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The best movies about pirates


The best movies about pirates, filled with a special spirit of romance and exciting adventures. Life of pirates is full of dangers and eternal brutal fights. This is what attracts the artistic pictures of the pirate gang.

The list includes the best films about pirates for all time of existence of cinema.

10. Pirates of the XXth century,1979

Soviet painting Pirates XX veka (1979) opens a list of the best films about pirates. The ship passes a large quantity of opium for the pharmaceutical purposes. At this time the vessel hunted: the gang wants in any way to get a costly burden. The robbers attacked a handful of sailors on the high seas. Unfolding fierce struggle for life and death. Cruel pirates know no mercy and are willing to kill every single crew member.

9. Captain blood1991

In the list of the best movies about pirates adventure drama captain blood (1991) ranks ninth. Art events film unfolds in the 12th century. An English physician named Peter blood is exiled to the island of Barbados for hard labor. But he and some buddies in misfortune manages to escape, while capturing a Spanish frigate. Blood becomes the captain of the ship. In order to live in the sea, the crew is forced to deal with piracy. After some time, the rumor about latter-day pirates of the flies all of the surrounding area. They declared the hunt, but fortune is on the side of ex-convicts.

8. 12 meters without a head2009

Adventure drama 12 meters without a head (2009) occupies the eighth position among the best movies about pirates. The main character captain Klaus Stettbacher and his friend Michels lead a rollicking pirate crew. They make regular attacks on the marine vessel. But one of the last engagements for the next ship captain seriously wounded, and he was going to leave the gangster business. His buddy Michels does not want Klaus went out of their ranks. He accidentally discovers their ship with powerful weapons, which will help steakery once again become the king of marine vessels. Friends are again sent to look dangerous and deadly adventure.

7. Hostages2012

The action-Thriller Hostage (2012) is the seventh among the best movies about pirates. The film is set in the Indian ocean, where captured pirates take a ship. The invaders brutally torn people, subjecting them to inhuman torture. They put forward their own conditions of exchange with the owner of the ship, but he is in no hurry to implement them. Passes day after day, and the owner of the vessel can not negotiate with the pirates. Meanwhile, the force of the hostages running out, as they were left without food and subjected to regular violence.

6. Master and commander: the far side of Earth2003

Sixth place among the best movies about pirates goes to war drama Master and commander: the far side of the Earth (2003). The action of the film takes place during the Napoleonic wars. England, being a powerful nation and having a strong Navy, prevented France to get world domination. French troops wreak havoc on water expanse, flooding the British ship. To neutralize the enemy was entrusted to the English captain, nicknamed Lucky. Together with his team he is sent to complete the task. In battle the crew suffers heavy losses, and only by a miracle manage to survive the captain of the ship and several soldiers. Lucky is not going to back down and rushes in pursuit of a French ship to seek revenge.

5. ?1995

Action adventure? (1995) is located on the fifth position among the best movies about pirates. The main character of the film, the daughter of the pirate Morgan Adams wants to avenge the death of a parent. From her father she receives a third card, which is a Navigator to the place where great treasures are hidden. She goes in search of them, along with a dedicated team of the deceased pirate. The second part of the paper guide Morgan finds rogue William Shaw, who sells it. But to get the third part of the cards is not so easy, because it is in the hands of murderers, with whom Adams personal scores.

4. Six days seven nights1998

Fourth place in the ranking of the best movies about pirates is an action-adventure Six days, seven nights (1998). Even in the civilized modern world, among the vast expanses of water and Islands has its own customs and laws that dictate the pirates. The main character of the story, Robin Monroe and her pilot forced to make emergency landing on a desert island due to bad weather conditions. The characters are going to repair the aircraft and travel further, but the appearance of the mysterious ship that turns out to be a pirate, complicates the implementation of the plans. Realizing that they are in danger, a man and a girl in a hurry to hide from marauders. Now their life depends on them.

3. Treasure island1990

Treasure island (1990) opens the top three pirate movies. In the center of attention of three brave and fearless hero on the way which face the pirates in search of hidden treasures. The events of the film are closely intertwined with the story of a young boy named Jim who is at a crossroads, not knowing which way to make the right choice. It helps one-legged sailor, John silver. The film is filled with vivid dynamics and fantastic adventures taking place in the sea.

2. Captain Phillips2013

The top three pirate movies included the Thriller Captain Phillips (2013). In artistic painting describes the events of 2009, when the island Somalia gained independence, becoming a territory of chaos, where there are no laws. The action takes place off the coast of Somalia, on the boundless expanse of water. A container ship, which is headed by the already middle-aged captain Richard Phillips, is attacked by Somali pirates. He ordered the crew to de-energize all systems of the ship and wait in a safe place. Team members hiding from the eyes of invaders. And only the captain is left alone with the enemy

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black pearl2003

Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black pearl (2003) heads the list of the best movies about pirates. In the spotlight johnny Depp in the role of pirate Jack Sparrow. His colourful and fantastic adventures. No less interesting and adventurous are the subsequent parts of this film: pirates of the Caribbean: dead man's Chest (2006); pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end; pirates of the Caribbean 4. Soon expected release of the new part with the audience favorite hero Jack Sparrow, who will be travelling again in search of action-Packed and exciting adventures.

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