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Top 10 best parks of Moscow


Capital of Russia has a huge number of parks where you can spend time to enjoy nature and to relax. Such areas are in the metropolis more than a hundred. In below are the top ten best parks of Moscow, which are the residents of the city especially popular.

10. Bitsevsky forest

"Bitsevsky forest" − Moscow, natural-historical Park with a total area of 2 thousand hectares. This is a unique area in the capital, representing a real forest. Its formation happened naturally, in which the terrain got hilly terrain. On the territory of "Bitsevsky forest" its origins take two rivers is Chertanovka and Gorodnya, flowing into "the Moscow river". Also there is the river Bitsa, in whose honor and named forest Park. In addition to rivers in the area flows a large number of streams and there are ponds. Despite the fact that the Park is located in the vicinity of the metropolis, it has retained its original beauty with vegetation and animals. The forest is landscaped with benches for visitors who came here to relax and enjoy nature.

9. Presnensky children's Park

Children's Park "Presnensky" is one of the best in Moscow. It features popular chess and checkers club, which organises various activities for children, starting with the day ending with the competition. There is a sports hall, which regularly hosts competitions in football, table tennis and basketball. In the Park there is a computer center dedicated to teaching the basics of information technology and programming. All on-site "Presnensky" there are about fifty children's associations. The Park has many statues in the form of chess pieces.

8. Silver forest

"Serebryany Bor" or "khoroshevskii forest Park" is a monument of nature of regional significance, which is located within Moscow. One of the best Metropolitan parks is a protected area. This is an artificially created island, Ulleungdo was occurred when creating the channel, called "Khoroshevskaya flattening". Serebryanyy Bor is divided into five zones, one of which is a conservation, where the maintenance and restoration of ecosystems. In this part of the Park excursions. Walking area is landscaped for relaxation and features viewing platforms, signs of direction. "Khoroshevskii forest Park" has several functions – water protection, recreational and environmental. It can boast of its rich flora and fauna. There are about a hundred species of animals, the harm moles, beavers, rabbits, weasels, squirrels, beavers, etc.

7. Catherine Park

Ekaterininskiy Park is a monument of soda-Park art and has the status of a natural complex of Moscow. The total occupied area is 16 hectares, on which are located monuments of architecture. The Central part is a huge pond with an area of almost 2 hectares. Shore of the pond is landscaped and has a shopping pavilion, and café. Nearby the Park is the Museum of the Russian army, and the Catherine Institute. People here love to spend their free time local residents.

6. Meshchersky Park

"Meshchersky Park" one of the ten best parks in Moscow. The total occupied area is as much as 465 hectares. Its Foundation happened in the distant 14th century. The Park has a unique, pristine nature, almost untouched by human hand. On its territory there is a pond, where a landscaped beach where you can sunbathe in the summer. There is a Bicycle rental in the warmer season, as well as ski hire, operating in the winter. There is a specially designed walkway directly to the Nordic struggle. Right in the middle of the forest a real football field with an area of 240 square meters. A roller track here and the total duration of which is about 2 kilometers.

5. Izmaylovsky Park

"Izmailovo Park" is one of the largest forested areas of the capital with a total area of 1621 hectares. Its basis was a couple of decades ago. On its territory are monuments of architecture Dating from the 7th century. "Izmailovo Park" has a rich and varied vegetation, more than a dozen ponds, sources of rivers and transitional bogs. Famous for the area and wildlife. In the Park there are rides, there are children's playgrounds.

4. Victory Park

"Victory Park" or "Poklonnaya Gora" is one of the largest memorial complexes of the capital of Russia. Dedicated to the victory in the great Patriotic War. Here regularly hosts festivities on holidays. The Park is landscaped for walking and active rest on roller skates, bicycles. The main attraction of the area is the Museum of the great Patriotic War, whose Fund has a large number of unique items. The main alley of the Park has 1418 fountains, which symbolize the duration of the second world war. Here is the wall of the same height, at the top of it is located the statue of the goddess Nike.

3. Sokolniki

"Sokolniki" is among the top three Moscow parks, which is located in the eponymous district of the capital. The name of this area was due to be held here earlier the Royal hunting falcons. In the Park provides plenty of entertainment for both adults and children. Here you can spend a fun time riding on the rides, bicycles, roller skates, etc. In the winter there is a possibility of ice skating or skiing. On the territory of "Sokolniki" there is also a go-cart track, pool and deck dances.

2. Neskuchny garden

"Neskuchny garden" − historic Park of Moscow with an area of about 60 hectares, founded in the 18th century. Once it housed a noble estate, now is a favorite place for many Muscovites who come here just to walk, play sports, attend a tour or to arrange a unique photo shoot. "Neskuchny sad" is adjacent to the Gorky Park.

1. Central Park of culture and leisure. Bitter

The "Central Park of culture and leisure. Gorky" is the best Park of Russia's capital, which is also one of the most popular and comfortable. There are landscaped ponds, wooden beaches with adjacent bars, free sunbeds and Ottomans. Bicycles, scooters, and gives lessons in painting and dancing, there are regular parties and festivals, yoga and fitness. The Park stretches along the river for seven miles.

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