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The best movies about Russian prison zone


From Sumy and from prison do not promise — says a Russian proverb. Life is unpredictable and nobody can be sure what will happen in the future. This showcase of the best films about the Russian prison and a zone where heroes did not expect to be in prison, where they have to fight for his life.

10. Nicknamed the Beast

Fighter "nicknamed the Beast" is one of the best films about the Russian prison. The main character Savely Govorkov, ex — special forces participating in military operations in Afghanistan. Returning home, he takes a job as a bodyguard kept a major crime boss Alika. Between Sam and the girl flashes a strong feeling. When Govorkov comes into conflict with her employers, trying to protect a friend, he decides to get rid of an opponent, substituting it under the "currency" article. Savely sentenced to 9 years imprisonment. The last war in Afghanistan, the special forces did not collapse under the blows of fate Govorkov makes a daring escape from prison, hoping to take revenge on his enemies and save his beloved.

Interesting fact: in the movie were attended by these officers in the regime and one of the convicts of penitentiaries of the Republic of Komi.

9. Prison song

Among the best movies about Russian prison is part of the drama "Prison song". He is a dangerous repeat offender Artynov, involved in foreign exchange fraud. She is a senior investigator for particularly important cases, smart and beautiful woman, not accustomed to lose. When these two strong personalities meet, they starts a psychological duel. Gradually, in a brazen and dangerous repeat offender, the investigator Elena Andreevna finds a strong man who begins to aggressively pursue her.

The plot of the drama is the true story of the relationship of the bandit Maduev and investigator Natalia Vorontsova, who helped the criminal to escape from the detention facility "Crosses", handing him the weapon.

8. Good luck gentlemen

"Gentlemen of fortune" — one of the most popular viewers in the Soviet comedies, which you can see scenes of a Russian prison.

A good Director is incredibly similar to dangerous recidivist nicknamed "the Professor", who managed to steal valuable exhibit — the legendary helmet of Alexander the great. At the urgent request of the police Troshkina under the guise of a bandit "the Professor" embedded in the environment of criminals who are serving sentences in one of the colonies in Central Asia. He needed to organize the escape of accomplices of the Professor, so they took him on the trail of the helmet. Meanwhile, the Professor is on the loose...

7. Bastards

List of the best films about the Russian prison and the area continues war drama "Bastards".

1943, in the midst of the Great Patriotic war. Colonel Vishnevetsky is released from prison to perform a secret government job. The former mountain climber must in a short time to prepare a commando group of young offenders sentenced to death. They will have to interfere with particular compounds of the enemy operating in the Carpathians. In a secret mountain camp Vishnevetsky and his fellow coaches also released, prepare a desperate teen to deadly job.

6. Lucky

Continues the list of the best movies about Russian prison crime drama "lucky". In the center of the plot — Vadim Uporov, sentenced by denunciation of 25 years and sent to one of Gulag camps. Here he finds himself in a conflict between two groups of prisoners. A conflict with one of the criminal authorities forces the hero to escape. He was caught and sent to solitary. During the second escape Vadim meets girl Natalia, for which decides to seek parole and overturned.

5. High security vacation

Among the best movies about Russian prison include the Comedy "high security Vacation", where the main role was played by Sergey Bezrukov and Dmitry Dyuzhev.

Eugene Koltsov — a former police officer, came to the area for the manslaughter of his colleague. Victor Sumarokov nicknamed "Twilight" — the thief-the recidivist who had great authority in the criminal world. Fate brings these very different people, and they were forced to escape for their lives. With the help of a prison officer Koltsov and Sumarokov fall to summer camp, posing as counselors. Communication with the children greatly changes the characters, and they become exemplary educators who love all in the squad.

4. Lost in Siberia

One of the best films about the Russian zone and the prison "Lost in Siberia" tells the story of the British archaeologist Miller, whom the Soviet secret service mistook for an agent of American intelligence. A brutal interrogation forces him to confess to spying and sent to Siberia, in the Soviet camp. Despite the ordeal, the protagonist does not give up and to fight for life helps him the love doctor of the medical center.

3. Comedy strict regime

"Comedy of strict regime" — one of the best films about the Russian prison. The genre of the film is quite rare — is a Comedy grotesque. In one of the Soviet colony, the authorities decided to scale to mark the 100th birthday of Vladimir Lenin. Decided to prepare the play, the theme of which was the October revolution. The main role in the play is mandated to play a prisoner. Convicted idea came to mind and they distributed among themselves the role of revolutionaries start to get used to his characters. Inspired by the example of the fighters for the revolution, the prisoners decide to achieve freedom and are planning a mass escape.

2. Chaos

One of the best movies about the Russian "zone of Lawlessness" tells the real story of life of one of the Soviet colony. The plot of the picture is the eponymous essay, published in the journal "Ogonek". In the center of the plot — the conflict between two groups of prisoners. The bulk of living as slaves, no longer wants to put up with it. They are thieves, they are the six administration areas.

1. Courier to the East

The Thriller "the Courier to the East" — a vivid and dynamic picture in which the main character gets in a Russian prison, becoming a pawn in someone else's game.

Alan and Arthur best friends since childhood. They grew up in an orphanage and stayed in touch with each other as adults. Alan works as a coach in the children's section of the fight, and Arthur was the best mule of the gang. When due to an accident closing section, Arthur decides to help a friend earn some money, instead of going himself for the next consignment of drugs, not knowing that this trip was a setup. Alan was arrested red-handed and sent to a penal colony for 8 years. Fighting skills came in handy to him in prison to survive and escape. The aim of Alana is to avenge himself and killed by the mafia other.

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