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The best prison movie rating description


Prison one of the harshest places of punishment for criminals. Some deservedly fall into the places of deprivation of liberty, others, fate, unjustly in jail. We shot a lot of films about the life of prisoners in the area.

In our ranking are described the best movies about prison, a list of which is presented below.

10. The Slammer

The Slammer (1989) – film in American cinema tells the story of one of the prisoners, Frank Leone. It's about behaving in prison, but after a while decided to escape. Frank gets caught and he gets an additional term. A repeat offender is making the enemy in the face of a prison warden Drumgoole. The prison Director, who received a black spot on his reputation for Frank, going to take revenge on the prisoner. He provokes the offender to the next escape to put Leon in jail forever.

9. Prisoner R

Prisoner R (2009) – crime drama about prison life the prisoner R. The convict enters the prison for rape. The prison in which gets R is particularly cruel. The rapist placed in a cell for especially dangerous prisoners who are repairing their own rules and laws. The new inmate to learn how to play by the rules of the prison world and in harsh conditions to fight for saving their skins.

8. The sentence

The verdict (2010) is American drama, based on real events. The plot revolves around Betty Ann, whose brother Kenny Warts falls in places of deprivation of liberty, in the prosecution for murder. Kenny faces life in prison. Sister of Warts, confident of his innocence, decides to do everything possible to secure the release. Woman gets a law degree and is conducting further investigation into the murder in order to prove the innocence of a relative. Prison is not a place where should be her brother.

7. Escape plan

Escape plan (2013) Thriller with nastayshie positions of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Design engineer and tester ray Breslin is engaged in the development of security systems of prisons. He was invited to test a finished system. Ray is selected from any prison. Ready to retire, he gets an offer that could not refuse – to escape from a prison for especially dangerous criminals. All he would know is just the name of "the Tomb". Only once there, ray realizes that he was framed: do not rely on the evac, it is simply not valid, and the warden is not configured to it favorably. After analysis, the ray comes to the conclusion that the chances of escape zero. And only with the support of Emil rotmayera prisoner he decided to do the impossible.

6. In hell

In hell (2003) – American Thriller about the most cruel prison of all time, which is called Bloody. And here enters the main character of the film Kyle for illegal punishment of the murderer of his wife. Arriving at the prison, the hero realizes what's going on here, a complete mess, a living hell. On prisoners brutally bullied by guards and superiors arranges illegal fights between criminals. All trapped in a hellish lair losing all human qualities and turned into creatures with animal instincts. But Kyle does not intend to give local law and going to get out of the terrible place.

5. Experiment

Experiment (2000) – a psychological Thriller, tells about an unusual experiment scientists. For its implementation find two groups of volunteers. Some of them are prisoners and the other guards. Subjects are given instructions which they must follow strictly, once in the prison walls. If all the conditions of the experiment have been met, each participant will pay a good amount of remuneration. Scientists did not even know that the situation is so can get out of control. Reveling in the power, without limitation, the guards in the subjects included in the image and begin to brutally beat prisoners. But the authors of the experiment do not intend to change the course of events and remain on the sidelines as observers. Rebellion is brewing, which will result in the most dreadful consequences.

4. Escape from Alcatraz

Escape from Alcatraz (1976) – the film about the Bank robber Frank he. It is placed in the most reliable prison Alcatraz where he was serving a term all famous criminals, and neither managed to escape from there. The prison is isolated from the outside world, as it is located on the island. Frank is a repeat offender, which was not able to leave through escaping the walls of any prison. Now he is faced with a new challenge – to come up with a plan how to escape from Alcatraz and escape from the island. This will help him associates. The film received good reviews from audience and critics and one of the ten best movies about prison.

3. Law abiding citizen

Law abiding citizen (2009) – American Thriller about one of the decent people of Philadelphia, Clyde Alexander Shelton. Clyde, a happily married man and suddenly loses everything. His wife and child killed got into the house thieves. Shelton is looking for a fair trial for the killers. The bandits made a deal with a lawyer and they are released because of insufficient evidence. Heartbroken and decision justice Clyde is not going to keep it that way. He decides to take revenge on not only the killers of his family but to the entire justice system. Shelton goes to jail and begins a series of murders with his participation. Law enforcement agencies in disbelief, and the former law-abiding citizen keeps at Bay the entire city being in prison. Only the assistant district attorney nick rice can reveal the revenge plans of a prisoner and disarm him.

2. The green mile

The green mile (1999) drama film based on the mystical novel by Stephen king. One of the main characters of the film, the black man John Coffey goes to jail due to charges in the brutal murder of children. After some time, John will lead to the electric chair. While he waits his turn in jail, the Negro met with the overseer of the prison Paul Edgcombe. Paul learns about the miraculous gift of the convicted and his innocence in the murder. John heals overseer from the illness with which he could not help the doctor. Ranger stands before a difficult choice: to cross the law and to release John or lead him to his execution. The film was awarded the Saturn awards and other awards.

1. The Shawshank redemption

The Shawshank redemption (1994) drama from American cinema, which occupies a leading position in all lists of the best movies. The plot is a banker Andy Dufresne, convicted of the murder of his wife and her lover. Fate played with the man a malicious joke, as he had not committed a crime. He was sentenced to life imprisonment and he goes to prison Shawshank. This place of deprivation of liberty is distinguished by its brutality and chaos. No one has yet managed to escape from here. Andy is going to do the impossible – to escape from the prison of hell. All he has is the hope and desire of freedom. The film received many awards and participated seven times in Oscar nominations.

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