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The best films Ridley Scott


Ridley Scott is a leading Creator of spectacular paintings, none of which goes unnoticed. Remember the best films of Ridley Scott – our list includes 10 of the most striking works of the British Director.

10. Martian

Ridley Scott, judging by his films, is experiencing a strong interest in space and everything connected with it. The latest acclaimed film, which the audience waited with great impatience – space drama "the Martian". The film is based on the eponymous fantasy novel by Andy Weir.

In the near future, mankind has mastered flying to Mars. The next expedition to the "Ares-3" needs to urgently leave the planet because of the powerful sandstorms. One of the astronauts, biologist mark Whitney gets a damage suit for having been made on his satellite dish. The sensors of his suit shows that he's dead, and the ship starts. Mark wakes up and realizes that he has left on Mars all alone and without communication. At his disposal only stand-alone dwelling unit. The astronaut does not intend to give up. Mark is looking for a way to contact Earth and tries to solve the problem of scarce food supplies. Ingenuity, inventiveness, sense of humor and a huge will to live can work wonders.

9. Gladiator

Keeps a list of best movies by Ridley Scott, the owner of five "Oscars", the legendary historical drama "Gladiator" opened to the world a magnificent Russell Crowe.

The Roman General Maximus is betrayed to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He plans to make him his successor, and once again restore the Republic. The Commodus, the Emperor's son, learns about the plans of his father and kills him. The usurper orders the execution of Maximus and his family. The commander barely manage to escape. Badly wounded, he hurries home, but not in time to save his wife and son. Wounded warrior picks up a slaver, mistaking him for a deserter. Maximus sell lanista Proximo to participate in gladiatorial fights. The former commander becomes the best fighter and finds among other gladiators of loyal friends. When Commodus invites in Rome gladiators from all parts of the Empire, Maximus sees this as a chance to avenge the death of your family.

8. The Kingdom of heaven

The next film by Ridley Scott filmed in one of the genres that the Director is the drama of "Kingdom of heaven".

Southern France, XII century. In the family of a young blacksmith Balian was a tragedy – he lost his wife and son. A young man learns that the Baron Gottfried was his father. Baron calls his son with him to Jerusalem. At first, Balian refuses, but then circumstances forced him to go after his father. In the way Gottfried dies, but before his death, proclaims the son of the Baron and makes him a knight. In Jerusalem, Balian meets king Baldwin IV and his sister Sibylla. Under the wise leadership of the young Baron his land flourish. But Balian finds no peace in Jerusalem. The war begins between the ruler of Egypt, Salah-ad-DIN and the crusaders, eager to riches. Balian could not stand aside and stands up with his men to defend the city.

7. Hannibal

The sequel to the Thriller "silence of the lambs," the film is Ridley Scott's "Hannibal", has not received such popularity as the first part of the history of the famous maniac Dr. Lector, but still the picture came out quite interesting. 10 years have passed after the escape of Hannibal Lecter from a psychiatric hospital, and now he lives in Florence. FBI agent Clarice Starling is occupied with the investigation of cases of the drug mafia and tries not to remember her meeting with the Ogre-intellectual. Lecturer he reminds himself, sending the agent a letter asking to meet.

6. Black hawk

A list of best movies by Ridley Scott continues war drama "Black hawk down", based on real events that happened in 1993 in Mogadishu. 200 American soldiers involved in the operation to capture Somali commanders gathered for a meeting in one of the districts of Mogadishu. By accident, the operation turned into a fierce clash that lasted for days and claimed the lives of thousands of people.

5. A good year

In the list of the best films of Ridley Livestock is part of the romantic Comedy "a Good year". This is the second film with the participation of Russell Crowe. This time he plays a successful British trader max Skinner, who has inherited from his uncle a wine farm in Provence. In childhood the main character spent unforgettable days, but now the estate and vineyards are not interested in it. Max intends to put the house up for sale. In Provence, he meets the charming Fanny Chenal, the owner of the local restaurant and falls in love with her.

4. Blade runner

In the list of the best films of Ridley Livestock is one of the most successful adaptations of a Philip K. dick novel "do androids Dream elektroauto?" – Thriller in the style cyberpunk and film Noir "blade Runner".

In the future (the film takes place in 2019), was created Replicants – androids, indistinguishable from humans. They have emotions and can cultivate. They are stronger and smarter than any human. For security purposes, the Corporation that created the Replicants, set a limit to their life in 4 years. Many androids do not agree with this position. The destruction of the rebels engaged in a special unit – "blade runner". One of them, Rick Deckard, entrusted the important task – to find and destroy six Replicants who escaped to Earth from a space colony.

3. Exodus: gods and kings

Historical drama Ridley Scott's "Exodus: gods and kings" banned to be shown in Egypt and Morocco, tells the audience the biblical story of the prophet Moses and the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. The picture perfect cast: Christian bale, Ben Kingsley and Sigourney weaver.

When the Pharaoh of Egypt ordered the killing of all Jewish male babies, the future of the legendary prophet saved the mother, sending him afloat in a basket on the Nile. By accident, the child was found and adopted daughter of the ruler of Egypt. Having learned through many years the secret of his origin, Moses by God's command decides to save from the heavy bondage of his people.

2. Prometheus

In the list of the best films of Ridley Scott sci-Fi film "Prometheus" takes a special place. After the stunning success of "Alien" Director for many years harbored plans to create a prequel film. To implement the plan he managed 33 years later. During this time, the concept of painting has changed radically. "Prometheus" was an independent work with little references to "Alien".

In the near future, the research vessel Prometheus is sent into deep space in search of planets Creators. Arriving to their destination, the expedition discovers a giant man-made structures. Examining one of them, scientists discover startling artifacts.

1. Stranger

"Alien" is a cult film by Ridley Scott, with great visuals and dark atmosphere. The space cargo ship Nostromo receives a distress call from an unexplored planet. The team, derived from suspended animation decides to descend to the planet and find out who gives the signal. A rescue expedition finds a huge alien ship with a dead pilot, the thorax which it is literally torn inside. At this time the computer completes decoding of the received signal, and it turns out that this is not a call for help and warning of danger.

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