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Top 10 best superhero movies


The militants of the fantasy genre are very popular and attract the attention of a younger audience. Especially popular are paintings with characters endowed with superhuman abilities. It is not surprising, because each is looking for his inimitable superhero whom young viewers would be similar.

In the TOP-10 includes only the best superhero movies, a list of which is presented to the reader below. This does not include such popular films as Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, X-Men, as are classics of the genre, and many recognizable. Therefore, among the available thousands of pictures we have tried to make the most exciting selection.

10. Iron man2008

Iron man (2008) reveals top ten most successful films about superheroes. Genius inventor Tony stark being captured by terrorists. Scientist needed the criminals to create the most powerful weapon in the world. But Tony plans of their own and in secret from the invaders, he constructs a new invention that will help him to escape. Stark creates cyberkost away from gangs. But back home, he learns that his firm arranged a conspiracy that threatens irreversible disasters. The hero in this deal and take revenge on the conspirators.

9. Fantastic four2005

On the ninth place among movies about superheroes situated action adventure Fantastic four (2005). The picture has participated in two nominations for the award of channel MTV. To get the prize Fantastic four failed, but nonetheless the film turned out quite successful. In the center of the unfolding events of the four superheroes, endowed with powerful abilities. Once on the ground, they begin an active struggle against the villains.

8. Man of steel2013

Man of steel (2013) – painting award of channel MTV. This film tells the story of another superhero named Clark Kent. He was a former resident of the planet krypton, who was sent to live on Earth among people. The young man does not like his new home where he feels like a stranger. Clark can't understand why it was put here. Here he feels out of place and wants to come back. But when looms over mankind serious danger, he has to decide whether to protect earthlings or destroy them.

7. The first avenger2011

Adventure Thriller genre fiction the First avenger (2011) one of the ten best films about superheroes. Steve Rogers is an ordinary guy, not endowed with any superhuman abilities. When the Germans occupied his native country, he volunteered in the army. But a medical examination carried disappointing verdict – he can't take part in the fighting due to a frail physique. Steve is not going to give up and is willing to do anything to protect his native country. Accidentally in the way of the hero meets scientist Abraham Erskine. He invited the guy to participate in the new experiment, which is to create a soldier, endowed with incredible force. Rogers agrees. He turns into supervoice, known as the First avenger.

6. Thor2011

Thor (2011) settled in sixth place among the best sci-Fi paintings about superheroes. The action takes place on the Ground and parallel to the Kingdom of Asgard, ruled by the gods. A young and arrogant God Thor commit reckless acts that lead to war and threatens the death of Asgard. Guilty God as punishment sent to Earth to live among ordinary people. But Thor's going to reclaim all the power and prove that he is worthy to live among their own. Hero to expose his treacherous brother, gathering to encroach on the throne of the father and find love in the human world.

5. Ant-man2015

American fantasy action film ant-Man (2015) also entered the top ten most successful films about superheroes. Crook Scott Lenk once again goes to jail. But unexpectedly rescues him from prison by his former mentor, the scientist Hank Pym. Scott needs to help the Professor in conducting a single operation. He shows him his new creation –a suit in which a person can shrink to ant size, but possess incredible strength. Scott should not only help Hank, and to keep secret the existence of the suit from the others.

4. Keepers2009

Guardians (2009) – fiction Thriller about superheroes who decided to take off the mask and say goodbye to the past. The action takes place in a parallel world, where over endowed with strength heroes are ordinary people. Removing your supercustom they return to normal life in society. But among them are real fighters for justice, indeed has incredible power. Is Dr. Manhattan, who leads the desperate fight for world equilibrium. It depends only on how much it will last more peace on earth.

3. Deadpool2016

A fantastic action movie Deadpool (2016) opens the three best superhero movies. In the center of events before the viewer is presented Wade Wilson is the product of experiments conducted by the armed forces of Weapon X. Wade acquires incredible strength, agility and invulnerability. He becomes a perfect killer with perfect weapons and martial arts, which it is impossible to catch and even more killing. To deal with a gang of thugs in an instant and at the same time an ironic comment on the events only Dedpula.

2. Daredevil2015

Serial Thriller Daredevil (2015) won second place in the list of best superhero movies. This story tells about the unique character Matt Marduke, who as a child lost his eyesight, but gained something more valuable. All of his other senses are sharpened to compensate for the lost ability to see. Matt starts to learn martial arts. When the boy grows up, all the knowledge in the school of martial arts, he decides to apply in practice. By day he is an ordinary man, but with nightfall, the hero takes to the streets of the city and begins his fight against crime. The local criminals call him the Daredevil and least of all wish to meet him.

1. The dark knight2008

A rating of the best superhero movies headed fiction Thriller the Dark knight (2008). The picture won two Academy awards and received the highest ratings from popular movie websites. The main character is Batman continues to fight crime and evil. At this time, this will help him Lieutenant Jim Gordon and district attorney Harvey dent. Guns on the street brilliant criminal the Joker keeps at Bay all of Gotham. He is ready to prove that the world is ruled by evil forces and there is nothing stronger than them. On the streets is chaos. Batman will restore justice and return the residents a peaceful existence.

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