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Top 10 best movies about werewolves


About werewolves piled a lot of legends. Mythical creatures represent a human-animal endowed with incredible strength and desire to kill all living things. This subject is devoted not one artistic picture.

The rating we have included the best movies about werewolves, a list of which is presented to the readers below.

10. Werewolves2005

Thriller the Werewolf (2005) reveals the top ten most successful films about monsters that can take the guise of humans. Strange events begin from the moment when Jimmy's sister Ellie suddenly gets into a minor accident on the road, and then they are attacked by an unknown beast. They miraculously manage to stay alive and after a while they begin to notice strange happening to them changes. Young people feel an incredible surge of power and opened a unique gift of hypersensitivity. But the most amazing thing happens next: it turns out that in the city there are similar people-werewolves.

9. Red riding Hood2011

The ninth line of the rating of the best images of werewolf gets fantasy Thriller Red riding Hood (2011) which was filmed on the eponymous tale by Charles Perrault. The main heroine of the film girl Valerie in the red cloak. She has a difficult relationship with her mother, as the representative of the older generation wants to give her daughter for a rich local boy. But Valerie has long given his heart to the woodcutter Peter. Meanwhile in the village where she lives with her mother, operates a werewolf, coming out every night to hunt. It so happens that the lives of residents turns out to be fragile in the hands of Valerie and her lover. They will have to calculate the beast.

8. Bad moon1996

On the eighth line of the rating the best movies about werewolves is a mystical Thriller bad moon (1996). In a secluded and picturesque area is home to Janet's ten year old son and dog Tom. To Janet comes to visit brother, which has long worked on contract in a foreign land. The woman finds that the relative there was a strange change and he became more secretive. Meanwhile in the district began to be a brutal murder by an unknown beast. Janet begins to realize that her brother is the ruthless killer of the night, under the cover of night is transformed into a hideous, bloodthirsty beast.

7. Sleepwalkers1992

Artistic painting in the genre of horror Sleepwalkers (1992) is in seventh place among the best movies about werewolves. Charles Brady and his mother are the real evil. Every night they take the form of monsters and go hunting. Their victims are young girls-virgins. But one girl named Tanya Robertson becomes known secret monsters who are afraid of cat claws. A girl and a cat came to the rescue with the local Sheriff be a real threat to the lunatics.

6. Silver bullet1985

Thriller Silver bullet (1985) the genre of horror is among the ten best films about werewolves. The events of the film unfolds in a small American town, whose inhabitants live in constant fear of committing brutal murders. In the afternoon there is peace and quiet, but at nightfall the full moon appears terrible, covered with hair creature that kills everyone who meets on his way. Volunteers who wanted to catch the monster, themselves become his next victims. Local thirteen-year-old boy with a disability Martin, confined to a wheelchair, tries to convince that the killer is a werewolf, which can only be destroyed by a silver bullet. He claims that he personally saw and even hurt him. But the boy refuse to believe, considering his usual stories of inventions.

5. Wolf1994

Wolf (1994) took fifth place in the list of the best movies about werewolves. Will Randall becomes a victim of a predatory beast, who bites him. A man may start to occur unexplained changes. By day he is an ordinary man, but by nightfall he turns into a wolf, destroying everything in its path alive. Friends unaware of the double life of Randall, disguised under the mask of an ordinary person. Only the eyes can give invincible the wolf man.

4. Werewolf2000

A fantastic Thriller in the horror genre Werewolf (2000) takes the fourth position in the ranking of the best films about monsters-werewolves. Two sisters are engaged in Amateur filming of horror movies. Girls are so fond of playing that regularly spend a huge amount of red paint. During the next night of shooting on the eldest daughter is attacked by a terrible, unknown creature that bites her. Bite marks sisters manage to hide from parents. The only thing they care about is not natural wounds quickly tightened. With the injured girl begin to happen strange things that make terrible changes.

3. Wolf-boy,2012

Fantastic romance wolf-Boy (2012) opens the three best paintings about Lycans. The story begins with a move of a woman with her two daughters in a country house. The family gradually settles on a new place of residence. Once one of the daughters discovers a locked barn boy. It turned out that the young man is a bit weird and bad talks. Taking pity on the boy, the woman accepts him into the family. After some time the receiver is starting to have signs of attention eldest daughter and showing her blatant interest. But for a girl its plans from the other boys, who intends to marry her.

2. Van Helsing2004

Fantastic Tillerman Helsing (2004) was on the second place among the best movies about werewolves. The action takes place in a nonexistent country of Transylvania. It's a completely different world, where evil reigns in the guise of a terrible bloodthirsty ghouls. Here goes the legendary werewolf hunter van Helsing. To destroy all evil, ruling on this earth, he needs to get to the leader of the monsters – count Dracula. To help the hero suddenly comes a brave girl, Anna Valerie, which should relieve his family of the imposed centuries ago a curse on the family.

1. Another world2003

Fiction Thriller Another world (2003) is headed by a rating of the best films about werewolves. For centuries vampires and werewolves are among a fierce struggle. The vampire Selina, every night goes hunting for werewolves with the aim of completely wiping out an enemy clan. But werewolves have their plans, they found the key to creating beings that will immortal and invulnerable. This key has the young man Michael, the genetic code which is unique. Selina first declassify the idea of Lycans and in a hurry to get to the guy first.

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