manifested power of ordinary suspect his commander. From this point Joe will be alone to fight with a corrupt world, to reveal the secret of his past and enter the contest with the leader of the Black Ninjas.

6. Ninja assassin2009

Crime Thriller Ninja assassin (2009) took sixth place in the ranking of the best films about fashion. As a child Rezo enters the Ozunu clan – a world of cruel and merciless thugs, calling themselves ninjas. Raised from childhood are taught the technique of killing. As an adult, he became one of the most skilled and dangerous killers. But the life of the main character changes dramatically after the clan killing the other Raised his eyes. He rebels against his associates and is going to avenge the death of a friend. But the clan also does not forgive transgressions and already comes on the heels of the renegade.

5. Teenage mutant ninja turtles2014

Fantastic American action movie teenage mutant ninja Turtles (2014) located on the fifth place among the best movies of skilled killers. The action takes place in new York. The American city is at the mercy of a sinister and cruel shredder. Going around is utter chaos and lawlessness: the police do nothing, meanwhile there is violence. But to help mired in darkness and fear to a city already in a hurry the four brave teenage mutant ninja turtles, who are ready to stop the chaos.

4. Shaolin ninja1978

On the fourth place of the ranking of the best films about sinobi situated action movie Shaolin ninja (1978) directed by Liu Chia-Liang. And Some needs to marry the daughter of his father's business partner. The boy never saw his bride. Future wife is a real beauty and soon announced a couple getting married. In the first days after the wedding, sweetheart And Something begins to practice karate, thus bringing damage to the property of the house. New husband does not understand addictions wife to this style of martial arts and hurting her. Then the girl went to his home in Japan. In a short time there And visiting seven skilled soldiers, proficient in a variety of styles of martial arts. They are going to defend the insulted honor of the nation and ready to fight the culprit.

3. Ninja in the dragon's den1982

Action Comedy film Ninja in the dragon's den (1982) opens the three best movies about fearless warriors. The plot revolves around a young Japanese ninja, nicknamed the Black shadow. He is an unsurpassed master of his craft, but his skill is focused solely on revenge for the death of his father. While in search of the killer, he gets in China. There he meets the man who was with his father in the last moments of life. Black shadow considers him guilty in the death of a parent and is ready to make retribution. But suddenly in the path of the Chinese fighter stands a young man who tries to stop the plans of the avenger.

2. Bishunmo – a flying warrior2000

Bishunmo – a flying warrior (2000) – fantasy action film by the Korean Director young-Jung Kim. The events unfolding in the 14th century in China. In times of internal strife come to power, the Mongols. It was during this period in the history of China, a so-called flying warriors, who perfectly could own technique of martial arts. The leader of these fighters were fearless and harsh Chalange, which they obeyed unquestioningly. The film is filled with amazing and majestic scenes of battles. The love theme is beautiful and at the same time, a tragic story about the mutual feelings between the beautiful and the Mongolian warrior.

1. Bishunmo – a flying warrior2009

Japanese action movie Goemon (2009) directed by Kazuaki Kiriya tops the list of the best films about a ninja. The plot is set in 1582 –the Medieval period of Japan. This time is marked by the rule of a cruel Lord and a ninja battle for power. Vassal Mitsuhide Akechi kills the Emperor and seizes the reins of power. But the power of the wicked vassal did not last long – it overthrows the throne of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The common people did not accept the policies of the new ruler, as he did the life of peasants more unbearable. Fifteen years the common people suffered under the yoke of the reign of Toyotomi, until a brave warrior Ishikawa Goemon and not stood up to defend the underdog. He will defend the spoliation of the rights of the peasants, to come to grips with the power of other ninja.

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