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The best films about robots


Humanity is on the threshold of a new high-tech discoveries. Researchers create new intelligent machines and the day is near when there will be universal design, which is identical to a person physically and mentally. It will not only solve and analyze complex intellectual tasks, but also to make their own decisions about the execution of a particular work. And while not created this technique, we can only watch feature films about machines endowed with strength and intelligence.

Attention fans of science fiction are movies about robots — list of top today.

10. A robot named Chappie2015

"The robot named Chappy" (2015) opens the ten best films about robots. In the center of the plot a cyborg named Chappy, created by scientist Deon. Robot man is a true Prodigy, able to feel and think like real people. He quickly finds his friends, who are delighted by intelligent technology. But there are also detractors, who see in genius cyborg potential danger for mankind. The existence Chappy is threatened, as not all are willing to put up with the door to potentially dangerous machine.

9. Transformers2007

"Transformers" (2007) — fantastic film about robots, awarded the prize from the channel "MTV" as the best film. For many centuries there is a war between two warring alien races of robots — the Autobots and Decepticons. In centuries-old feuds is involved, the planet Earth, which is the key, allowing one of the warring troops to master the Universe. He is in the hands of ordinary Earthling, young boy, still not suspecting, that on it depends the fate of all mankind.

8. Blade runner1982

"Blade runner" (1982) — one of the best films about robots. A new era began when humanity has made massive progress in the world of new technologies. Scientists were able to create robots endowed with incredible strength and high intelligence. Now they do all the "dirty" work for humanity and is contained in the outer colonies. To a clever technique are unable to rebel against humanity, it is programmed for a four-year period of life. But intelligent Replicants are not willing to tolerate this way of life and a small group escapes on the ground. To find and destroy the fugitives charge ex-detective Rick Deckard.

7. Pacific rim2013

"Pacific rim" (2013) is in seventh place in the list of the best movies about robots. Mankind, always waiting for aliens from another planet, discovers that in the marine subsoil of the Land live terrible creatures called kaiju. Monster from the deep sea people declare violent war in which the forces were not equal. Human troops are suffering huge losses and Homo sapiens is on the brink of extinction. Even the huge robots that are controlled by a person does not help in the fight against kaijus. The only chance for salvation becomes a former pilot and a young trainee with their legendary, but obsolete robotic machine.

6. Real steel2011

Real steel (2011) — movie about robots that tells about the events of the distant future. In the age of new technologies the person on the ground of the Boxing ring is no place: now all "black" work for the athlete performs robotic machine, controlled by a boxer. Charlie Kenton is a former athlete from traditional Boxing, is forced to do robot Boxing. For the hero begins a completely new life where he will find the newly-arrived son, will learn new art and strive to triumph together with the machine he inherited.

5. Screamers1995

Fifth place in the list is the best movie about robots "Screamers" (1995). The film describes the events 2078 year taking place in the new outdoor people planet Sirius 6B. There is place in the mining colony NEB (New Economic Bloc). On the planet found a new fossil of berynium, which became the basis for the creation of new-generation fuel. But soon it turns out that in the mines where active mining of the mineral, a large radioactive area. Workers begin to strike and murut mine. In response to the protest of the nel the planet sends troops, consisting of screamers, a new superweapon, which is programmed to destroy all life.

4. Bicentennial man1999

"Bicentennial man" (1999) is included in the list of the best movies about robots. The beginning of the new century marked a technological breakthrough. Instead of animals people having robotic Pets or cyborgs who perform the job around the house. The family of the Martins decide to have a robotic person. They buy cyborg latest generation number NDR-114 whose name is Andrew. But suddenly a new device, programmed as a home helper, begins to experience strange feelings similar to human emotions and feelings.

3. RoboCop2014

Opens the top three movies about robots fiction Thriller "RoboCop" (2014). In the picture describes the events of 2028, when the military industry decide to create a robot police officer who could more effectively combat the growing crime in the country. This requires a cyborg, which would have the human mind. For experimental purposes scientists save the life of fatally wounded COP, who give a new guise. His new body — a piece of iron with pre-programmed brains. Now the local criminals no chance to get away from smart Robocop with a human mind.

2. Terminator 2: judgment day1991

"Terminator 2: judgment day" (1991) is situated on the second place among the best films about robots. Takes place a decade after Sarah Connor managed to escape from the terminator-killer. The car was sent to kill a woman who must give birth to a child who is the salvation of mankind. Cyborg returns to kill born a boy. To prevent the terminator can only reprogrammed terminator twin. Between the iron men are born mortal combat, the outcome of which depends the fate of all mankind.

1. I robot2004

"I, robot" (2004) heads the list of the best films about robots. The film describes the events of 2035, when robots have become indispensable helpers of man. Police officer del Spooner to put it mildly does not like cyborgs and absolutely does not trust them. Into his hands falls the case in which the robot is suspected of murder. "The law of robots" spelled out that they have no right to use violence against the people. But if this law is violated one soulless machine, it can also do a whole army of them that fight against humanity. To understand this difficult matter and will Spooner.

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