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The best films about the great Patriotic war


The great Patriotic war is one of the most important events of the last century in the history of Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. This is a landmark event that will forever remain in human memory. Since the end of the war was already over seventy years, those events never cease to care, even today.

We try to provide you the best films about the great Patriotic war, to include a list of not only the classics of the Soviet period, and the latest movies that were filmed in Russia.

10. In war as in war,1969

It's an old Soviet film about the great Patriotic war, which was filmed in 1969, directed by Victor Tregubovich.

The film shows the everyday life of the Soviet battle tank, their contribution to the victory. The picture tells the story about the crew self-propelled guns SU-100, under the command of Lieutenant Maleshkin (played by Mikhail Kononov), which only came to the front after the school. Under him are experienced fighters, the authority from whom he tries to win.

This is one of the best Soviet films about the war. Especially noteworthy is the brilliant cast: Kononov, Moscow Odinokov, as well as the excellent work of the Director.

9. Hot snow1972

Another great Soviet film, shot in 1972 at a great book Bondarev. The film shows one episode of the battle of Stalingrad – a turning point of the whole great Patriotic war.

Then the Soviet soldiers stood in the way of German tanks that tried to unlock surrounded in Stalingrad grouping of the Nazis.

The film has a great script and excellent acting.

8. Burnt by the sun 22010

It is a modern Russian film shot in the famous Russian film Director Nikita Mikhalkov. He went out on the wide screen in 2010 and is the sequel to the first part of the trilogy, which appeared in 1994.

The film has a very decent budget of 33 million Euro and a great cast. We can say that this film starred almost all well-known Russian actors. Yet it is worth noting the excellent work of the operator.

This film received very mixed assessments of both critics and ordinary viewers. In the film continues the story of the family Kotowych. Kotov gets in a penal battalion, his daughter Nadia into the front. This film shows all the dirt and injustice of the war, enormous suffering, through which one had to go to the victors.

7. They fought for the Motherland1975

This Soviet film about the war has become a classic. Without his show, none of the anniversary of the Victory. This is a wonderful work by the brilliant Soviet Director Sergei Bondarchuk. The film was released in 1975.

This painting depicts one of the most difficult periods of the great Patriotic war the summer of 1942. After the defeat at Kharkov, the Soviet troops depart to the Volga, it seems that to stop the Nazi hordes, no one can. However, on the way up ordinary Soviet soldiers and the enemy could not pass.

In this film involved a great cast: Tikhonov, Burkov, Lapikov, Nikulin. This picture was the last film of the brilliant Soviet actor Vasily Shukshin.

6. The cranes are flying1957

The only Soviet film that won the highest prize at the Cannes film festival – "Golden palm". This film is about world war II was released in 1957, took off his Director Mikhail Kalatozov.

In the center of this narrative is the story of two lovers whose happiness was interrupted by the war. It's a tragic story, which with incredible power shows how many human lives had been warped by the war. This film is about those terrible trials that he had to submit to military generation and to overcome that was not all.

The movie is not like the Soviet leadership, Khrushchev called the main character a whore, but the picture is very like the audience and not only in the USSR. Until the early 90-ies of the last century this painting was much loved in France.

5. Their2004

This is a fairly new Russian film about the great Patriotic war, who came to the big screen in 2004. The film is directed by Dmitry Meskhiev. When you create paintings were spent 2.5 million dollars.

This film is about human relations during the great Patriotic war. That the Soviet people took up arms to protect what they considered their own. They defended their land, homes, their loved ones. And politics in this conflict played a very important role.

The story unfolds in the tragic 1941. The Germans were rapidly advancing, the Red army leaves the cities and villages, enters in the environment, suffers a crushing defeat. During one of the battles in the German prisoner fall KGB officer Anatoly Livshits instructor and fighter of pancakes.

Blinov and his colleagues make a successful escape, and they go to the village, where the red army. Blinova father is the headman in the village, he is harboring the fugitives. The role elders played brilliantly Bohdan Stupka.

4. White tiger2012

The film was released on the wide screen in 2012, shot him with a wonderful Director Karen Shakhnazarov. The film's budget of over six million dollars.

The film takes place on the final stage of the great Patriotic war. The German troops were defeated, and, increasingly, during battles there is a huge impregnable tank that Soviet tankers called "White tiger".

The protagonist of the film is the tank commander, Junior Lieutenant Naidenov, which was burning in the tank and then received the mystical gift of communicating with the tanks. That he is tasked to destroy enemy aircraft. For this purpose, a special "thirty" and a special military unit.

In the film "White tiger" is an original symbol of Nazism, and the main character wants to find and destroy him even after the victory. Because if not to destroy this symbol, then the war will be over.

3. Go to fight some old people1973

One of the best Soviet films about the great Patriotic war. The film was shot in 1973, it was directed by Leonid Bykov, who also played a major role. In the scenario of the film based on real events.

This painting tells of the everyday life front-line fighter pilots "singing" squadron. "Old men" who daily perform combat missions and destroy the enemy, not more than twenty years, but the war grow up very quickly, knowing the grief of loss, the joy of victory over the enemy and the rage of a deadly battle.

In the movie involved great actors, this is undoubtedly the best film by Leonid Bykov, in which he showed his acting and his directorial talent.

2. The dawns here are quiet1972

This is another old Soviet film about the war, beloved by many generations. He filmed in 1972 by Director Stanislav Rostotsky.

This is a very touching story about girls, anti-aircraft gunner forced to enter into an unequal battle with German saboteurs. Girls dreamed about the future, about love, about family and children, but fate decreed otherwise. All these plans have been thwarted by the war.

They went to defend their country to the end fulfilled their military duty.

1. The Brest fortress2010

It's the best film about the great Patriotic war, which was released relatively recently – in 2010. He tells about the heroic defense of the Brest fortress and about the first days of that terrible war. The story is told from a boy named Sasha Akimov, who is a real historical figure and one of the few who were lucky enough to escape from the surrounded fortress.

The script of the film very accurately describes the events that happened in that terrible June on the Soviet state border. It is based on was based on real facts and historical documents of the era.

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