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Top 10 best Christmas Comedy


Long new year holidays is a great opportunity to relax, spend time with family. What could be better than to gather all of the TV and watch a good movie. There are some excellent pictures that will lift your mood and help you feel the spirit of Christmas. We made for you a selection of the best Christmas films suitable for family viewing, and for a quiet winter nights spent alone.

10. Four Christmases

Good Christmas Comedy that promote family values with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. The main characters – a loving couple brad and Kate. They have a great time together, but neither marry nor have children and don't plan. Christmas Kate and brad wanted to spend in Fiji, but due to heavy fog, the flight had to be cancelled. Relatives of the couple, knowing that they are free in the Christmas holidays, insisted that the lovers have been their guest. Brad and Kate, who have their own views on marriage, will not be easy. But all that is done, the better!

9. Home alone

This legendary film, despite the fact that came out in 1990, is still one of the most popular Christmas comedies, as in children and adults. Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, was together with his family fly to Paris for the Christmas holidays. But the parents forgot about him, which the boy left the house. This Christmas he was not bored because he had to deal with 2 robbers. It is the highest grossing Christmas movie in North America. Until 2011 it was considered the highest-grossing Comedy of the United States. Now this is a classic holiday Comedy, which recognized the best Christmas adaptation of several well-known publications.

8. How the Grinch stole Christmas

This film, created in 2000, is one of the leaders in the box office among the holiday pictures. Only in the US she was able to earn 260 million, slightly behind the movie "home Alone". For was based on the book by Dr. seuss, American children's writer. He refused to film adaptations of his works, but his widow made a few deals, selling the rights to "the Grinch – stole Christmas". One of the conditions that she made is the choice of actor for the role of the Grinch, which was to play a famous person. The choice fell on Jim Carrey. The film was not only nominated for an Oscar and a Golden globe, but also a Razzie for worst-case scenario. However, he received his award for best makeup, and Jim Carrey was named best villain. This story is about an angry green creature named the Grinch, resentful residents of Whoville. To take revenge on them, the Grinch decides to steal Christmas.

7. Home alone 2: Lost in new York

This is a continuation of the famous painting "home Alone". This time Kevin McCallister again had to celebrate Christmas with his family, but instead he found himself alone in new York. Rogues whom he had once imprisoned, escaped and ended up in the same place where their sworn enemy. The boy will have to prepare a new trap to deal with the bandits. For participation in this picture of the Macaulay Calcine paid $ 8 million. In 1992 it was the largest amount received 12-year-old child.

6. The irony of fate or with light steam!

This Soviet movie by Eldar Ryazanov at least once watched all, so to summarize the scenario makes no sense. The painting was created in 1975 and was first shown on 1 January 1976, when it was viewed by about 100 million people. The main role could give Andrei Mironov. But he would have to play a person unpopular with women, so Mironov did not fit. The role of Nadi claimed a famous actress, but Ryazanov felt that they are not suitable. After he saw the film "Anatomy of love", Barbara Brylska, decided to call her. He was not embarrassed by the fact that at the time of filming she did not speak in Russian, the crew had to communicate with her in English.

5. The holiday

This Comedy, filmed in 2006. Starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. The film tells about two girls with problems in his personal life. Both want to forget about everything, and met on one site, agree to exchange homes during the Christmas holidays. English iris moves to Sunny California, and Amanda planning to spend Christmas in the English countryside. For both this holiday is special.

4. Santa Claus-3

It is an American Comedy created as a sequel to the movie "Santa Claus" and "Santa Claus 2". View better to start with them, to make it easier to understand the story and understand who is this Scott Calvin. Critics reacted differently to this picture, there was a lot of negative reviews. They didn't like the plot, which is called implausible and slightly cloying. But there were positive reviews, and, most importantly, the painting is well appreciated by the audience.

3. Miracle on 34th street

The film, shot in 1994, is a remake of the Christmas movie is already a classic (1947). The main character – a little Susan. She is only 6 years old, but she no longer believes in Santa Claus. But despite this, she writes out his Christmas list, asking dad, brother and a new home. And a miracle happens, that proves that Santa does exist.

2. Charlie and the chocolate factory

This adaptation of the novel by Roald Dahl written in 1964. Was established in 2005. In the film the action takes place in 2000-ies, not in the 1960's as in the book. The main role of Willy Wonka went to johnny Depp. This is a great children's film, whose main character is a boy Charlie bucket. He lives in a small house together with his family, which was in a difficult position. Father fired. At this time the owner of the chocolate factory announced that 5 bars of chocolate put the Golden tickets, which give the opportunity to get to the factory and get prizes. Charlie wants the Golden ticket, and he has a chance to get it.

1. Family-oriented

Romantic film made in 2000. The main role is played by Nicolas cage. The main character, Jack Campbell, who once broke up with his girlfriend Kate. He is a successful businessman who has everything: money, expensive cars, mistresses. He's not thinking about starting a family and even employees requires them to work on Christmas Eve. But what happens is a Christmas miracle. Jack awakens in a parallel reality where he is married to Kate and has 2 children and a dog, working regular tyre dealer, and can no longer live as accustomed.

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