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Best movies Ryazanova


Eldar Ryazanov has presented more than 20 gorgeous paintings that tied several generations of viewers. To make a rating of the best Ryazanov's films – it is meaningless, since every viewer has their favorite ribbon of the great people's Director. We made a list of the best films of Eldar Ryazanov and invite readers to recall the most memorable and striking work of the master.

10. Carnival night

Opens the list of the best films of Eldar Ryazanov's musical Comedy "carnival night". This painting has a special significance in the creative biography of the Director. The Comedy received a huge success and in 1956 became the leader of Soviet film distribution. In the film, a brilliant cast, which included popular actors and entertainers: Gurchenko, Filippov, Zeldin, Il.

In the film, the young workers of House of culture has prepared new year's entertainment program. But New year's eve companion Ogurtsov appointed the acting Director, prohibits the execution is too "frivolous", in his opinion, the numbers and orders to replace them "serious" performances. The youth decides to teach the bureaucrat to save the merry Christmas program.

9. Hussar ballad

Musical Comedy "hussar ballad" continues the list of the best Ryazanov's films. The premiere was timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the battle of Borodino. "Hussar ballad", a brilliant film debut Larissa Golubkina, who played a major role.

Shura Azarov, raised two brave warriors, not like young ladies my age. It is perfectly in possession of weapons and held firmly in the saddle. In the name Azarov arrives the groom of Shurochka, the Lieutenant Rzhev, in absentia, got engaged with a girl. Met Sascha in a men's carnival costume, he takes her for a relative of the bride and unflattering about her. The girl is outraged by the biased attitude of the young man, but the Lieutenant still liked Shura. When the estate comes the news of the beginning of world war II, the girl runs away from home in male attire and goes to the corps headquarters. Six months later, she again meets the Rzhev fighting against enemy in partisan.

8. Beware of the car

Critics believe the lyrical Comedy "Beware of the car" one of the best directorial works Ryazanov. The plot of the picture – an urban legend about a noble car thief, steal cars, bought with ill-gotten gains of speculators and embezzlers of state property.

Great cast, real life situations, well-drawn characters and a dynamic plot made the picture extremely popular with viewers. Innokenty Smoktunovsky surprisingly accurately embodies the image of Yuri Detochkina – person, noticing that you don't indifferently pass the rest.

On the audience's love of Comedy is evidenced by the fact that in Samara in 2012 was a monument to Yuri Detochkin.

7. Old men-robbers

The list of the best films of Eldar Ryazanov included the Comedy "Old men-robbers", where the main role was played by Yuri Nikulin, Yevgeni Yevstigneyev, Georgy Burkov, Andrey Mironov and Olga Aroseva. Despite the Comedy, the picture raises serious questions vostrebovatelnosti the older generation.

The investigator of the Balls that have reached retirement age, along with a loyal friend organizes an art Heist from a Museum to "open" then the crime and prove his indispensability.

6. Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia

"Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia" – the adventure of the Soviet-Italian Comedy, which is in the list of the best films of Ryazanov. A number of Italians arriving in the Soviet Union in search of hidden somewhere in Leningrad treasures. In Moscow they are joined by the guide Andrew, who complicates the lives of the seekers of untold wealth.

5. A cruel romance

In the list of the best films of Eldar Ryazanov included drama "Cruel romance", one of the most controversial films of the Director. This is a brilliant film debut of Larisa Guzeeva. The picture was a huge success with viewers and critics responded negatively about her, accusing Ryazanov in a departure from the original version of Ostrovsky's play.

4. About the poor hussar say a word

The tragicomedy "About the poor hussar say a word" is one of the best Ryazanov's films in which Director surprisingly accurately managed to reproduce the atmosphere of Imperial Russia.

In a small provincial town comes hussars. This also comes from St.-Petersburg for check of reliability of hussars count Marslev.

3. Station for two

Melodrama "Station for two" is a classic of Soviet cinema and one of the best Ryazanov's films.

Another combines a brilliant work of Emil Braginskiy, screenwriter, and Eldar Ryazanov, "Station for two" in 1983 was included in the competition program of the Cannes film festival.

Platon Ryabinin is stuck without documents at the intermediate station train station. Here with a very unattractive circumstances, he meets a waitress by Faith. The delay is not part of his plans, as he hastens to the father before he will be court. But love can occur at any time, and it will not stop, no difference in social status of lovers or the circumstances of their meeting.

2. The irony of fate or With light steam!

Christmas Comedy "Irony of fate or With light steam!" – folk painting and one of the best films by Eldar Ryazanov. This iconic tape for many years became a fixture of new year's celebrations, and a source festive mood. The main character in New year's eve after the traditional meeting with friends in the bath by mistake goes to Leningrad and sure is in his apartment. Nadia, the real owner of the apartment, returning home, finds him sleeping. From the showdown came unexpectedly to love in the new year night any miracle possible.

1. Office romance

Comedy "Office romance" in the list of Ryazanov's films occupies a special place. This picture is, without exaggeration, is the heritage of the Soviet cinema. Favorite actors, great music, dialogues, characters, included in everyday life and a poignant atmosphere of the autumn metropolis – this picture want to watch again and again.

The plot of the film is known to all – employee Bureau of statistics Novoseltsev tries to get a raise from her boss, a real cracker in a skirt Kalugina...

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