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Best movies about animals


Movie about animals — it's a category of films that does not leave anyone indifferent person. And all because they show that animals, like people are able to love, to enjoy, to experience and to suffer, to be loyal friends. These movies are taught to be kind and sympathetic.

This ranking presents the best movies about animals, according to moviegoers.

10. We bought a zoo

Family Comedy "We bought a zoo" opens the list of the best fiction films about animals. The film is based on real events and was filmed in the first year of the memoirs of Benjamin Mee. The book tells the story of salvation from the collapse of the Dartmoor zoo. Only the Director moved the action from England to California, the rest of the events unfolded strictly according to the book. The main character is a widowed Benjamin mee is left with two children: a young daughter and teenage son. Family is difficult to survive the loss, besides Benjamin were out of work, and the eldest son kicked out of school for bad behavior. He decided on a radical change: to go from the metropolis and settle in the province in a big house with children. That's just the house, like Benjamin, was sold along with the zoo, which still had 200 animals that are on the verge of death. Benjamin decides to purchase and on a desperate step — to restore the zoo.

9. Bear

Art painting "Bear" is in ninth place among the best films about animals. This film tells a touching story about a bear cub who lost his mother. Left to himself the little beast roams the forest, and somewhere nearby are the hunters who came here for loot. Baby faced with a wounded bear. Soon they will meet with people.

8. Life Of PI

Adventure drama "Life of PI" takes the eighth place among the best films about animals. Cargo ship sinks. The boy named PI manages to miraculously escape. He gets in the boat, being next door with the tiger, the orangutan and Zebra. The tiger kills all the animals. Finding himself with him in the boundless expanse of water, the boy will have to find a common language with the wild beast, who does not really want to obey the will of man. The little man and the Bengal tiger... what lies ahead – a struggle for survival or friendship? Of the 11 nominations for "Oscar", the film received 4 Academy award statuette.

7. Red dog

Romance "Red dog" holds the seventh place among the best films about animals. In a quiet and unremarkable mining town, where life proceeds quietly, and not swing, there is a truly smart dog. No one had suspected that with the advent of dog, the province will come alive. Red pet becomes everyone's favorite friend, being able to change many human fates.

6. Beethoven

In the list of best films about animals include the family Comedy "Beethoven". The main character becomes a dog of breed St. Bernard, who was brought in one good and happy family. The dog immediately became the family pet, in addition to its head — the rational George. But charming pet, loving the music of Beethoven, soon won his heart. Soon it turns out that the dog escaped from a laboratory where experiments are conducted on animals and, most likely, Beethoven wants to get back.

5. Free Willy

Adventure drama "Free Willy" holds the fifth position among the best films about animals. The baby orcas were separated from their mother and placed in an amusement Park. He was given the nickname Willie. It was expected that the animal will bring good income to the owner. But the plans were not realized, and the owner decides to kill Willie to get a decent insurance payment. But troubled teenager Jesse, who became a real friend to the whale, learns about financial plans and decides to free the animal.

4. K-9: Dog work

Fourth place among the best films about animals is a crime Comedy "K-9: Dog's work." The film's protagonist COP Michael Dooley is under the gun from a drug dealer due to the fact that he is always poking his nose in his drug dealing. As an assistant to buddy Michael gives him a service dog named Jerry, who works with drugs and well trained to smell the heroin. But as it turned out with this animal is not so easy to be paired. Jerry is a dog with character that performs their duties when she so wishes. But she was pleased to take part in the defeat of the house and the personal life of Michael.

3. Dolphin tale

"Dolphin tale" opens the three best films about animals. This story is based on real events. A boy named Sawyer finds a Dolphin wounded on the shore. It takes a rescue service. Dolphin, received a serious injury, is doomed to amputation of the tail and he was destined before the end of days to stay in hospital for marine animals. The animal heal, and here he finds new friends. Sawyer day-to-day visited by a Dolphin which was given the nickname winter. To bring winter to a full life, her new friend and brilliant prosthetist, decide to return to Dolphin it lost part of the tail. But how to react to this wild animal?

2. White prisoner

Second place in the list of best films about animals is the drama "eight below". Art events film unfolds on the snowy expanses of the Antarctic. A scientific expedition goes in search of a large meteorite. But here begins a strong snow storm, and all members of the expedition are forced to evacuate with the local station. People managed to evacuate. But here was left to fend for themselves eight chained sled dogs. It was assumed that they will take a few days as soon as normalized weather conditions. But nature rioted, and then came the Antarctic winter. For six months the dogs will have to learn to survive independently in a harsh environment.

1. Hachiko: the Most loyal friend

"Hachiko: the Most loyal friend" tops the list of best films about animals. This is a sad and tragic story spread around the world. University lecturer on the way home encounters at the metro station a purebred puppy. Since the dog is quite valuable, the main character realizes that she just lost. He begins searching for his master, but was in vain. The man decides to leave the dog at home and gives him the nickname Hachiko. Between the dog and new owner tied warm friendships. Hachiko faithfully and loyally waiting at the subway station for his owner every night. But soon tragedy happens: the teacher dies. It might take days, weeks, months, years, and a faithful dog all will come to the station hoping to meet the owner, because Hachiko — the most loyal friend.

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